Monday, May 30, 2011

Review: Vesper by Jeff Sampson

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars :D

GoodReads Description:
Emily Webb is a geek. And she’s happy that way. Content hiding under hoodies and curling up to watch old horror flicks, she’s never been the kind of girl who sneaks out for midnight parties. And she’s definitely not the kind of girl who starts fights or flirts with other girls’ boyfriends. Until one night Emily finds herself doing exactly that . . . the same night one of her classmates—also named Emily—is found mysteriously murdered.
The thing is, Emily doesn’t know why she’s doing any of this. By day, she’s the same old boring Emily, but by night, she turns into a thrill seeker. With every nightfall, Emily gets wilder until it’s no longer just her personality that changes. Her body can do things it never could before: Emily is now strong, fast, and utterly fearless. And soon Emily realizes that she’s not just coming out of her shell . . . there’s something much bigger going on. Is she bewitched by the soul of the other, murdered Emily? Or is Emily Webb becoming something else entirely— something not human?
As Emily hunts for answers, she finds out that she’s not the only one this is happening to—some of her classmates are changing as well. Who is turning these teens into monsters—and how many people will they kill to get what they want?

My Review:
I really enjoyed Vesper. I was surprised, especially because I saw a few really damaging reviews around the photosphere, but I think that from now on I will trust only my own opinion. I let the other reviews color my opinion of the book at first, so that I started it with some trepidation and thought really scornfully of it for the first few chapters. However, as I got more involved with the storyline and grew to like the main character, Emily Webb, my enjoyment grew until I had quite a good opinion of it. There were some parts that were kind of confusing. There is kind of a flashback type plot line, in that Emily is being interviewed about her experiences, and then there will be 3 or so chapters  in her perspective. I tend to like books that flow all the way through, and are only interrupted by dream type “other conciousnesses” The flashbacks were actually the most interesting and long parts of the story, while the parts occurring in real time just serve to break my stride while reading and give me an opportunity to put the book down. 

There was one quote that made me laugh out loud  in the library, causing quite a few dirty looks. 
“He was so cute that I didn’t particularly want him to be a murderer, but I’d read enough  to know that you can never trust the cute new guy not to go all wild-eyed and stabby.”  ha…I thouroughly enjoyed that quote thank you very much. 

The cover is well done, if a little misleading. Like I kind of thought the red mist was a ghost or spirit or something. But I really like the cover it conveys a sinister and creepy feel without getting too horror movie on us. It doesn’t really apply too much to the book really, but it sure is cool. 

I didn’t even know in the beginning that this book was about werewolves. I thought it was more of a ghost story, or perhaps a psychic story, but for werewolves it was pretty original. I enjoyed the transformation between  Daytime Emily, Nighttime Emily, and Werewolf Emily. The addition of a second, more spry and athletic, and outgoing persona that was still human was an interesting addition.  The last chapter of the book was awesome. I totally loved it. It answers a ton of questions you have, while simultaneously leaving you in the dark. Even thought the ending came pretty quickly, you don’t really feel bewildered by how you are left. I can’t wait for the next book and will be eagerly awaiting it on its release day (or maybe I will be more affluent in the blogging community and might get it as an ARC!!! ) 

I read this book for The All Male Review Challenge, hosted by the Unread Reader

Thanks for reading! 
XO Andra XO


  1. I enjoyed this book, I really liked the main character!

  2. Great review! I was wondering about this book and after reading how much you liked it, I will definately have to add it to my TBR list! I agree with you that the cover doesn't make you think this will be a book about werewolves! Sounds like a great story and I can't wait to read it!