Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review: The Haunted e-book by J.L Bryan

Wow. Just Wow...I somehow found my way to J.L.'s Blog the other day, where I read about this book's blog tour. I checked out a couple of links, reading interviews and such, and I found myself liking the hilarious interviews and just the general banter that the author supplied. Though it isn't true for all books, typically when I like the flow the author has in real life I like the way they write as well. This was no exception. 

The haunted e-book was everything you wan in a horror book. There was suspense, blood, gore, all that good stuff. But there was also a very good, intricately woven plot, something I find missing in many books lately. In addition,the story played on natural fears that many of us have, from the monster literally hiding under your bed, to the fear of being forgotten. I found that last fear especially meaningful. One of the struggles I myself have been dealing with is leaving my mark on the work. It is a timeless conflict...going all the way back to Achilles. You know...go to Troy and you will be known for thousands of years but lose your life, stay here and you will have an amazing family but after they are dead no one will remember your name...that whole chestnut. I feel like a writers attempt to leave their mark revolves around their work, because as long as their book is being read, part of them is alive. This is the premise of how the villain in Bryan's work stays alive and becomes stronger.

The diction in the book bears notes of Stephen King-ism without being quite so graphic, though believe me, the book has its share of disturbing imagery. All together the creepy and disturbing air of the book lends itself to the plot, and the characterization of the villain Jonah. Definitely something you should pick up if you aren't afraid of spending a few nights staring into the dark for Jonah over your shoulder.

I'm not a big fan of the cover, but it fits with the book and is actually explained in the story...which makes it cool by me :) The only major thing I didn't enjoy in the book was the one episode of sex. It was bland, kind of tasteless, and made me feel uncomfortable reading it. I think this MIGHT be because it was written by a guy, and i think Bryan might have less of an understanding of how a woman wants her sex (complete with hot, sexy paranormal who swears to love me forever(and can do so cause he's immortal) thank you very much) lol. But other than that the book was very enjoyable.

-Overall Report---
Originality: 10/10
Ending: 7/10
Characters: 7/10
Plot: 9/10
My reaction/enjoyment: 9/10
Theme: 10/10
Imagery: 10/10
Setting: 4/5
Voice: 5/5
Style: 5/5
Tone: 5/5
Cover: 8/10 ( fits with the book but is still kind of bland)

Total= 89/100 or an A- A very good book by my new favorite indie author :)


  1. Welcome to the FF crowd. I like your review style and am your newest follower. Feel free to visit me whenever you get a chance....

  2. Hi Andra! I'm a new follower from the hop. I can't read scary horror books. I'm a big chicken butt. My sister in law, on the other hand, loves them. I am going to tell her to read this book. :)


  3. Oh, I am SUCH a sucker for horror anything. I totally have to read this now. Great post! Found your link on Parajunkee's site, btw. Nice blog!

    If you're feeling particularly brave...

  4. When I saw the title I had to look at your review, this book actually looks pretty good! Thank you for introducing me to a new book!