Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Blogging Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry to be a bit behind on things. With the death of my laptop, I decided to take a short break over the holidays so that I could spend time with family and friends, as well as shake things up here on the blog! Now, new (if totally ghetto) laptop in hand, I'm all set to get down to business and have an amazing new year here at Unabridged Andra's!  I've made so many New Years resolutions already that I'm betting on breaking a few (like my foolishly chosen "No Fast Food" resolution) by the end of the week. However, I'm also going to have a few Bookish/Bloggy resolutions this year and share them with you all! Hopefully the fact that you are all witnesses to my resolutions will kind of force me to keep them...So without further ado, here are my Blogging Resolutions for 2012

#1 Better Author/Guest Interviews
Every blogger out there has some subjects and issues that are their weaknesses. For me, it's interviews. I never seem to have very many and they aren't very well publicized. Also, the ones I have tend to run on and on or be too short. My plan is to make a kind of template for my interviews, and then doctor the questions up to cater to the author that I'm interviewing. Maybe that will encourage me to actually do them more often.  My goal is to not only have more interviews, but to hype them up and really get the word out about those great authors out there.

#2 Finally edit my About Me section.
*Sigh* I still have yet to really create an About Me page...Right about now I bet you all are clicking on the About Me tab, saying..."Andra you crazy girl, you have an About Me page riiight....HERE!" and I will laugh and you and say "Tricks on you, you silly follower! That is actually a picture of my favorite sloth ever, Fred." Though he is indeed very attractive and awesome, he is in fact, not me...Hopefully you all don't believe that I am that furry... I intend to create an About Me page that actually has some pics and info and yes...I will probably still keep Fred, as he is my favorite animal ever and that's something vital about me that you all need to know...right? Right!

#3 Successfully pull off hosting my own event.
This is one of the big ones. I am currently planning a HUGE Steampunk event for the Month of Feburary. I'm super excited and can't wait for it to start, but at the same time I'm running around screaming and pulling out my hair from the stress if it all. I'm practically begging for more time because things like interviews, guest posts, and giveaways from separate people are actually a lot more hard to coordinate than I thought. Some authors are backing out and other guest posters are falling through, but I will perservere! I will do a post with more information about the event later in the month so that people can spread the word so keep an eye out! There will be lots of giveaways and interviews (hopefully aiding me complete resolution #1). It will be BIG, it will be STEAMY, it will be FABULOUS! (hopefully)

#4 Comment/Blog Stalk more
This shouldn't be so hard to do. With the death of my laptop in the late summer/early fall, I could only work on blog postings...or stalk other blogs...when I was at the library. SO much of a buzzkill. I recently got a new(to me) laptop from a friend of mine. Even though it is rather slow, it is TONS better than nothing so now I will be able to creep on my favorite blogs from the comfort of my own home. YES! So be prepared for a hailstorm of comments from me. I will be so much of a stalker that I will probably know things like your favorite color, your shoe size, and the name of your 3rd grade teacher. Awesomesauce.

So those are my top bloggy resolutions! I have some more little things that I wanna do like rearrange my reviews, create some more pages, and co-host some events in the spring, but I'm going to try not to over-extend myself. This is still year 1 of blogging for me so I still have tons and tons to learn. Thanks to all the bloggers that have helped me or befriended me along the way this year, I truly couldn't have done it without you! I was going to create a post honoring all of you, but I believe I will save that for my Blogoversary. I am already pretty behind from the break I took this last week and need to get on things! So have a great year everyone! I'll be rooting for you so that you stick by all of your resolutions this year! If you feel like it, leave a comment telling me about some of yours! I'd love to hear about them and help in any way if I can!


  1. I don't make resolutions, I found I never kept them..lol

    I know what it's like having to use the library computers and it's awful! The computers at my library had a 1 hour time limit on them and I had to reserve it for a specific time the day before. What a hassle. Glad you were able to get another computer and have more time.

  2. I am super excited to find out more about Steampunk February!!

  3. I love Steampunk! I can't wait until February. :) I believe in you! I know you can do all of these.

    I look forward to a new year stalking you. ;)