Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ocean Park Blog Tour! (+$25 Amazon GC Giveaway!)

Title: Ocean Park 
Author: Michael Walsh 
Series: Ocean Park #1
Pages: 248
Date Published: 2015
Publisher: Wild Rose Press 
Format: Kindle
Genre: Mystery 
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours
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All Detective Matt Conley ever wanted was to raise a family in Ocean Park with his stunning and ambitious wife Lisa. When a corpse is found in his church, Matt begins a journey that reveals corruption and decay in his city and deceit in his marriage. As he searches for the murderer of a local businessman, a gang war erupts for control of the city’s drug trade, and the body count rises. With his reluctant new partner, Detective Lloyd Kendricks, Matt weaves his way through the puzzling connections between street gangs, politicians, bikers, and a private kink club.

Will their unlikely alliance be enough to return Matt's beloved hometown to its halcyon days? And will he find the faith he needs to rebuild his crumbling marriage?
~Try an Excerpt!~
Conley shouldered his way through the crowd. They’d become an amorphous shape, a single, human obstacle of flesh and bone. He fought past and followed through the red door. Small points of light flickered in a hallway ceiling like fireflies. Doors on both sides stretched ahead endlessly. He opened the first. Empty—except for mattresses on the floor, covered in silk sheets. He stopped and listened. The music from the dance room was muffled, but its percussion beat an eerie warning—like war drums. A woman’s laughter erupted behind one door, long, deep moans rose from another. He threw one open.

Naked bodies writhed like a nest of snakes. Bodies—white, brown, and black—slithered on mattresses as if oiled. Sighs rose from the tangle, throaty laughs, labored breaths. A girl caressed his leg and he pulled away.

Back to the hallway. Too much time had passed. He called Thompson’s name, and a door rattled ahead and an unmistakable voice rang out.


He yanked the door open and stepped inside. She and Liam stood alone, facing each other like boxers. Her arms sported finger bruises and blood ran from the corners of her red lips. Liam was shirtless, covered in muscle and bulging blue veins—blue rivers—that crisscrossed his torso like chainmail over hard plates of flesh. His hands hung at his sides and his thick fingers looked strong as grappling hooks.

“Let's go,ˮ Conley yelled to Thompson.

Liam’s eyes stilled and his jaw stiffened.  

“She’s mine. Wait your turn.” Liam’s fist shot forward like a battering ram and pinned him to the wall.
~Meet Michael!~
Michael Walsh attended Boston University, where he became a staffer for the Daily Free Press and earned a degree in journalism. His first professional job was at a public relations and advertising firm, writing press releases that appeared in the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and New England Journal of Engineering. He later became a technical writer, writing and editing jet engine manuals for General Electric Aircraft Engines. GE relocated him to Cincinnati and Florida, where he currently resides. He’s written and studied fiction for years at BU, the University of Cincinnati, and now Jacksonville, where he won the First Coast Writers Festival short story contest and had work published in the UK’s Twisted Tongue and Askew Reviews. He’s an active member of the Bard Society, Florida’s longest-running writers’ workshop. 

His five novels and dozens of short stories, most of them richly-layered mysteries, take place in New England. Mike and his wife Jean live in Florida with their three sons.
Michael will be awarding a $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


  1. "... He later became a technical writer, writing and editing jet engine manuals for General Electric Aircraft Engines...." I can see the evolution, especially since I have edited manuals and other books through the years myself (although the only writing I do is poetry for friends and family)....

    1. Thanks, Laney4. A background in editing builds strong writers . . .and poets.

  2. I really enjoyed reading the excerpt. I love a good mystery and this book sounds like it fits the bill. Looking forward to reading this book and solving the mystery!

    1. Of which there are several. Thanks for commenting, Ally. Hope you enjoy Ocean Park.

  3. What's your favorite fast food chain?

  4. Enjoyed the excerpt, sounds like a great book, thanks for sharing!

  5. Sound like a great book! I love mystery and detective stories! Do you have a favorite detective/mystery book?

    1. Gone Baby Gone by Dennis Lehane is my favorite. I hope you like Ocean Park, lots of twists and turns.

  6. Thanks to Unabridged Andra for hosting and to all who joined!

  7. I love the cover and I enjoyed the excerpt - thanks for sharing!

  8. I really like the cover. I'm looking forward to reading this. Interesting excerpt :)

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  10. I bet that the author loved working at a public relations and advertising firm. I've always wanted to work in that field or marketing. I wish the author much success.

  11. You definitely peaked my interest :)

  12. Where did you come up with such strong characters? Did you model them after people you know?

  13. This sounds very good. So you write in any other genres ?