Friday, November 18, 2011

Pretty When She Dies Read-a-Long: Chapters 13-18

It's Friday! That means time for another section of the Pretty When She Dies Read-A-Long! We will now pretend that I haven't finished it and posted a review of the book this I just couldn't put it down! This week's questions are up at The Geeky Blogger's and next week, we will finish up with Missie at The Unread Reader!
  1. (Chapter 13) Samantha and Amaliya meet in less than "ideal" circumstances for either one of them.  What would your reaction have been if you were Sam? Amal? Cian? Ok..If I was Sam, I'm not going to lie, Amal's ass would be staked up against the wall with one of my fantastic stiletto shoes. Any girl in MY man's bed when he wakes up better be me, or they will BOTH be ash in ten seconds. Amal did what I would have done in the situation if I was her...she kept her head down and gave the angry lady the space she needed. It's an incredibly sticky situation to be in, and I think she played it out well. As for Cian...I'm not sure...I would have tried to avoid it with my super awesome vampire powers...maybe fly away into the night and come in the front door like I had been somewhere else lol
  2. (Chapter 14) Cian takes Amaliya on a training feed run---What did you think?  Did it go the way thought it would? I thought it was definitely interesting. Again, I like that these vampires are still the dark and blood thirsty kind of vampires, just modernized for the 21st century. There were a lot of chuckle moments for me during the feeding scenes, because of Cian pretending to be Amal's brother. Loved it! Overall I just really like the way that vampires have been dealt with in this book. There is a ton of potential for awesomesauce.
  3. (Chapter 15) When Amaliya is recounting her dream of  her awakening did you feel differently about it than you did at the beginning?  Has it changed your opinion of the professor's/summoner's actions? I haven't liked him from the beginning...I've thought he was an ass-hat from day one and nothing that he's done or that I've heard about him has done anything to redeem him in my eyes. I hope Amal kills the jerk.
  4. (Chapter 16) Samantha meets Jeff in this chapter.  What did you think of Jeff and his job as it relates to Cian? Well, one....Samantha is a total beotch for going behind Cian's back like this. Even in a healthy human relationship, this kind of deception is unforgiveable. As for Jeff...I'm not sure. I want to like him because of all of his quips about Buffy and Giles and everything. I just don't want him to harm Cian or Amal...He seems like an okay guy though...we will see.
  5. (Chapter 17) Roberto "removes" Amaliya from Cian's place.  What was your reaction to his choice of places and his decision to do this in the first place? B**** A** M***** F*****. That was my reaction. How DARE he. One. Disgusting. That has to be the worst wake up I've ever heard of. I imagine that she was reminded of her horrible awakening to vampire life and then had to paw through garbage to get out...sick. I hate Roberto now...pretentious bastard. He can die right along with the Summoner and Rob.
  6. (Chapter 18) OMG!  Don't want to give anything away before you read this chapter!  So I will simply say---what the heck was your reaction to what happened in San Antonio?  (I really did think this was a turning point chapter) WOW! I am SO excited for what this might mean for Amal. It will for sure make the Summoner come out into the open now...It was INCREDIBLE! I totally loved this scene. I mean, I hate what happened to Amal, but it sure brought a whole new element to the series and the characters. I can't wait to see where the plot heads from here!


  1. LMAO... use vamp powers and actr like you weren't even there. That's hilarious.

    I know, Roberto seriously pissed me off. That was so beyond effed up, what he did.. Amaliya needs to kick his a**

  2. I agree with all your answers! You probably said it better than I did. ;)

  3. Right?! I think I'd rather discover another man in MY man's bed, than other girl....and of course, I'd jump right in if that were the case.


    J/king...kind of.