Friday, March 2, 2012

Kiss Me I'm Irish: Hounded Read-A-Long

I had such a fun time doing the Tale of the Vampire Bride read-a-long a few months ago that I just had to do another! Unfortunately I missed Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill, but I am thrilled that March's pick to read is The first in the Iron Druid Chronicles! I've had this book on my shelf for months and this is just the excuse I needed to get started!

Questions Week 1: Chapters 1 to 5
1) Kevin Hearne had the most perfect beginning for this book:  "There are many perks to living for twenty-one centuries, and formost among them is bearing witness to the rare birth of genius."  If you were to live for centuries what do you think you would be excited to see?
Everything! If I had that much time on my hands I'd love to see the world! I'd see everything there is to see...monuments! World wonders! The world's largest ball of string!...Then I'd stay in one culture and watch it change over like a hundred years or so...then find a new one! Thinking ahead to centuries from now...I'd be excited to see when people started colonizing other planets...or if Planet of the Apes comes true...or when Skynet finally takes over humanity...sorry guys...I've been watching the Sci-fi channel way too much lately...
2)In the 2nd chapter we learn about the amulet and its protection powers!  Do you think having met the Morrigan and heard about Aenghus Og that it will be enough to protect Atticus?  I mean the Morrigan has a point about hot chicks coming after him and his defenses might be down! He is very male!
I think he might need to up the ante...or get a girlfriend to take that edge off The amulet is definitely a kick ass piece of magic and I loved hearing about how much time and effort he put into it, but if it only keeps the lesser fae away then Atticus mayyy be in a bit of trouble. Morrigan got past his defenses just a tad to easily and if his enemies have anyone that is half as good of a seductress then Atticus may find himself at the wrong end of one of those broom/swords.
3) The literary world's coolest dog is introduced in this chapter!  Did you love Oberon immediately?  Show me a picture or describe the type of animal you would love to have as a talking companion! (Cat, Dog, Mouse, Sloth, Horse---what is your pick--pictures please)?
Omigod! I so totally loved him! I cannot WAIT to hear more from him, even though it took me less than 3 seconds to fall in love with him completely already :) As for who I would like as my talking companion...definitely my hairless cat Minnie! Though she'd probably be hugely sarcastic and I'd have to put sunscreen on her if she ever accompanied me anywhere out doors...she gets sunburned easily :P
4) In this chapter Flidais asked Atticus what his name is and then precedes to ask if anyone actually believes he is Greek?  He says nobody pays attention to names here.  Do you know what your name means and where it comes from?  Or do you have a name you wish had?  Let's talk names!
Well...okay....Andra is actually a nickname I've had for a while, given to me by my best friend from Leadership Safari Camp. We were sick of our "nicknames" because they were boring and everyone had the same nicknames as we for katelyn and alex for alexandra, etc. We figured that the other half of our names probably felt left out so we decided to call ourselves by our "not" names...thus Andra was born! (Kate's "not"name is Lyn). I admit that it started a kind of fad with our friends with Stephanie becoming Anie and Richmond becoming Mond and Alexander being Xander. And I've been Andra ever since :)
5) We learn about Atticus' lawyers in this chapter, a rather unique combo!  Without jumping ahead, would you hire a lawyer combination of two supernaturals who on the surface would appear to be natural enemies or at the very least two very Alpha attitudes? What would be the positives and negatives of that decision.
I probably would hire them :) Besides the definite advantage of having at least one lawyer around the clock, a vampire/werewolf competition would probably keep the two on the edge so that they were constantly trying to one up the other...meaning better services for you. :)

So that's the first 5 chapters! There's still time to participate! If you would like to join in the fun of this read-a-long, head on over to the Geeky Book Blogger's to sign up! You'll get the questions for the first week and here is the list of all the other participating blog hosts!

Discussion Schedule:
March 02nd: Chapters 1-5 hosted by Geeky Blogger's Book Blog
March 09th: Chapters 6-10 hosted by On a Book Bender
March 16th: Chapters 11-15 hosted by Smash Attack Reads!
March 23rd: Chapters 16-20 hosted by In the Closet With a Bibliophile
March 30th: Chapters 21-25 + epilogue hosted by The Unread Reader
April 06th: Special interview with Kevin Hearne & announcement of winners!


