Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Science Fiction Challenge Sign up!

So I know it's very VERY early...but I have decided that I wanna participate in the Sci-Fi challenge over at Working for the Mandroid. It's a pretty easy challenge, so I don't fear it like some of those other ones that make me read like 300 books...I haven't really been into Science Fiction much lately and I kind of miss it...SO Here is my introduction post. Signups are up and you should do it to! Just 12 books and you will be broadinig your horizons as well as your minds! *Says in a Professor Trelawney voice*... Cool? Cool :) 


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm excited about this one, I'm definitely going to participate. :D

  2. Glad to have you! I'm pretty excited for this one! It looks manageable and fun! :) I really do need to expand my Sci-Fi borders :D