Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review: One Foot in the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Title: One Foot in the Grave
Author: Jeaniene Frost
Series: Night Huntress #2
Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 357
Published: Avon (2008)
Source: Library
Rating: 9/10 (A)

Goodreads Description:
Half-vampire Cat Crawfield is now Special Agent Cat Crawfield, working for the government to rid the world of the rogue undead. She's still using everything Bones, her sexy and dangerous ex, taught her, but when Cat is targeted for assassination, the only man who can help her is the vampire she left behind. Being around him awakens all her emotions, from the adrenaline kick of slaying vamps side by side to the reckless passion that consumed them. But a price on her head—wanted: dead or half-alive—means her survival depends on teaming up with Bones. And no matter how hard she tries to keep things professional between them, she'll find that desire lasts forever . . . and that Bones won't let her get away again.

My Review:
I was shocked to find that 4 whole years has passed without Bones getting ahold of Cat...Even with the help of the special supernatural branch of the government, it shouldn't have even been possible that Bones couldn't find her. Hes a vampire with infinite time and resources at his disposal. I feel like it should have been 4 months rather than 4 years, though the time frame did allow for Cat to grow up so that she loses the weird innocence she had in the first book that made me feel indecent while reading the sex-scenes...and not indecent in a good way lol. I was also surprised that Cat's will power was that strong. Apparently Bones was the love of her life and she kind of just threw it away. Though I thought the fact that she used his last name as hers was extremely endearing.

Then BAM all of the sudden, Bones is back. And what a way to be back. I LOVED the wedding scene, as well as Bones' introduction to Cat's mom. I was literally laughing out loud which apparently looks a lot like choking if it occurs whilst you are sitting in your van, waiting for the 3-4 year old's dance class to let out, and will result in the store owner to come ask if he needs to call an THAT embarassment aside, I definitely enjoyed the humor in this book. Like Cat, I too have found myself turning to the bottle when faced with awkward family situations...just ask me and my cousin Jules at our estranged uncle's 4th wedding...We pregamed with whiskey sours just to get through...then pretty much cleaned out the open bar afterward to dull the horror at our crazy Aunt Suzie mistakenly trying to hook both of us up with second and third cousins...blehhhh

Then when Bones and Cat inevitably get together, it is actually very sweet and awesome. Jeaniene really creates a growing romance and then relationship that seems very real. I love the chemistry between the two characters and despite Cat being very hot-headed and stubborn at times, Bones is really understanding and deals with her mood swings very well for a guy ahah. It's like as soon as Cones? Bat? Are a couple again, the plot kicks into hyper-drive. There was constant action, drama, angst, romance, comedy...I loved how people from Bones' past are brought to light...for better or worse haha. The history of the characters made me really happy because I kind of felt like we didn't have a super great picture of who they are and where they came from. This was a huge problem with a lot of the secondary characters. I really liked Tate, Cooper, and Juan...but they were kind of just plopped in. I would have liked to gain a little more background on them, though perhaps that will be coming down the road at a later date.

On a random side note, I like how there are only 3 main supernatural creatures in this book. There are Vampires, Ghouls, and Ghosts...That's it. They all have relatively interesting descriptions of how to become either/or and I really like the new take on Ghouls...I only have seen them in one other series (Anita Blake) and then they were just dull, dim-witted creatures that eat dead flesh in graveyards. I like that the book doesn't get muddled up with witches, werewolves, fairies, etc. It stays focused on what is important...yep the Vampires.

The introduction of more vamps and more vampiric powers really upped the ante for this book. It was 2 thirds action and adventure, one sixth romance, and one sixth snark...(i'm hoping that all ads up...) This book was SO good and there was so much going on that I kept reading late LATE at night and had another book hangover...I both hate and love means when I get up for work the next day, I shamble around like a zombie till around 2pm...but still, I had to keep reading...there was no way I could put it down. :D I can't WAIT to keep going with this series. I love it soooo much...I will probably be blathering on about Bones and Spade and Rodney and everyone for dayyys!

Later Loveys!


  1. I just won this book on another site recently. Usually not my type of genre, but I'm glad you like it. It gives me hope that it might be good :D

  2. This series is absolutely AWESOME!! One of my fav. series so far, Glad you like it. :))


  3. This is such an awesome series. I have the last two books in the series in my TBR pile. Can't wait to visit with Cat & Bones again.

  4. I love this series! It sucks that so much time passes before Bones and Cat see each other again! I love how they got back together so quickly and they are still as hot!

  5. Yes, I CANNOT wait to read it. Your review makes me want to get to it ASAP :-) It's on my Kindle already, but the to-read pile is SO big. It will have to wait a few days longer..well, I will have to. Need my Bones-fix soon. The way he talks...sigh.

  6. Looks like a really great book, I guess this adds to my growing to-reads list

  7. Almost perfect rating? I've read the first book and it was entertaining. I need to read this one too.