  1. I love that y'all made your own names! That just totally rocks :) I would have to think about what I would like my name to be .....

    I love Minnie! She looks like she would have enough snark to keep you on your toes LOL That is the best kind of companion.

    1. lol...I feel like Minnie would just roll her eyes and stare balefully at me most of the time...then come in an save the day with her naked ninja skillz :)

  2. Seeing the world would most probably be on top of my to do list. You know what? Skynet future isn't that far way and it's already 2012. AHHHH WE ARE GOING TO BE INVADED BY TERMINATORS!!! Must find shelter. Or terminator that looks like Sam Worthington ;)

    1. Ha..if the Terminator looked like Sam Worthington...I think i'd be okay with them taking over the world :D

  3. I am sorry you missed Some Girls Bite but this one will be just as fun, Skynet Terminators! Yikes, that is if we make it past 2012. What is it like having a hairless cat? I love the thing about the names, Andra is very pretty!

  4. You've got one wild cat. But of couse you know that ;) no wrong end of a sword for Atticus. He is too pretty.

  5. I'm just starting off by saying CHRISTIAN BALE IS MINE! Okay, I feel much better. LOL!

    Skynet? What is that. Also, I think dogs will take over the world before the Apes. Or maybe the really angry wild cats. Lions are vicious, girl! Also, I'm with you, I'd travel all over seeing everything. EVERYTHING!

    Atticus doesn't need a girlfriend, he has me. True Story.

    OMG, your cat Minnie is rocking that look. Although, I snorted at the sunscreen comment. Have you read the Kate Daniels books by Ilona Andrews? Not that Minnie looks like a vamp, but just reminded me of that. Okay, I'm done rambling.

    1. you think! I believe we'll have to have a fight for him...any time, ANYWHERE!!! :)

      Skynet is from the's the corporation that designed the machines that ended up taking over the world...dun dun DUNNN

      Alright...while you're busy with Atticus...I'll be over at Christian Bale's...

      And NO!!! I haven't read the Kate Daniels!! They have been on my TBR pile forEVA...gotta get to it if Minnie's namesake is there!

  6. I love the story of how you got your nickname! It's pretty ingenious and unique as well. :)

    Minnie! She looks like a character.

  7. Ha! Glad you mentioned technology taking over, I took a pass on that as I usually just get a blank look from people. Skynet - it's only a matter of time...;)

  8. I am so curious about Minnie. A hairless cat. Too cool and I'm curious... does she want to take over the world (yes, I've watched one Austin Powers movie too many...)?

    I'd also love to see if all that sci-fi stuff would come true. Heh... we may watch the same shows. LOL

    Oh and I love that you picked out your own names. Very creative!

    1. I always sleep with one eye open when Minnie is involved...I'm convinced that she wants to kill me and that it's step 1 on her way to world :) I REALLY wanted to name her Mrs. Bigglesworth after Austin Powers...but I wasn't allowed... *sigh*

  9. Yikes! Skynet! I hope I'm long gone by the time they take over, or by the time Planet of the Apes happens. LOL

    I know I've seen pictures of Minnie before, but for some reason, she looks different. Did she do something different to her nonhair?

    hehehe. I'm a dork.

    I love how you all came up with your own names. I did the same. Everyone called Melissas, "MEL" so I insisted on Missie, and since every Missy I knew would spell it with a Y, I insisted on IE.

    Happy Weekend, Andra.

  10. Your cat looks like she should be Egyptian! Holly Black would love her.
    Like the Terminator reference - just like I love all the references in the book!
    Lynn :D

  11. i think its awesome you just made up your own names and its a really great name too! I've never met anyone with a hairless cat before, at least that would cut back on the vaccuming! lol.

  12. I'm with you--I'd love to see the world! My bucket list is so much longer than I'd ever be able to check off but if I had a couple of centuries to kill, I'd be all over this place.

    And your kitty is cute--is she a sphinx or just a hairless ("just" being relative, of course).