Friday, November 25, 2011

Pretty When She Dies Chapter 19-Epilogue &Wrap up

Fangtastic Fridays is a read-along of Pretty When She Dies by Rhiannon Frater, and hosted by The Bookish Brunette, On a Book Bender, Geeky Blogger's Book Blog, The Unread Reader.
1.Amaliya states to Cian that he has changed since she first met him only a few days prior. Do you agree with her? Why or why not? Has your impression of Cian changed? If so, how? (Chapter 19)
I totally agree with her!Well...kind of...I feel like it wasn't so much him "changing". It was more of he is coming to terms with the vampire that he's always been and has kind of forgotten about while he was with Sam. I'm not sure if he can be both human and vampire, and for now, its looking like hes going to stick to his batty side. I haven't really changed impressions. Cian is a hottie...He can suck on my neck anyday :)

2. When Grandmama doesn't hear from Amaliya for a couple of days, she decides to grab Sergio and head over to Austin because she's worried. Later, she and Serigo meet up with Jeff and Sam for the first time and they squabble about who is at fault for the mess Cian and Amaliya are in. Which side are you on? Do you think either side are right in their assumptions? (Chapter 20)
I'm definitely team Grandmama and Sergio. For one, I am really irritated at Sam for even involving a vampire hunter. I suppose it turned out for the better, but at the time, all I could think about was that he might kill Amal or Cian...As for whose fault it is? I think it's an unfortunate series of events. Maybe Cian could have been more prepared for the possible return of the Summoner. I was especially baffled at how easily the Summoner was able to get inside Cian's apartment complex...definitely should have figured that one out before-hand.

3. After the Summoner forces Amaliya into a gruesome fight for her life against two hideous creatures, he tells her that he doesn't know if he should kill her because she could be a potential threat, or if he should keep her so he could use her abilities. At this point, what do you think of this development? (Chapter 21)
First of all...Holy nastyness...That was SICK...what is it with Texans and Southwesterners and cutting people up and sewing them back together? This is the third book that I've found who have these god-awful creatures, and they all hail either from Texas or New Mexico...Maybe there's some local mythology...hmm...anyways. I think the Summoner could have been a whole lot smarter about Amal in the first place. Doesn't he know that it's easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar? If he would have been nice to Amal in the beginning and seduced her, she would be loyal to him and they would probably be on a quest for world domination as we speak. Instead, he abused her, threatened her, and stalked her...none of which are particularly endearing qualities. He really messed up because now Amal will never serve him willingly.

4. Doooood! Grandmama is a machete wielding zombie killer! If you were a Supernatural Hunter, what kind would you be and why? (Chapter 22)
Um...can I plead the 5th? I like Supernaturals...particularly vampires and werewolves and things...If I absolutely HAD to kill them, I would use my hot pink Beretta m9 filled with either holy water caplets or silver bullets...yeahhhh baby :)
5. What did you think of the final showdown between The Summoner and Amaliya? Were you surprised to find out how her ability worked? (Chapter 23)
I wasn't very surprised. I kind of felt like that was the key from the little things that happened throuought the story. It really made sense, and I was glad that it wasn't just a cheap win. I was SUPER excited for the final fight scene though! Amal totally and completely kicks ass! LOVE her. I was a little surprised that she actually killed the Summoner. I kind of thought that he would escape and continue to plague the couple another day.

6. Where you satisfied with the way things ended in Pretty When She Dies? What was your favorite part of the story? What do you think is coming up next for Amaliya and Cian? Do you have any hopes or expectations that you want to see in the sequel, Pretty When She Kills?
I was thrilled with how things ended. Things are tied up nicely and you see the beginnings of an unconventional, but awesome group. My favorite part of the story had to be Amalyia finally coming into her powers and learning to use was a really great way to end things and I look forward to Pretty When She lot. I'm not really sure what's next for them, what with the Summoner's death. Probably a lot of fighting as Amaliya and Sam butt heads and Amalyia and Cian struggle for power in their relationship...hopefully they are very hot fights...ending with balls to the wall gorilla sex...awesome.

7. Who's would you cast to play the main characters in Pretty When She Dies? Show us with pictures!
Amal- Ashley Rickards
Cian-Jared Leto

I just wanna say thanks for all the hosts who let us all chat about Pretty When She Dies. I totally loved the last four Fridays and I will most definitely be participating in the next read-a-long I find! I sometimes speed through books and don't get the full effect of awesomeness, and participating in this has really let me slow down and appreciate how awesome PWSD really is! Thanks ladies!


  1. Love all your answers! I haven't read this book yet, but the read-along is definitely spiking my interest! :D

  2. I kind of thought that the Summoner would somehow escape as well! Guess we were wrong. =O

  3. ROTF! Gorilla Sex?! Yup, that would be awesome. *blushes*

    I was really surprised that the Summoner was killed too... but maybe he isn't really dead??

    LOVE the pink gun and your pick for Amal.

  4. I am going to blush with Missie on the Gorilla Sex but I some how think you may be right!

    I was surprised The Summoner was killed but then again Amal has some real power that is likely to draw out some other big bads!

  5. "balls to the walls guerrilla sex" loving it. :)

  6. I love your picks for my two main picks! We share the pick of Leto! He would be so perfect.

    As for PRETTY WHEN SHE KILLS...we'll see...