Thursday, May 7, 2015

REVIEW: Three Wishes (+$15 Amazon GC Giveaway!)

Title: Three Wishes 
Author: Debra Dunbar
Series: Imp World #10
Pages: 295
Date Published: 2015
Publisher: N/A
Format: Kindle
Genre: Paranormal
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours
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Dar helped his foster sister become the ruler of Hel, and helped her free the enslaved humans from the elves. It’s about time he helped himself – to a fun week of mayhem in the Windy City. Collapsing a few buildings and corrupting politicians is an ideal vacation for a demon in Chicago, but Dar didn't count on a beautiful angel sabotaging his fun and putting him to work.

Asta is an angelic enforcer, scanning for demons in her assigned territory and sending them to an early grave. Unfortunately, the latest trespasser from Hel has diplomatic immunity - but immunity doesn't mean she can’t coerce him into helping her track and dispatch the powerful demon that’s been cycling in and out of her radar for the last few days.

Demons are the sworn enemies of every angel, but Asta must learn to trust Dar or the dark presence that is growing in Chicago will spread - and this particular enemy has the skills and knowledge to send human civilization back to the dark ages.

She has one week left as an enforcer before she returns to her heavenly home – one week to catch an elusive monster, and one week to safeguard her heart from the demon who is determined to seduce her to sin.

~My Thoughts~
Angels and Demons, so star-crossed even Romeo and Juliet can't hold a candle to Dar and Asta. :) Though I never thought R&J were very funny, and Dar and Asta had me laughing all day long. 

Who would have thought that an angel and a demon could raise so much hell? Oh wait...scratch that...yeah...sounds about right. Asta is an Angel enforcer, so basically Heaven Police Department...HPD. She's guarded humans for the last hundred or so years, and is just about due to return to the beautiful celestial cloud palace in the sky and decides that it's time to live a little. She begins by being oh-so-bad and! She's definitely the kind of angel I want to have my back...she leaves lotto tickets for people to find! 

Personally, I love Debra's writing style. She is right up there with the big dogs of paranormal romance, because she knows just how to paint the picture of a character and really grow them, not only in a relationship,  but as a person in their own right. You get to see Asta become more than just a guardian, you see Dar become more than just a willful demon. I love that kind of character growth, and if you can do it while falling in love or solving a mystery well...all the better! 

This world is set loosely in Chicago, and the visuals and feel of the city are wonderful. The same can be said for the supernatural world building of Hel, though it is really only referenced in passing and not something we physically experienced. I loved how I could just suspend my belief for a minute and feel as though these worlds are real, and that if I just look for it, I could find angels and demons popping in all around us.  

The tone of the book was playful, super saucy, and really, just generally fun! I really enjoyed the time I spent reading it, and now kind of want to go back and read the other nine books in the series. Speaking of that, while you do find references to (probably) past plot points, I had no trouble gelling with these characters despite not knowing their full history. 

~Try an Excerpt!~
A few blocks later, the demon turned and walked into a bakery.  Not just any bakery, but Alliance Bakery. The charming retro neon sign blinked invitingly, and the canvas awning proclaimed the availability of macarons, croissants, and wedding cakes, but it was the sweet, rich smell of sugar and butter mixed with the aroma of coffee that had Asta pressing her nose against the glass. It had been a while since she’d walked the streets in this section of town, filling her senses with what, for her, was forbidden.  She was a bit surprised to see that Alliance was no longer an old-fashioned Polish bakery, but instead had filled their display window with an array of colorful French pastries. Éclairs and fruit tarts crowded around intricate fondant-covered cakes.  And what were those brightly colored round things?

And where was the demon?

Berating herself for her inattention, Asta scanned the area, breathing a sigh of relief when she realized he was still inside, broadcasting his energy like a homing signal. She should move, get away from the door so he didn’t knock her over when he left.  That wouldn’t exactly be stealthy.  Still . . . all those pastries.

The door opened, and she jumped, hastily moving aside. He turned, his eyes meeting hers.

Oh shoot.  Busted. But she couldn’t turn away if she’d wanted to.  The front of him was even more entrancing than the back.  High cheekbones with an angular jaw in a tanned face.  A sharp nose, its lines softened by a full, generously curved mouth.  His shirt was unbuttoned at the top, revealing a golden vee of skin.  But it was his eyes that held her in place — gray with flecks of bright silver.  A corner of his mouth curved upward in a sardonic smile, as red lit his eyes with a flash.
~Meet Debra!~ 
After majoring in English with a concentration in Medieval Literature and Folklore studies, Debra promptly sold out to the corporate world, occasionally writing marketing copy and op/ed articles for a local city paper. By day, she designs compensation programs, after dark she stuffs her nose into obscure mythology, and feverishly writes her novels. A DEMON BOUND is her debut novel.

Debra lives on a farm in Maryland with Sweetie, three sons, and a Noah's ark of four legged family members. She drives an old PT Cruiser, couldn't carry a tune if you duct taped it to her back, and enjoys an occasional cosmopolitan (heavy on the vodka). On a good day, she jogs and horseback rides, hopefully managing to keep the horse between herself and the ground. Her only known super power is 'Identify Roadkill'.

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