Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dance With The Devil Blog Tour! (+$20 Amazon GC Giveaway!)

Title: Dance With The Devil
Author: Angela Dennis 
Series: Soul's Harbor Pride #1
Pages: 182
Date Published: 2015
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Format: Kindle
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours

After killing one of her father’s enforcers, half-blood lion shifter Jillian Winters ran for her life, landing in an upscale bar halfway across the country. Her boss, Carrick—a pure-blood shifter—has no idea his barmaid is a fugitive.

When her father’s recklessness puts the Pride at risk, Jillian must return home and assume his place as Alpha. But not before she indulges in a taste of the attraction that’s been building for years between her and Carrick.

Carrick Granger has had a soft spot for Jillian from the moment she stepped into his bar, soaking wet and afraid of her own shadow. He knows she has secrets. So does he. He’s also the outcast son of an Alpha—and now that his father is dead, he, too, has been summoned home.

Thinking they’ll never see each other again, the simmering heat between them ignites like a match to gunpowder. But then the bullets start flying, forcing them to choose—duty to their Prides, or the one person they can’t live without.

~Ten Random Facts About DWTD~

  1. Some of the half-bloods in the Soul’s Harbor Pride have more than one beast form.
  2. The Prides use Shamans (shifters with innate magical powers) to protect and govern their lions.
  3. Jillian’s beast form is a black lion.
  4. Jillian loves girlie drinks with umbrellas, but her favorite drink is Bailey’s and Cream.
  5. Carrick is a powerful healer. The medicines he brews saves numerous lives over the course of the book.
  6. Carrick is the eldest of two brothers, but, even though he is the strongest, he isn’t his father’s chosen heir.
  7. Jillian ran away from the Pride because she killed one of her father’s enforcers after he attacked her.
  8. The first time a shifter is intimate with their mate, a mating mark appears on their body.
  9. Leadership of the Prides is designated by strength, not lineage. Lineage helps, but ultimately the strongest cat wins.
  10. If Jillian becomes Alpha, she will be the first half-blood Alpha in the history of the Prides.
~Try an Excerpt!~
Carrick crossed the distance between them, his powerful stride quickly closing the gap. When he stopped, he was so close she could feel his breath hot against her forehead. She trembled even before he smoothed his hands across her shoulders. Her mouth went dry. As he bent down so they were eye to eye, need sizzled in her belly.

He stared at her, an indiscernible expression on his face. “I don’t know if I’m coming back.” For the first time since she’d met him, he smelled of uncertainty.

Jillian pressed her hand against Carrick’s cheek, overwhelmed with the need to reassure him. He hadn’t shaved, and his beard stubble was rough against her palm.

“Tell me,” she breathed.

For a moment, he leaned into her embrace. His eyes slipped closed and a long breath drifted from his lips. “I can’t.” Tearing away from her, he prowled across the room like a caged animal. She could feel his beast leaping beneath his skin.

The pain in his eyes ripped at her heart. She was pretty sure what was wrong. Every five years, the Prides gathered by order of the Conclave. Even the prodigal children were called back. The Elders left nothing to chance, ordering the shamans to send forth a compulsion spell, cloaked in an invitation. Fighting it wasn’t just painful, it was useless. If you didn’t heed the call, the enforcers were sent to bring you back by force. Some Prides took advantage of the summons to hold a Claiming, but never hers. Her father preferred to do his Claimings in secret, hand-picking the participants. Or he had, until now.
 ~Meet Angela!~ 
Angela Dennis lives outside Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband, son and a sheltie with a hero complex. When she is not at her computer crafting stories, she can be found feeding her coffee addiction, playing peek-a-boo, or teaching her son about the great adventures found only in books.

You can visit Angela at her website or her blog She loves to hear from her readers, so don’t forget to find her on Twitter to chat. 
 Angela will be awarding a $20 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


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