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Midnight and the Man Who Had No Tears Blog Tour!

Title: Midnight and the Man Who Had No Tears
Author: Tiffany Golden
Series: N/A
Pages: N/A
Date Published: N/A
Publisher: N/A
Format: N/A
Genre: Children's Fantasy
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In the magical land of Shina, Midnight is the Keeper of Dreams and Protector of Children.  On her nightly journey down the river of dreams, she meets the Red Family, whose child is going with Midnight for the first time.

The dark cloud of sadness that consumes their house confuses Midnight, and the entire family must embark on a journey to find out why an angry father can show no kindness to his only child.
~Guest Post!~
There’s something very poetic about being a writer. You have the ability to synthesize your experiences, your research, and your visioning to create something new. You create worlds, like a mad scientist in print.  How amazing is that?

That’s not to say that it doesn’t come with its unique challenges. Sometimes “muses” don’t like their lives in your work, and sometimes family members get a bit angry when you rewrite their stories (if they can recognize them, lol). 

But, with all that said, I love writing.  I love my craft.  I love the people that inspire me.  They make me ask the question, what if?  This is exactly what happened when writing Midnight and the Man Who Had No Tears.  I had been working with school-aged children for a number of years when I started this story in 2003.  I had seen the direct effects on children of emotionally harsh upbringings.  It was heartbreaking to hear how the children talked to and to see how they treated one another. In one class in particular, I remember the name-calling and the fighting didn’t seem like “regular” playground antics, it seemed like WAR. But more importantly, I knew that this was learned behavior. 

I looked at my culture, my community, and there was a long-standing history of having to survive without allowing intentional vulnerability.  By that I mean, my parents, grandparents, and ancestors before them didn’t have the luxury of fostering a collective “gentleness” due to the times they were born in.  Times were hard; coping in historically violent times was not easy.  Much of that trauma got passed from generation to generation.

In this story, I wanted to explore a particular what if.  What if what once was a protective and necessary collective coping method no longer served us in the same way and could be damaging to those coming up now?  Time and experience has shown me that no one really wants to intentionally hurt their children, and most people are really doing the best they can with the information they have while also nursing their own hurts.

As a writer, you get this lens—an objectivity—through which you can see characters as whole people.  You see what motivates them (whether or not you fully agree, you understand), and you will find what you’re looking for.  In this story, I wanted to find the underlying love.  We know the pain and trauma, but what about the healing and compassion in all of this?  It’s there, too. 

The effects of constantly masking vulnerability comes out in our most quiet hours or when we feel threatened, so I wanted to highlight that underneath that crack in our mask, there is a beautiful light.  I’ve met a lot of writers and artists who like to deal with the “not so pretty” side of humanity, and I think, for me, what’s more important is to honor my ancestors through my storytelling.  The story of their full humanity, their deep love, and their resilience has not been shared to the extent that negative narratives have.  So this work is a labor of love and something I’m deeply proud of. 

I thank you for providing space to share my thoughts and this book, and I appreciate your followers for taking time to learn more about my process. 
~Try an Excerpt!~
There is a land called Shina so far away that the only way to get there is to close your eyes and dream.  It is a land where magic’s mystery makes itself known.  Where the light of LIFE, the gift of the MOST HIGH, burns in everyone’s eyes.  Where the Spiritfolk live and walk amongst the peoplefolk, and it is where you can find Midnight, the Keeper of Dreams and Protector of Children.

Now, everyone agreed that Midnight was the most beautiful spirit to ever be born to the land of Shina.  She had the richest, blackest hair with the richest, blackest skin, and the richest, blackest face you ever did see.  And without a question, she had the richest, blackest eyes known to her land.  Eyes so deep, that when she opened them, she eclipsed the sun, calling forth the richest, blackest night.  And when her work was done, she rested her melanin-filled eyes, letting the sun once again shine brightly on the land.

Now Midnight, just like everyone who lived in Shina, had a job or a duty called upon her in order to keep the land in balance.  Midnight’s job was to guide the sleeping children down the Ndoto River, the river of dreams, taking them to Asili, the most mystical part of Shina—where rainbows were made, where stars got their tickle, where butterflies got their colors, and where each child was blessed to enjoy the magic of childhood, a marvelous gift from the MOST HIGH.
~Meet Tiffany!~ 
Writer/Director Tiffany Golden was trained in Motion Picture Production at the Academy of Art University.  She has worked creatively with school-aged youth for 15 years in an effort to support their voices being heard and shared.  Her work with young people has led to dozens of her students being published, having their films featured in festivals, installations in major museums, and the highlight of many community-based events.

“I have worked with children for a long time, and I have witnessed firsthand their magic and resilience.  I wanted to create a legacy that holds them sacred, reminding us all of the true gift that they are, so they may be cherished.  This story was channeled out of complete love; inspired by individuals, and written with an open heart for the collective 'we'.”

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