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Review Tour: In Pursuit of Paradise (+$25 Amazon GC Giveaway!)

Title: In Pursuit of Paradise
Author: Kate Randle
Series: N/A
Date Published: 2017
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Format: Kindle
Genre: Romance
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours
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Ship captain Nicholas Becket knows he needs to change his playboy ways. And when he discovers beautiful divorcee Lily Kingston at a job fair for his cruise line, he thinks he has found someone who can reform him.

Lily is looking for a change of her own but she isn’t prepared for Nick and all of his baggage. Not to mention her own scars from the recent past. Although she is fiercely attracted to the handsome and dashing millionaire, an unexpected event threatens to tear them apart forever.

Can this pair of lost souls overcome the stormy waters of life’s ups and downs in order to find their true paradise?

~My Thoughts~
Nick and Lily were really great leads. You definitely believe their love story, and although it develops quickly you never doubt how much they care for each other or the passion that sizzles between them. 

The beachy island-like setting makes for a perfect escape from any bad weather you may be experiencing. It's a lovely get away from regular life that has you falling into our playboy's arms and imagining sipping fruity cocktails on the beach. 

The complications keeping these two are mostly self-inflicted, which can get frustrating at times. You just want to make them sit down and hash out their baggage so they can be happy, but that provides the delicious tension that keeps them at bay for a little while. 

In Pursuit of Paradise is a classic romance with lots of seductive moments, a bit of conflict, and a satisfying conclusion for all involved. If you're a romance fan, you'll have a hard time not liking this one. 
~Try an Excerpt!~
She was staring at a large poster of the ship as she was walking when without warning, she crashed head on into something, no someone. During her stumble backwards, her purse and portfolio went flying, scattering her resume, notes, and other papers everywhere. A strong arm reached around her waist, steadying her. 

“Oh, I’m so sorry…” Lily said as she looked up into the most beautiful piercing blue eyes she had ever seen. They were the color of a clear sparkling ocean. The arm around her waist was firm and muscular, radiating heat. She was so close to him, she could smell the spicy scent of his aftershave, and her stomach tightened with embarrassment or lust, she couldn’t tell which. She was a bit dizzy from the sudden rush of sensory input. Trying in vain to regain her composure, she tried to speak but couldn’t find her voice. Heat rose in her face, and her cheeks were no doubt bright red as they often were when she was embarrassed like she was at this moment. 

“No, it’s my fault.” His voice was deep and very sexy. “I wasn’t looking where I was going. Here, let me help you pick up your papers.” He loosened his grip on her waist, and when she was standing upright again, he released her. As the tall stranger bent down and gathered her things, Lily stared, dumbfounded. This man was gorgeous and wearing some kind of naval uniform. He had short blond hair. What would it be like to run her hands through it? Could the strands be as silky soft as she imagined? She shook her head and tried to focus.
~Meet Kate!~
After writing more essays than she could count completing her university studies, Kate Randle decided to swap out the world of academic prose for something more exciting, romance novels.
Her contemporary books encompass many of the things she loves: the beach, the ocean and of course handsome heroes. Kate lives near Toronto, Ontario with her own handsome hero, her husband Jason and her two children. Two adorable rescue felines round out her family to keep things interesting and covered in cat hair.

In addition to her debut novel In Pursuit of Paradise which is will be released in January 2017, Kate is currently working on a new contemporary romance about an iconic Canadian rock band.
Kate will be awarding a $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


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