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REVIEW: Love Caters All (+Giveaway!)

Title: Love Caters All 
Author: Nicci Carrera
Series: Lobster Cove
Pages: 201
Date Published: 2014
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Format: Kindle
Genre: Romance
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours
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When hard-driving CEO Rick Nordan arrives in Lobster Cove under strict orders from the family doctor to take a break, he discovers the rental house comes with a family attached, including one sexy dynamo of a caterer. She's nothing like his ex-fiancee who wouldn't sign a pre-nup, but maybe that means she's the real deal and not a gold digger.

Maya Cruz wants life for her widowed mother to get easier by renting out her house during the summer. But teaching Mama business means explaining Rick isn't a "guest," he's a "customer." And the first thing Mama does is invite Rick to join their family activities. Having Rick around wouldn't be so bad if Maya didn't find him so attractive. The last time she fell for a vacationing millionaire, she had her heart broken.

She swore off his type, and he's not looking, but this might be a recipe for love.

~My Thoughts~
Love Caters All is a straight-up, guilty pleasure romance read. While not quite a bodice-ripper, it stacks up there with the conventional idea of a smutty romance read-and I love it! The sultry romance scenes were definitely sensuous but didn't delve into "OMG what am I reading, my eyes are burning!" territory. 

The two leads were great together. Rick is your perfect Fortune 500 CEO, complete with a sad look at love due to some gold diggers in his past. Maya is the put-upon daughter, trying to make life for her mother easier by helping bring in some extra income. Maya isn't naive about this richie-rich though...she's already had her heart broken by the last guy with a cool million who blew into town and then out again before she could blink. Still, Rick is hard to resist and soon he and Maya find out that it's hard enough to find love when you aren't packing two day's worth of baggage from your last relationship. 

The family dynamics between Mama and Maya were the best! I could practically hear my own mother's voice creeping in and trying to play matchmaker! It was awesome. Food kept coming up, making me starving by the keep a tasty sandwich or slice of cake on hand as you won't regret it! 

~Try an Excerpt!~

“Doc made me unplug. Ordered me to read books. Even went so far as to write out a prescription.” Rick reached in his pocket.

She took the paper he’d retrieved and read it. Sure enough, their website and the words, No electronics, read a book were scrawled on an Rx sheet in Doc’s handwriting. She handed back the note. “I’d recognize Doc’s penmanship anywhere.”

“Penmanship!” Rick grinned. “You can see from Doc’s chicken scratch, if I had to rely on the Internet for entertainment I’d be out of luck. It’s old-fashioned bound-paper for me this week.”

“I love books. In our library, you’ll find the classics, westerns, and some spicy romance.” Maya thought she’d just toss the last genre in there to see how he’d react. He grinned. Her stomach fluttered. This man was nothing like the conceited ass she’d dated last summer. Both men might be rich, but they were so different. “History, biography, and a Bible.”

“Will there be a quiz?”

“Only on the romance.” His laugh was so sensuous she could roll in it.

“I really need to dry the floor. I’ll get a rag. Excuse me.”

Mama passed her at the hall closet. “We should invite Mr. Nordan to our party tomorrow.”

Oh no. Rick was going to meet the gorgeous twins before Maya even had a single date with him.
~Meet Nicci!~

Nicci Carrera lives to write contemporary and spicy love stories with sassy heroines and sexy heroes. Nicci believes the perfect man makes lots of bread…the kind you eat hot from the oven with butter. She lives in Silicon Valley with her husband, and yes, he bakes all their bread. When not at her keyboard writing a romance, in the kitchen, or curled up with a book, Nicci enjoys photography and long walks. 

About Lobster Cove:
Lobster Cove is a fictional small town on the coast of Maine, near Bar Harbor. It is quaint and quirky with a colorful history, a friendly population of charming residents, and a vibrant tourist business. It is home to research scientists and small shop owners, grumpy cops and sassy chefs. Back in the day, it was a bustling fishing town and home to many immigrants, from both the state cabins and the lowest decks.

Nicci will be awarding a print copy of Love Caters All, US only (a digital copy if an international winner), to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


  1. Such a fun review. It sounds like I will enjoy this.

    1. Thank you, Mary! I think Andra's review is really fun too. I love this line:

      While not quite a bodice-ripper, it stacks up there with the conventional idea of a smutty romance read-and I love it!

      Good luck in the raffle, and thank you for coming by.

  2. Describe your writing style in ten words or less.

    1. Sexy, sassy, lots of banter with strong hero's and heroines.

      Thanks for the question, Mai! I had to think for a while!

      - Nicci -

  3. Hi Andra! Thanks so much for hosting me today and for your review. I'm delighted that you enjoyed Love Caters All. I had so much fun writing this, my debut.

    My husband and I love food and do a lot of cooking together, and that helped inspire this book. I even have a recipe for my favorite cookies on my website. ( I'd love to know what readers' favorite comfort foods are, so leave a comment, be entered in the raffle, and let us know! (My favorite are those shortbread cookies on my website...)

  4. Hi everyone!

    Andra, that was a really fun review. :)

    Nicci, congrats on your debut! LCA had all the trimmings. :) Love, laughter and a sheer joy. I enjoy the recipes you post on your website as well as the beautiful pictures you capture. Have a wonderful day!


  5. I really enjoyed this book. Won't enter the giveaway, as I already have it. Congrats! again on a story well told!

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    1. Thanks for coming by! Good luck in the raffle.

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