Sunday, July 31, 2011

In My Mailbox

I was so excited this week because I finally got some of the books I've been waiting for quite a while for. The main one being The Hunchback Assignments by Arthur Slade which I got from a giveaway on My Bookish Ways a few weeks ago :)
I read my first steampunk a while back and totally loved it, so I really wanted to read some more of it but didn't know where to begin...well...I guess I know now! 
I also got a whole box full of Nicholas Sparks books from the Book Vixen's birthday giveaway!! I'm usually not a fan of romancey books, but come on...this is the guy that gave us the notebook...He knows his stuff...The Notebook is seriously the best movie I've ever spent hours crying over...and I heard the other books are just as good as the notebook if not better so I'm soooo excited to start reading. 
This week, I got SOOO many books from Amazon...they were having that fantastic sale on e-books and I just couldn't seem to help myself... $.99-2.99 for fantastic books?? Who can resist that??? Apparently not me...I got WAY too many books...


  1. I've heard so many things about Lockdown! I heard about it last year when it was an ARC at a book convention. It seems so crazy scary. It's supposed to be a series too. It might give me nightmares though. I have an overactive imagination, so it doesn't take much to keep me up. LOL Great week!

  2. angel burn is on my to read list also it looks so good!! thanks for sharing, stop by my blog sometime

  3. Incredible IMM! Angel Burn looks pretty good! Happy reading