Sunday, October 28, 2012

Corpse Days Blog Tour!

Welcome One and All! On this spooktacular Sunday before All-Hallows Eve I am pleased to announce a creepy, corpsey, book that everyone should be reading this Halloween season! Intro...Corpse Days!
Corpse Days by Jonathon Kane
Genre: Horror
Number of pages: 169
Word Count: 53,132
Cover Artist: Steven Novak
Book Description:
Is this the end of the world? Is the Rapture upon us? Has a Zombie Apocalypse arrived? That's a matter of opinion, but it doesn't hurt to be a licensed Shooter in these uncertain times. Meet Stan Norton - a middle-aged Shooter with a haunting past. He wants little to do with the living dead and less to do with the living, until that is, a mysterious young woman with an affinity for guns and martial arts enters his life. An adventure begins and the hunt is on for a reclusive enemy, as the clock ticks down toward a full-blown resurgence of the Corpse Days.
As a special treat, I've got that mysterious young woman mentioned in the synopsis here on the blog! Heather 's got a penchant for weapons and kicking ass. I have to tell you, I got a little bit star struck , but bear with me because Heather is definitely one of those characters you want to know!

Good afternoon, Heather.

H: Good afternoon.

Pardon me for saying, but you look more like you’re going on a zombie hunt than sitting
down for an interview—not that I’m complaining.

H: You never know when trouble will show its ugly head.

Very true. These are strange times we live in, are they not?

H: They get stranger all the time.

So… have you ever been in a position where you thought to yourself , ‘This is it. I’m
going to be turned.’?

H: I’ve found myself in some tight spots over the years, but I’ve never thought that
exactly. It’s important to stay positive.

Agreed. I admire what you do. For most people, the idea of dealing with the living dead
means pretending they don’t exist.

H: Thank you. I can’t say I totally blame them. However, I believe the Disease will be
stopped one day and until then, I’ll continue to do my part.

Now, you have a team that works with you… but they’re not formally trained. Is that

H: Yes. But I have full confidence in every one of them. They’re all great guys. I trust
them, and they trust me.

That brings me to my next question. Seeing how you’re an attractive young lady and
your team consists of all men… are there any love interests there?

H: That’s classified.

Oh, I see. Well, then… I suppose we’ll wrap it up on a lighter note. If a movie was to be
done about your story, who would play yourself?

H: Hmm… I’m not gonna go with Milla. Love her to death, but I would want someone
who looks like a fish in water doing Kung Fu and holding a Samurai sword. It’s gotta be Uma

Very good. Thanks for your time, Heather.

H: My pleasure.

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