Thursday, September 1, 2011

400 Follower Giveaway!

 Holy Crap! I'm at 400 followers...Say WHATTT??? Actually it's closer to 450...but I like intervals of 100 so I'm rounding down...Lol...It was just a couple months ago that I got super excited when I went from 5 followers to 12 and thought I was doing great! I missed my 100, 200, and 300 follower mark because I am highly unobservant and didn't notice how high the follow count was getting. I'm apparently a very unappreciative book blogger, and I'm going to make it up to you all. I am so totally amazed at how much the site has grown in such a short amount of time. I've made amazing friends and laugh my face off every day at your posts, comments, and tweets. I just want to thank all of you guys so much! I absolutely LOVE hearing what you all have to say and talking to any of you about bookish things. Seriously. If you tweet me or comment or whatever I kind of have a mini-freak out and squeal and run in my mind of course...

SO in order to thank all of you for being so amazing and allowing me to be able to spout off about the books I love, I will be having a MASSIVE giveaway! I have a few prize packs put together for you. Most of them are made up of books that I've absolutely fallen in love with lately or have been personal favorites of mine for years. Surprisingly, most of them you might not have heard of. I seem to like to flout the norms when it comes to my favorite books.

1. H.P. Mallory Prize Pack
I love H.P. Mallory! Vamps, Weres, Witches, Dream-walkers...and pretty much any form of paranormal creature you can think of all make appearances in these quirky series. H.P's books are so cute and she definitely has some swoon-worthy male leads! If you win this prize pack you will get all four currently released books: The Dulcie O'Neill Series and the Jolie Wilkins series!!! 
2. J.L. Bryan Prize Pack
J.L. Is a total fave of mine. His writing is intense, original, and freaking fantastic. This boy does his research! I usually come away from his books learning more than I have in a semester of college lol and better still, I have yet to read something of his that I haven't liked. Jenny Pox is super eerie and awesome, The Haunted Ebook is terrifying. I haven't read Helix or Tommy Nightmare, but I've heard rave reviews. He literally rocks my face off.
3. Tamora Pierce Prize Pack
You can choose ONE of the quartets mentioned above. I loved the Circle of Magic and Alanna when I was younger. I remember that the Alanna series were the first books I got from the "teen" section at my library lol. I will be re-reading them soon and posting reviews here so look for them throughout Sept! They are both exceptional fantasy series that are really original and fantastically fun. I don't see a lot of Tamora Pierce around, so this is me spreading the word! 
4. New Releases Prize Pack!

These are all Newly Released or Soon to be released books that I am SUPER excited to read! I might in fact keep this prize for myself....*reigns in greedy self* will give them to you. One follower can pick TWO of these books for their very own! :) Is that good enough for you people??

Because of the HUGE prize opportunity, there are going to be MANY MANY ways of entering the giveaway. The first thing to do is follow via GFC if you aren't already!(YOU MUST DO is a FOLLOWER giveaway after all...) Then fill out the Rafflecopter below! All entries (except for EXTRA comments) will be recorded in the copter!
~yes the giveaway is international, but you MUST be willing to accept ebooks!~
+10 Do a blog post about the giveaway
+7  Put my button on your site
+4 Comment on any of my reviews! (must be a LEGIT comment. "Wow cool!" doesn't count!)
+2 Follow me on Twitter
+2 tweet, facebook, etc about the giveaway (After you fill out the form the first time, just leave links in comments...don't fill out the form every time you share!)
This giveaway is open from today Sept 1st until Sept 25th. Good Luck!
~Update: I hate to have to say things like this, but some people are leaving me no choice...Several entrants have repeatedly entered the giveaway multiple times. They have done things like enter their GFC name 7 times in a row, trying to get more entries. The ONLY thing that you can do repeatedly is to tweet the giveaway once a day. Know that I AM moderating the giveaway, and I see that you are entering multiple times, I will delete ALL of your entries. I hate to have to do this, but I want the giveaway to be fair for all of my followers. Come on guys...don't be greedy!~
~May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor~


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  2. Oh also, props to you for placing "May the odds be ever in your favor" into your post. =D

  3. Congrats on the followers!!!

    Is it international giveaway?


  4. Hope it's international! Thanks so much :-)
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  5. congrats on your followers :D
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  6. CONGRATS girl! over 400 followers so awesome,
    Thanks for the giveaway

    I dont need to link all the posts i commented on do it? I comment all the time! LOL


  7. ahaha Nope Melissa, You pretty much win the most comments award :P In fact... I was thinking of starting something like know give a prize away to the person who leaves the most comments in a month or you'd probably win any ways

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  10. Congrats on 400 followers, I'm sure it will be 500 soon. :D

    Awesome giveaways! I've never heard of H.P Mallory but they sound really good.

    I can't accept e-books though.

    Congrats again. :D

  11. congrats on the followers!
    great giveaway
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  14. Congrats on making 400, you're almost half way to 500 now.

  15. Great giveaway and thanks lisa lisapeters at yahoo dot com good luck with the contest

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  18. I'm making my way through all of your reviews...commenting as Krystal Larson...think I'll finish them all before the contest is over :)

  19. Do I have to list all of the reviews? I commented on every single review from your review list :) comment name: Krystal Larson

  20. No I got them Krystal...holy crap...I don't think even I could have taken the time to comment on ALL of my looks like the odds will most definitely be in your favor...hopefully you will get a prize pack for all your comment madness lol

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  36. Congrats on your growing following!
    It is a lot of work but I hope you continue to find it fun!

    Thanks for such a great giveaway. Very generous prize packs.

  37. Hi, Andra! Congrats on almost 500 followers! *wink* I just found your blog and am going to look around.
    I've also shared the giveaway link, but you don't have the option on Rafflecopter for it, so it's here:

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