Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dirty Little Secret

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"What supernatural power would you NOT want to have?"
At first I thought about the future. It would be horrible to see the fates of my friends and family and not be able to stop the bad things from happening. But what if seeing the future could change things? If I could save them it would be different. It would be better to know that bad things are coming so then I could prepare for them and not be blindsided by something devastating...

Next I thought about...well...thoughts. I watch True Blood and read the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris, and Sookie seems to do well enough with hearing other peoples thoughts. She gets annoyed sometimes sure, it would be like listening to 10,000 middleschoolers chattering at recess. All. The. Time. But I would like to know what people are thinking. I hate it when people keep secrets or hide things behind your back...this would be impossible if I could hear thoughts...

So then what is a superpower that I wouldn't want? I think that there aren't very many that I would turn down.  However, there is one BIG exception...I would in rather be possessed by the spirit of Ellen DeGeneres inside of a gay have the Jenny Pox.

 (A piece of advice...DO NOT google "Pox" get some really disturbing images...I'm grossed out by the picture that I chose...I wanted to PUKE when I saw some of the other ones...) For those of you who don't know. Jenny hails from J.L. Bryan's FANTASTIC Paranormals series. When she touches someone, whether she wants to or not, she gives them the pox. This can be mild if she just brushes against'd just get a rash. But when she concentrates, she can turn you into a writhing mass of tumors, pustules, boils and AIDS...yes AIDS...It's biological warfare in one small pretty little package...and I wan't none of it. To never be able to touch someone...anyone without killing them would be the worst punishment ever. I would die without even the little touches...the hugs, the brushes, the hand holding...that comes from  being with friends and loved ones...I would totally DIE without human contact...

So what about you? Got any superpowers that give you the creeps? That freak you out? Or that you just straight up hate? Let me know and Happy Thursday!


  1. Now THAT is horrible! Poor Jenny


  2. I recently heard about that book. I was considering reading it (or adding it to my ever growing "to-be-read" pile). The review I read for it said it was really good, and you say it is too, maybe I'll have to move it to the top of the list!

  3. That pox one is super disturbing haha
    There are so many downsides to super powers, even the good ones.

  4. Excellent and unique! Also really, really gross. gak!!!

  5. Eewww!And LOL I wouldn't be able to handle the fact that I can see the futur...

  6. Can't...stop staring at that image! So THAT'S what Jenny Pox is about! Haha. That would pretty much suck I must say!

  7. bahahah...I love that all anyone has to say is Ewwww....I have successfully grossed out all my readers!

  8. That would be horrible!!

    ...I'd still favour Sin in a battle :-) lol


  9. I agree! I put down touch of death and mind reading. I see a lot of people sure don't want to hear thoughts! :)

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  11. I will definitely take your word of warning under advisement. The picture you picked horrifies me. I can't imagine it getting any worse.

  12. You've entirely creeped me out with your picture of the pox. I kind of want to vomit myself now. And I'm afraid of Google. That'll last for about three seconds!