Tuesday, September 1, 2015

REVIEW: Dead Scary (+$25 Amazon GC Giveaway!)

Title: Dead Scary 
Author: Sally Gould
Series: N/A
Pages: 152
Date Published: 2015
Publisher: Orbis Media
Format: Kindle
Genre: MG Paranormal
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours

Adam is an ordinary boy, except for one thing. He can see and talk with ghosts. When his family moves into what seems like the home of his dreams, Adam finds out it isn't his dream home after all. Edward Lawrence, a bossy ghost who was Adam's age when he died, regards the home as his own and he doesn't want to share it with an annoying boy who can see him. After Edward fails to convince Adam to get his family to move out, he seeks powerful help from the earthbound spirit world to get rid of them. However, Adam has an ally in the earthbound spirit world as well as knowing a handful of tricks to get rid of ghosts. Adam just has to get rid of Edward before the Council of Earthbound Spirits authorizes Warrior Spirits to get rid of Adam and his family. But will Adam succeed in time? When you're the only one who knows, you're on your own.
~My Thoughts~
Dead Scary was a well-written ghost story that kids of any age will appreciate! 

As far as characters go, my favorite was definitely Adam, but I had a soft spot for Eddie too even though he and Adam were frequently butting heads. Both boys are fully fleshed out, even though one of them is dead...but they both have motives and tangible personalities that make you want to yell at them and hug them at the same time. 

In terms of pacing, the story was a quick little quip. I felt as though, for a middle grade book, the story was well fleshed out without too many details gumming up the works and causing kids to lose what little attention span they usually have. The story is spooky and brings just that frightening side of a chill up your spine, but also won't (hopefully) have the kids in bed with mom and dad in the middle of the night crying. 

Overall, Dead Scary was a fun ride from start to finish. Kids who are building their repotoir of suspense and scary stories will love this one, and it has more than just frights and chills. It has themes of friendship, fun, and the ability to get along with those who are different from you. 
~Try an Excerpt!~
As if he could read my mind, he leant forward and said to me, 'Adam, already I can see that it'd be difficult for me to put up with someone who can see me in my own home. I'll give you and your family time to find another house to move into. You can stay here for now ... as long as you follow my Rules.'

I began to argue but Dad called out from the other end of the house. 'Adam, come and help!'

'Not in a million years,' I said to the ghost of Edward Lawrence before I turned my back on him and left the room.

As I headed down the hallway, I realized the home from heaven had been too good to be true. I'd have to get rid of this stubborn ghost all by myself. But an uneasy feeling swept through me. I'd never got rid of a ghost, because Grandpa George had always been there to do it for me. At least Grandpa George had left me with the things I'd need. Still, I felt unsure. Never could I remember Grandpa George getting rid of a ghost like him. One who was so confident and sure of himself, like a person who knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it. A chill went up my spine as I noticed Emily on the grass out the back. She was squealing at the top of her voice while she ran around in circles taking in all that space.
~Meet Sally!~
Sally Gould loved books from a young age, but never considered writing them. While she was busy getting up to the mischief that teenagers get up to, she forgot about books all together. Then total insanity took hold and she became a corporate lawyer. Fortunately, she had two sons and they inspired her to write stories for children. Of course, her oldest son is responsible, logical, studious, considerate, grateful and even makes his bed. The youngest one is only interested in having fun - lots of it. And, except for his teachers, he makes everyone laugh. Their antics have inspired many of Sally's stories. Sally lives in Melbourne, Australia with her family and two dogs - Pebbles, who is sensible, and Jade, who just wants to have fun.
Sally Gould will be awarding a $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


  1. "Sally Gould loved books from a young age, but never considered writing them." I've STILL never considered writing them. I have friends who claim I SHOULD, as I have been reading over 250 books every year since 1973 (high school), but reading isn't the same as writing, as I'm sure you know. I'll leave it to you and others to write them so that I can still read them....

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