Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Ultimate Reviewer's Challenge!

WOOT! I will be joining in on the 3rd ever Ultimate Reviewer's Challenge hosted by All-Consuming Books, For What It's Worth, and Addicted 2 Novels!!! *Crowd of followers cheers wildly!!!* So what does that mean exactly? Well my dear question-having follower, it just means that I will be posting a TON of reviews in August! and if you're a book blogger, you can join in the fun too :)

During the month of August, you can link up your reviews on each of the participating blog's sites, and for every review you link, you will be entered to win a prize pack! There are 3 prize packs per site for a total of 9  prize packs...and these prize packs are simply AMAZING...let me tell you. Seriously...theres probably more than 50 books being given away...awesomeness right!?!?!

So if you feel like participating, head over to the host blogs, check them out, and add your blog to the linkys there! 

Here are the rules in order to participate:
  • You must have a book review blog
  • These must be real reviews, meaning more than just a couple of sentences describing the book. We'll be checking to make sure you're posting legitimate reviews!
  • All reviews must have been posted for the first time during the month of August 2011. You can't just enter all your old reviews
  • No one review can be entered twice on the same blog. That doesn't mean you can't post the same review on each one of our blogs (for a total of 3 entries per review), just not the same review twice on one blog.
  • This contest will be US only for All Consuming Books and Addicted 2 Novels, US and international on For What It's Worth 
  • The challenge ends on August 31st, midnight, CST.
  • Rules and regulations are subject to change depending on current situations. Don't worry, you'll be informed.
  • There will be 3 winners per blog for a total of 9 winners.

I hope that if you have a book blog, you'll consider joining cause it should be a ton of fun and fabulousness. Plus...SO. MANY.BOOKS...Imma bout to have a book-gasm just thinking about all those tender virgin pages just waiting to be deflowered....

Later Loveys!!

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