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Title: Feedback 
Author: DL Richardson 
Pages: 222
Date Published: September 17th, 2014
Publisher: N/A
Format: Kindle
Genre: Thriller
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours
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Ethan James, Florida Bowman, and Jake Inala are three teenagers who need organ transplants. When they receive the organs of deceased CIA agent, Dylan Black, they inadvertently take on the task of completing the mission Dylan died midway through, that of deactivating bacteria bombs threatening millions of lives. The teenagers are kidnapped by a man who believes in the theory of feedback, that information is retained in the memory of organs, in this case those of the dead CIA agent. And their captor will stop at nothing to get the information retained inside their bodies. With their lives under threat, the memories stored in the CIA agent’s mind begin to awaken within each of them, except the one piece of information they are abducted for - the location of the bombs.
~Guest Post!~
There was a mixture of research strategies taken to write the spy adventure novel Feedback. None of them took into consideration the characters. So I decided to ask for response to a guest post I wrote and see what the main character, 17 year old Ethan James, had to say.

DL Richardson: The story idea came from watching television:

Ethan: Yeah, D L Richardson will tell you she came up with story idea while watching a documentary about people who had received organ transplants and how they suddenly liked classical music or Mexican food. She had a ‘lightbulb’ moment and then began the ‘Frankenstein’ process of poking and prodding until she had the bones or a story.

Maybe I didn’t want my story told. Had she ever thought of that? Maybe I was embarrassed to admit that I was abducted by a mad scientist and that I just wanted to slink away into a dark corner and never have it mentioned again.

DL Richardson: The heart and warmth came from a sports hero:

Ethan: The author read the book “To The Edge and Back” by Chris Klug, a story is about a guy who goes from organ transplant survivor to Olympic snowboarder. She should have asked me for advice. I went from ice hockey champion to organ transplant survivor to saving the world. Actually, I can’t be too hard on the author. She did give a realistic portrayal of life waiting for an organ transplant. The honesty adds warmth to the story because readers can empathize with my condition. But I’m coming out stronger. Just like I do in this story.

DL Richardson: They spy business information came from the internet:

Ethan: My spy business information came from having received the organs of a CIA agent. Feedback is the theory that organs retain the memories. I never would have believed it except it happened to me. I began to hear his voice inside my head. I knew he was going to get me killed, but I couldn’t just give up. Millions of lives depended on me believing in this theory. And I know so much secret stuff that the CIA will come after me. I know it.

DL Richardson: The organ donation information came from medical journals:

Ethan: I will trust that the author did her research on her own. Medical journals are for nerds and doctors. Still, I’ve heard it a hundred times before, what I can and can’t do while waiting for a kidney. What I can and can’t do after I get a kidney transplant. But the information goes in one ear, like instructions for washing dark and light clothes. Just tell me when I can go back to playing ice hockey.

DL Richardson: The descriptions came from a holiday:

Ethan: I heard that the author came to Los Angeles for a holiday. I wish I’d met her. LA is a great place. We have Hollywood Boulevard, Universal Studios, Huntington Beach, Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier. And we have the Santa Ana winds, which make it into the book. I believe the author watched from her LA hotel a news report about the Santa Anna winds. The winds have ruined many ice hockey games, so I hate them. But in this book they’re required to move the bacteria in the bombs across America. If D L Richardson hadn’t been in LA that day, the story would have a gaping plot that couldn’t have fixed.

~Try an Excerpt!~
A spy’s job is to infiltrate an environment, gather intelligence, and report back to the government. The CIA was aware that Hank harbored secrets, but what those secrets were continued to elude them. Three weeks ago, I’d been given the job of uncovering them. Yesterday, I’d had a breakthrough when I’d discovered the stockpile of chemical weapons that Hank’s company manufactured.

Without waiting to report back to the government, I’d set about removing the bombs from their original locations—The Coliseum, Disneyland, and Universal Studios—and I’d hidden them in unpopulated areas instead. In the unlikely event that my plan failed and the bombs went off, the damage would be minimal. The CIA wouldn’t hang me out to dry for minimal damage, so my unblemished career would remain intact—mostly.

Concealing the bombs offered only a short-term solution. Ahead lay the challenge of hacking into Hank’s secure computer system to uncover the deactivation codes.

Retrieving data from a secure computer system wasn’t as easy as TV made it look. Secret documents were usually given file names like Birthday Pics or Phone Bill. Only an idiot gave the documents their real file names such as Bomb Locations. Hank Miller was an evil madman, but he wasn’t a stupid evil madman.

I’d located the file containing the manual deactivation codes, but without first disabling the bombs with an overriding code, sort of like a booby trap, the manual codes were useless. I had fifteen days left to find the codes. After that, boom.
~Meet DL Richardson!~ 
D L Richardson writes speculative fiction. She currently has three young adult teen novels published and one short story anthology. Her first two YA novels The Bird With The Broken Wing and Feedback were best sellers and highest ranked YA fiction at OmniLit. Her third YA novel Little Red Gem was runner up on Paranormal Books Best Standalone YA book of 2013 and the book trailer was featured on USA Today website.

Upcoming works include Curious, a limited edition bundling of three YA novels, a serialized science fiction novel, Fear of Falling Further the second anthology of short stories, and Poison in the Pond, a novella adapted from of an unpublished novel written in 1996.

She lives in Australia on the south coast with her husband and dog. You can reach her by email at: or by visiting her blog
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