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Practical Advice from an Evolved Soul Blog Tour!(+$20 Amazon GC Giftcard)

Title: Practical Advice from an Evolved Soul
Author: Marcus Dino
Series: N/A
Pages: N/A
Date Published: N/A
Publisher: N/A
Format: ebook
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours
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"Fulfill your destiny Fifi, as you wander through the Wilderness," Goth her spirit guide tells her....

Marcus Dino's latest book 'Practical Advice from an Evolved Soul', an anthology like it's smash hit predecessor, 'Diary of a Mad Gen Yer.' has 21st century actress/heroine Cheryl 'Fifi' Larouche coming back outrageous as ever introducing new 'Silly Stories,' 'Silly Poems,' and 'Silly Blogs', plus an added new twist using the world of Twitter, Fifi's 'Silly Tweets.'

'Practical Advice from an Evolved Soul' is third in a series of 'Fifi's stories following Marcus Dino's top ten Amazon Bestseller 'Diary of a Mad Gen Yer' in addition to his original Hollywood novel 'Fifi.'

Many of the major characters from Mr. Dino's two earlier book are back in 'Evolved Soul' including Fifi's boyfriend Biff, her obstinate father Charles, and her two alien friends from the planet Zatoris, Alocki and Helos. In addition there are some very interesting new characters in 'Evolved Soul' including a long dead Englishman who said he knew great literary figures such as Dickens and Keats called 'The 200 Year Old Great Writer,' and two entities who say they are 'Fifi's Spirit Guides' Goth and Au.

Both Goth and Au write very inspirational blogs that convey a strong message in the 'Blogs' section of 'Evolved Soul.'

'Practical Advice from an Evolved Soul' is both humorous and inspirational and like it's two predecessors will entertain the reader from beginning to end.

~Guest Post!~
Meet Helos and the 200 Year Old Great Writer 
Marcus Dino 
In this blog I wish to empathize on other characters in Practical Advice from an Evolved Soul besides the main character, Hollywood actress heroine Cheryl 'Fifi' Larouche.   The two characters are The 200 Year Old Great Writer and Helos, companion of one of Fifi's best friend's named Akocki who says he and Alocki are from a planet in another star system called Zatoris.

OK let's first talk about the '200 Year Old Great Writer.'  The 200 YOGW is a long dead English ghost who was a once a great writer and poet and now lives in 'The Alternate Universe,' specifically on 'The Alternate Earth.'  The 200 YOGW says he knew and wined and dined with other great English writers such as Dickens, Bronte, and both Percy and Mary Shelley.  The 200 YOGW of course being from that time talks in Elizabethan English.  For example he will greet Fifi saying. “My Dear Fifi I pray tell that doth thou is having a fine night.” 

In Evolved Soul there are a few poems I have added that were written by the 200 YOGW, he being such a great poet.  Here is a little excerpt from one of his poems in Evolved Soul from.  
Doth not a times feel like a weed
 by the 200 YOGW 
Doth not at times feel like a weedForlorn and lonely,growing in a sidewalk crack,asking for only sunlight and waterThe weed is neglected, the eternal rose is loved..... 
The 200 YOGW is also found in a few of Fifi's Silly Stories in Evolved Soul.  He needles Fifi at times and sometime get on her nerves.  The 200 Year Old Writer is also very active on Twitter under 'Fifi Larouche' especially when I or should I say 'Fifi' reviews contemporary movies for her many Twitter followers.   The 200 YOGW adds his 2 cents about the movie again, speaking in Elizabethan dialogue.  One thing the 200 YOGW will never do is criticize an English movie, no matter how bad it is.  Of course favorite movies of the 200 YOGW are Wuthering Heights, Lawrence of Arabia, The Bridge over the River Kwai, The King's Speech, Oliver, and The Theory of Everything.

Another important character from Evolved Soul is Helos, a brilliant but absent minded college instructor who a companion of Fifi's best friend Alocki.   Alocki and Helos tell Fifi they are advanced aliens from a planet in the nearest star system to the Sun, Alpha Centauri.  The planet's name is Zatoris. Helos like the 200 YOGW with England, likes to boast about Zatoris, especially when compared to Earth.  In a short story from Evolved Soul called 'Sister can you spare a Dime?' one of Fifi's 'silly dreams' which takes place during the Great Depression, Helos makes a comment to Fifi about the Earth's 'Ozone Layer' in the years 1933 and 2012 and belittles modern Earth technology as being primitive when compared to Zatorian technology. 

Like any absent minded genius Helos is so advanced in being book smart but lacks common sense.  He is brilliant enough to guide a star ship several light years  from one solar system to another but wears dress shoes when he works out at the gym. 

So anyways I hope everyone enjoys reading about Helos and the 200 YOGW.
~Try an Excerpt!~

This is a night when strange demons and vampires arrive to doth try to steal the soul of the innocent…Tonight oh Neptune after the party we shall call the Royal Apothecary who will doth conduct a potient out of bat wings and garlic and the tongues of TV talk show hosts and politicians and other vile and smelly things…And whoever I praytell drinks of this potient will scare off all evil souls and who ever drinks of this potient will be strong as anyone who drinketh such foul and smelly stuff would have to be strong…and crazy…Now.. Come my good king and my subjects let us now go to the party at the palace to intake in wine and merriment….

(Image of Ghost from Hamlet appears)


What noblest of misfortunes that hath cursed my son Hamlet partakes thou fair Queen? I praytell that I shalt make amends for my son to be of assistance to thee…My son Hamlet at times hath not believed in me…I praytell thou noblest of Queens believe in me as I was once King Denmark…


I hath no misfortune oh Ghost of the King of Denmark…I praytell that thou may get into the minds of casting directors of good theater and good movies and good TV shows of which there are so few in 2012 and convince them of my acting abilities…Now Ghost of the King of Denmark a place where they doth are well known for changing men into women and women into men I doth praytell thou join us at the palace for an evening of wine, song, and merriment….
~Meet Marcus!~ 
Marcus Dino has always wanted to be a fiction writer as long as he can remember. Living in Southern California plus his being a die hard movie buff has led him to write stories dealing with the struggles and conquests of heroic up and coming Hollywood actress Cheryl 'Fifi' Larouche.
Practical Advice from an Evolved Soul is an anthology and inspirational book and is Mr. Dino's third 'Fifi' series book. His first book, Hollywood novel Fifi was first published in 2003. His second book in ebook format, Diary of a Mad Gen Yer, an anthology and Amazon best seller in it's category, was published in 2009.

Mr. Dino has a Masters degrees in Education and Engineering and is a graduate of Chapman University.   He has a distinguished career as an electronics engineer working for several Aerospace companies and also as a mathematics teacher in Los Angeles area schools.  He currently resides in Santa Maria, California. 

Marcus will be awarding $20 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour, and a $10 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn host.
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