Monday, April 2, 2018

Never Trust a Vampire Blog Tour! (+Giveaway!)

Title: Never Trust a Vampire
Author: Vivian Lane
Series: Strange Allies #1
Pages: 166
Date Published: 2018
Format: Kindle
Source: Silver Dagger Book Tours
The people we save look at us like we’re superheroes, or guardian angels, but we bleed.

We break.

And sometimes, we even die. Becoming a paladin means sacrifice of self.
Saving innocents is always top priority, so when the vampire Adam asks for Agent Seven's services to rescue children from L.A.’s reigning vampire, The Agency won't let her refuse. Company motto is the only good vampire is a dead one, so what makes this guy different from all the rest? This feels like a trap.

Will Adam prove her wrong, or be her downfall? 
Writer of supernatural badasses.

A proud geek *cough*nerd*cough* who likes fashion, interior design, and sports, Vivian Lane is the author of the Children of Ossiria and Strange Allies series. She lives in California with her cat Scrapper.
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