Friday, November 11, 2011

Fangtastic Fridays read-a-long: Discussion Questions Chapters 7-12

Fangtastic Fridays is a read-along of Pretty When She Dies by Rhiannon Frater, and hosted by The Bookish Brunette, On a Book Bender, Geeky Blogger's Book Blog, The Unread Reader.

Anyone is welcome to join us for discussion at anytime. Follow THIS LINK for more details and to sign up. Participants will have a chance to win other books by the author, plus a few additional prizes.

Discussion Questions for Chapters 7 – 12
1.  The end of chapter 6 gives us a sense that something bad is going to happen between Rob, the truck driver, and Amaliya.  What are your thoughts on what actually happened between Rob and Amaliya in Chapter 7?  Do you think it could have been avoided?  Why or why not?
Guy's like Rob piss me off. It's almost like there should be something that shows in someones face if they are evil. It sucks when they act nice, but then are secretly evil on the inside. Amaliya kicked ass. She could have avoided what happened, but to be honest, I didn't mind. There are just some people that the world would be better off without...Rob is one of them.

2.  Chapter 8 introduces us to some new characters, Cian and Roberto.  Ashley asked us earlier whether we thought the man who created Amaliya was friend or foe.  After listening to Cian and Roberto talk, has your opinion about the professor changed?  How?  Do you think Cian and Roberto would be Amaliya’s allies or enemies?
Not really. I still don't like the professor. Cian and Roberto have just reaffirmed that he is the bad guy. Whether he is misunderstood, evil, or a good guy...I guess we will find out, but so far it seems like his scenes are the most violent and dark. I just get a creepy vibe from him. As for Cian and Roberto...I love Cian...He seems like a good guy. I love that he is willing to date a human and I also love that he doesn't want to lose his human OR vampire nature...however, I don't know about Roberto. He seems a little off...He's rude and condescending...he kind of bugs me, but I guess we don't know too much about him so I am reserving judgement for later.

3. There seems to be a growing divide between Amaliya’s humanity and her actions as a vampire.  Do you think this would be “normal” for a new vampire, or do you think it is not a “clean transformation” as Cian stated in Chapter 8?
To be honest, I love it when vampires are vampires. It's nice that they retain some of who they are as humans, but they've just been bumped to the top of the food chain. There's a certain arrogance and exploratory period where I personally would be willing to overlook any in-humane acts...unless they were being done to I'm a hypocrite...whatever...I like calling a Vamp a Vamp. I bet it would be absolutely normal for a baby-vamp to have some difficulty with the transition. It's only natural. Or...supernatural.

4. Amaliya seems to be running primarily on vampire instinct.  After reading chapter 10, specifically the beginning, do you think vampires can overcome their instincts and be good — or at least, not deadly?
I think that instinct is just that. It's the initial reaction to something. Mind over Manner. If you have strong morals or beliefs that go against your instincts then you can overcome them. I feel like Amaliya won't let being changed affect who she is and what she thinks...Yay Amal!!

5. In Chapter 11, we finally learn more about the Summoner and Cian.  How do you think this information will impact the rest of the story?  What do you think will happen?
Well it definitely makes me feel more for Cian. I think this kind of stuff will majorly impact the story. We now know motives and some of their history. There is more depth and mystery to the story now and I can't seem to put it down! I'm totally loving it!

6. The Summoner thinks that Amaliya has had good luck thus far.  Amaliya thinks she has had lousy luck.  With whom do you agree?
 That depends on what exactly you think is lucky. Do you think being brutally murdered and kind of raped is lucky? Or do you think that becoming a vampire after having such a sucky life is lucky? Well...there's pieces of both in there. I think that vampirism seems to have made Amaliya's life more complicated, but it's taking her away from the dead-end life that she was heading towards. She still has two of her family to support her and now she found a vampire who at least won't just kill her for existing...I'd say that's pretty lucky...

So that was this week's discussion! I am so loving this book and I feel like I would have just sped through it without appreciating it if I hadn't been part of the read-a-long. It's nice to slow down and really spend some time on a book. Most of the time I just speed through. Next week's Discussion Board is on the Geeky Book Bloggers site :) Check it out for next week's questions so you can participate too!


  1. Agree. I like that these vampires kind of act like vampires. I haven't read much of the darker vampire stuff, so kind not refreshing but you know what I mean.

  2. I was glad when Amaliya killed Rob, too. She did the world a favor.

    Chapter 11 really blew the story wide open. It went from a story about Amaliya to something much greater.

  3. Totally was on board with Rob getting it! I did not shed a single tear over the loss of him.

    Chapter 11 was a game changer for me and I remember going "oh holy heck I have no idea what is coming"!

    I just love that in a story!

  4. I'm a total hypocrite too when it comes to vampires. I like them to be vampy too, but only when it suits me... I guess that just part of my nature...or supernature. LOL

    Okay. I'm lame, but I know you get me.

    I think.

  5. I agree 110%! I like my vampires as vampires. I like when they have that primal side, but still in touch with humanity. Vampires are supposed to be dangerous.

  6. Gotta agree with Missie, haha. I like my vampires predatory and snide. They're kinda sexy in a creepy and horrifically evil way! But then they have their moments.. soo.. yeah.
    Once Upon A Time