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The Story She Had to Tell (+$40 Amazon GC Giveaway!)

Title: The Story She Had to Tell 
Author: Sarah Tauber 
Pages: 226
Date Published: 2015
Publisher: Xlibris
Format: Kindle
Genre: Romance
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours
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Madeleine had a secret, a story that happened over fifty years ago in Havana, Cuba. Before she died, she wanted to share her story with the world. After growing up on a farm in Maine and graduating college, this intelligent but naive young woman traveled to Havana with a girlfriend, looking for adventure. What happened there changed Madeleine’s life forever. From the moment she laid eyes on Carlos, she was turning over her fate to a man she barely knew. This is a heart-wrenching love story that promises to stay with you long after the book is finished.
????? This was a vanity plate I saw the other day. It didn’t take me long to figure out what it was trying to say, “Worry wart.” Hmm, I thought to myself. That could apply to a lot of people. Some of us are consumed with worry at different times in our lives. And what is the payback for so much worry? NOTHING! Zero good comes from worry.

I said the following words to a troubled friend recently, “Stop worrying. It changes nothing.” I didn’t think before speaking. The words spilled out of my mouth much like they spill out of my brain and onto the paper when I am writing. My friend agreed with me and walked away. I was left with my wise words, as they floated around in my head. That’s a good one, Sarah. It’s very true!

Worry changes nothing. It has no impact on whatever it is you are worried about. The outcome will be what it’s going to be. No amount of worrying will alter it. Not to mention that as you worry, you fee lousy, stressed and nervous. You can’t sleep. You don’t eat well. You may even be crabby to those around you. “I’ve got something on my mind,” you tell your family and friends, to explain away your apparent distance, your lack of attention to them, your moodiness, etc. Positive experience? I think not.

Given all of the above, why do we worry? We worry about things we have no control over. When we have no control, we feed our imaginations which ultimately reveals all of the possible outcomes. When I fly I always worry. I don’t like flying but I do it to get somewhere I want to be. I worry from the time I get on the plane until we land, and then I breathe a sigh of relief that we arrived safely, no thanks to my worrying.

What is the opposite of worry? Faith. Faith that all will be as it should be. Not that it will always turn out the way you want it to. You may not get your desired outcome but it will definitely not be impacted in any way by your worried state of mind. My plane did not land safely because I worried.

Sometimes when we worry it makes us feel hopeful, like worrying will get us the result we want. If we ignore it, surely something bad will happen. We must remain vigilant, show the universe that we are thinking about what may happen. I’m watching! No, none of this is true. Your worrying changes nothing. It has no effect on the outcome. It is a completely wasted emotion.

Will we continue to worry, knowing that it does nothing? Of course! It’s what we do. We are humans who hate not being in control of our destiny, or what’s going to happen tomorrow.

The next time you find yourself worrying about something, repeat this phrase, “Stop worrying. It changes nothing.” Try to have a little faith that you will be able to deal with whatever comes your way. You’ve made it this far, right?

Do everything you can do to make it right and then let it go. The rest is not up to you. If you are a believer, give it over to God. There is tremendous power in doing that.

To quote a popular song, “Don’t worry – be happy!” Try it. Your life will be sweeter.

~Try an Excerpt!~
We continued to dance, and I continued to breathe him in. What are you doing, Madeleine? What do you expect out of this? You have had only one real boyfriend, a guy back home who wanted to marry you, but you felt nothing but friendship for him. And here is this amazingly handsome man with a Spanish accent who has swept you off your feet, but is it real, or am I going to discover later that I’ve made a terrible mistake? I’ll discuss this with Georgiana tonight when we’re back at the hotel and see what she says. She’s more worldly than I am. She’s probably had lots of boyfriends. She’ll help me decide what to do. I’m only twenty-three. He must be at least ten years older than I am. Maybe he’s a masher! Oh dear, now I am worried!

He walked me back to the table, kissed my hand and said he would see me tomorrow. I watched him leave the club. I sighed heavily.

I came back down to earth long enough to tell her that Carlos had invited both of us to go sightseeing tomorrow. “He said he would pick us up at 11:00 a.m. That will give us time to sleep in and have a late breakfast. Please say you’ll join us. I don’t really know him and don’t want to risk going alone.”

“Of course I’ll go with you, if only to chaperone!”

~Meet Sarah!~ 
Sarah Tauber is a world traveler who retired three years ago from a corporate job to pursue her passions of dressage riding and writing. Her first book, “For Dear Life”, is a memoir covering two years she lived in Tehran, Iran in the 1970’s. It is available on, and    “The Story She had to Tell” is her first novel. Sarah lives in San Diego County with her husband of ten years.

Her blog and website can be found at She can also be reached on Facebook and LinkedIn.
 Sarah will be awarding a $40 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


  1. Great post - thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading the excerpt :)

    1. Thank you so much. I hope you get to read the book! :))

  2. I loved your post about "WRRY WRT". You are absolutely correct! Thank you for the post and the giveaway!

  3. A great post. I find that by dealing with the things that worry me I can move on & put them behind me. Less worry has to be a good thing.

  4. This sounds like a very good book. I'd like to read more.

    1. You should read the book. I promise you will be thinking about it long after you finish. :))

  5. I liked the excerpt, thank you.

  6. What literary character is most like you?

    1. If you mean in my book, that would be the young Madeleine. I was very much like her in my 20s. :))

  7. Thanks for the author post and excerpt! :-)

  8. A "world traveler"? Sounds wonderful! Do enjoy!