Monday, December 28, 2015

REVIEW: Twofer +$20 Amazon GC giveaway

Title: Twofer
Author: Daisy Harris
Date Published: 2015
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Format: eBook
Genre: MM Romance
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours

If a college freshman can’t get laid in sun-drenched Miami, he’s doing something wrong. Frankie Perez is determined to help his roommate get some man action in any way possible.

When Frankie’s arsenal of dating apps, fashion advice, and playing-hard-to-get lessons doesn’t work, he realizes Jeremy needs remedial help. Except tutoring Jeremy in the art of sex gets steamier than Frankie expected—and it scares the hell out of him.

Jeremy’s not sure why he’s wasting his time hooking up when he’s only got eyes for the slinky, sexy roommate he comes home to at night. But the hotter their chemistry simmers, the quicker Frankie dances away.

In near desperation, Frankie suggests the two of them team up to find a third to top them both, forgetting that two bottoms aren’t immune from lusting after each other. In a world where every man is an option, choosing one to love can be the sexiest risk of all.

~My Thoughts~
Jeremy was much more relatable to me than Frankie, though both of them had good character development.

Jeremy is the shy, quiet type who is willing to learn but unsure about how to flirt and be with a guy. Frankie is the slutty kind of player who sleeps around and runs from commitment but something about Jeremy keeps him around. They both seem to be genuinely in love, but can't get what they need from each other sexually. Thus they start experimenting with third-parties so that they can be together but also be satisfied.

Maybe I'm a tad too run-of-the-mill monogamous, but I kind of felt like it was difficult to get behind (hahah) the multiple partner thing. If your love can't please you, and you cant work with each other to fulfill your mutual needs, you gotta be with someone else! 

Sex scenes were steamy and R-rated. This is for those of you who like them raunchy! 
~Try an Excerpt!~
“Porn again?”

Jeremy hurried to get his d**k back into his sweatpants. “For God’s sake. I told you to be louder when you came into the room.” Hiding his embarrassment, Jeremy plucked the earbuds out of his ears.

“Aw.” His roommate Frankie sauntered past, hips in an arrogant wiggle. He wore white jeans, which had grayish scuff marks on the thighs showing Frankie had leaned against something grimy during his night out. “You know I like to watch you tug it.” Frankie shot a crooked smile across the room. “Anyway, I need to borrow a shirt. Mine smells like cigarettes and j**z.” He dug in Jeremy’s drawers.

Jeremy sighed. “I did your laundry. Look.” He jerked his chin towards Frankie’s bed. On top of the covers, Frankie’s jeans and T-shirts were folded next to his balled-up socks and underwear. Jeremy drew the line at folding underwear—he might be willing to take Frankie’s clothes down to the laundry room, but interacting that closely with Frankie’s multicolored, package-displaying briefs was too much for Jeremy’s poor Wisconsin heart.

“Jeremy Eugene Campbell. You’re my hero.” Frankie’s face split into a wide grin, his cinnamon skin stretched to dimples at his cheeks. He might only have been five-seven, but Frankie seemed taller when he was standing with his hand on his hip and his chin stuck out. “How about you? Did you catch any action last night?”
~Meet Daisy!~ 
Retired party girl and science fiction enthusiast, Daisy Harris spends most of her time writing sexy romance and plotting the fall of Western civilization. Her books can be found on Amazon, Nook, and wherever else fine erotic romance is sold.

Ms. Harris lives in Seattle, where she tortures her husband by making it rain. She enjoys watching bridges cause traffic, watching football games cause traffic, and blithely wearing wool socks with sandals.

She has never taken a single picture in which her bra strap is not showing.
 Daisy will be awarding a $20 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


  1. "Retired party girl...." No, no! Say it isn't so! I hope I never retire from being a party girl! Well, that being said, I stay home a lot, but when I DO go out, I want to have fun! You know the song: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, LOL!
    Thanks for sharing!

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