Friday, November 2, 2012

Fire Spirits Blog Tour!

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to one of my favorite tours this year! A lot of the time, when I accept a book for review or tour, I have to approach it with hesitation. There's always the question of if I will enjoy this book or not. But if it's one tour company I've come to know to have absolutely fantastic, original, and WELL-WRITTEN books, it's Kismet. So when I signed on for the Fire Spirits blog tour, my expectations were already high but you know what? Samantha Young  managed to blow my sky-high expectations into freaking outer space with her WONDERFUL Series. And the best part? You guys don't have to wait between books! There are FOUR books out right now for you to devour!
Book #3:  Borrowed Ember
Everything in Ari’s life until this point has felt borrowed. Her human life with a father who wasn’t really hers. A love for a boy that needed more than her to be strong. Kisses with a Jinn who refused to do anything but lend them out in moments of weakness. And even her resolve, which seemed to fail her whenever she needed it most. But Ari is done borrowing. She finally feels strong enough to make hunting Jinn not just a hobby to get her through her dismal situation… but to make hunting a permanent and necessary career. Her friendship with Charlie might finally make it onto real and steady ground if only she can save him from the trial on Mount Qaf that may mean his death. And her love for Jai could be eternal, if only she could gain control over the darkness of the Seal within her. Ari believes all of this is fixable. That finally Ari will truly own the relationships in her life and to a certain extent have ownership over her future. For some reason Ari forgot it wasn’t up to her. That high in the emerald mountains of Mount Qaf, the Sultan Azazil has been keeping secrets… even from the Jinn Kings. Secrets that will change everything… and bring Ari to the crashing realization that once again. She’s borrowed something that will never truly belong to her.

Book #4: Darkness, Kindled 
 Ari Johnson wishes adjusting to living with her boyfriend was her only source of excitement and anxiety. She wishes a lot of things. But then wishing was what got her here in the first place. Ari chose to be a Guild Hunter. She wanted to stalk dangerous Jinn and destroy them before they could harm innocent people. But now that Ari is a member of The Guild, she finds herself in the impossible position of hunting her ex-best friend – human-turned-dangerous sorcerer, Charlie Creagh. As Ari struggles to come to terms with her duty, an ancient Jinn and his companion want revenge on her for using the command of the Seal against them; the White King refuses to give up on his quest to resurrect Lilif, and Asmodeus isn’t done toying with her. When Ari can take no more, rushing to the Sultan Azazil’s side to demand of him the favor he owes her, the events she sets in motion will not only alter everyone’s lives, it will kindle a darkness that will shake the realms to their very core.

As a special treat for you hear today, I've got a teaser from Darkness Kindled for you to enjoy!
Darkness Kindled Teaser
As Ari waited for his answer, she once again tried to ignore the blood splatter at the edge of her vision, and the groans from the dying man strung up at the edge of the small room on her right side. Packed dirt was hard beneath her feet, the bare rock walls emerald-less and glistening like the walls of a cave. Low light from candles scattered around the room gave it a gothic, sinister atmosphere. Or maybe that was due to the fact that this was obviously Azazil’s torture chamber. 
Damp earth, sweat and the coppery scent of blood tingled Ari’s nose. The blood rushed in her ears as she stared up at Azazil, awaiting his answer. His black eyes were narrowed on her, his thoughts impossible to discern. With a huge sigh, he looked away, his contemplation falling upon the man he had been torturing before Ari arrived. The Sultan wore no jewelry and his usual ostentatious style was muted – he wore only dark leather trousers and leather bands around his wrists. His muscled, naked torso was covered in blood and little bits of torn flesh. Ari dropped her gaze, feeling her stomach turn.
 “I’ve laid out the consequences, Ari.” 
Azazil was looking back at her now and that fist of anxiety twisted in her chest. 
“Are you sure you understand what I’m saying?” 
She nodded. “I understand. Are you saying you’ll grant me the favor you owe me?” 
His lip curled up at the corner, his eyes glittering. 
“I don’t know whether to kill you or applaud you for using the oath of a favor against me. This is no ordinary favor. It will affect us all… and I am unusually blind to the consequences. I see vague images that I cannot make sense of.”
 His features hardened. 
“All I can feel is that if I grant you this favor, something of great immensity will come to pass. Something that will affect my realm and the mortal one, not just me and you.” 
His prophecy made her stop. 
“In what way?” 
“I just told you I cannot know for sure.”
 “So it could be good or bad?” 
“Is anything ever really just good or just bad?” 
The man at her side groaned again and Ari winced.
 “I don’t suppose you’d let this guy go too as part of the favor?” 
Azazil scowled. “I grant you this favor and I might not be able to do much of anything for a while.” That in itself was reason enough to do it. 
Ari nodded. “Do it.” 
The Sultan crossed his arms over his chest. “I don’t know whether to risk the consequences of breaking my oath to you or go along with this insanity.” 
“I thought you liked insanity. It’s entertaining, right?” 
That produced a slow wicked grin from her grandfather. “This is true.” He dropped his arms and strode towards her, the majesty of his power threatening to blow her back off her feet. “You win, Ari. I’ll grant you, your favor.” His smirked. “Let the realms have mercy on us all.”
There are some AMAZING prizes going around during this tour! Each tour host will have a daily give away including me! Enter the rafflecopter below and you will be entered to win a Borrowed Ember swag pack. Entries into the daily give-away count towards the grand prize give-away of a Kindle Touch skinned in the winner's choice of cover art from the Fire Spirits series! (seriously effing AWESOME prize!) And good new for you international readers, this contest is open WORLDWIDE!
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Don't forget to stop at all the other tour stops! You will get extra entries into the grandprize giveaway AND get some inside info on all of Samantha's other books!

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  1. Since this is my first time running across the tour I'm no sure what to ask! Other than it looks amazing! I love "other" supernatural things (you know other than the same old vamps and weres) This series looks just like what I need!

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