Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Since everyone (at least bloggers) seem to be fond of making lists, we are given a bookish question every week asking our Top Ten (fill in blank) This Week's question? Who are the Top 10 characters you'd like to switch places with for 24 hours??? HERE is mine :) 

Do you guys know how seriously hard of a question that is for me? I read books purely for the fun of taking up someone's life for a period of time...living amazing adventures vicariously through them. I hope that didn't just sound as pathetic to you all as it did to me...lol...but still! SO many great choices. Though that definitely leaves one of my usual culprits out...I don't know about you but even though I absolutely LURVE the Hunger Games I would NOT want to trade places with Katniss at pretty much any point in her adventures. I would most likely be one of the kids who get's taken out within the first 10 minutes of the games. Alright...so let's get down to who I would ACTUALLY switch places with.

Ashleigh from Jenny Pox (J.L. Bryan's Paranormals series) Okay...so this one is a bit odd. Ashleigh IS the villain after all. Not too sure what it says about me that I'd love to have the power to make people love me with a touch. I could be good...just spreading the love and happy all around...but I'd be tempted to just get people into loving me so much they would run down to subway while I sit on my lazy butt and get me a Southwestern Chicken sub on Italian and Herb bread...OM NOM NOM...Oh...maybe I could find Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, and /or Robert Pattinson while I've got Ashleigh's powers and make them fall head over heels in love with me...sheahhhhh

Jacky Faber from L.A. Meyer's Bloody Jack series- Jacky is the epitome of awesome. She sings and dances in taverns, alternates between being an honest sailor and merchant to a bloody pirate, fights battles all over the globe, and of course...makes many...MANY...manly friends along the way ;) girlfriend gets more action before she's 16 than I saw until I was 22...makes me jealous of her in that odd way you get over fictional characters. But you can't find a more adventurous story, fun friends, or smexier guys anywhere in fiction-land! 

Alanna from Tamora Pierce's Songs of the Lioness Quartet- Alanna is fierce, bold, and brave. She's the first Lady Knight in the Realm of Tortall in over 100 years and she holds her own in a world dominated by men, magic, and murder (like my alliteration there???)

Anita Blake from the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series (BEFORE OBSIDIAN BUTTERFLY) I felt the need to clarify the time period. PRE-OB Anita is SO badass. She raises zombies by night using her own freaking blood. She also fights vampires, associates with werewolves, were-panthers, were-rats, and all forms of were creatures, and she solves crime. She's amazing. Unfortunately ...Post-OB she dissolves into this sex crazed heathen who isn't happy unless she's brutalizing one of her many men with whips and canes, or having an orgy with several. 

Hermione from Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling- Duh...This one is ridiculously obvious. Getting a chance to visit Hogwarts for 24 hours would be a dream come true! I could harass Ron, learn fabulous magical spells and charms...maybe fly a broomstick. Perfect day :)

Anna from Anna and the French Kiss. One Word...Etienne. He is the WHOLE reason I'd change places with darling Anna...not to mention the romantic setting of Paris. Such a sweet and cute romance. I LOVE it so much. What's that Etienne? Coffee and a crossant? I'd love to :)

Carmen from Jennifer Estep's Karma Girl. I just love the world that Jennifer created. It's a world chock full of all kinds of super heroes and ubervillians. Who doesn't want to live in a world where superpowers crop up every other day. I'd be dive-bombing nuclear plant and ordering radioactive spiders off the web. Carmen's powers are pretty subtle...but they kick butt!

I really can't think of any more. There are a lot of worlds that would be WAY too hard for me. I don't even go camping let alone traipsing though an apocalyptic or zombie infested world. How about you guys?? What are your top Ten??? Or...7ish...lol


  1. I picked Jackie Faber too! She is awesome and I love her cheeky attitude and grand adventures. I am little jealous of her too!

  2. I don't know all the characters/serieses you picked, but I almost picked Anna as well! I also had trouble coming up with my top ten - admiring a character doesn't mean wanting to be in their place and having to deal with their problems! o.O

    My Top Ten

  3. we had two of the same, which is good considering I only picked 3!

  4. Great picks! I really need to get a start on the Jenny Pox series. It sounds so good!

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Hermione & Anna would be a DREAM COME TRUE, seriously. 24 hours would not be enough!