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REVIEW: Gone Before Goodbye +$30) Starbucks Giveaway!

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Title: Gone Before Goodbye
Author: Nora LeDuc
Series: Love & Mystery in the 6-0-3
Pages: N/A
Date Published: October 31st 2014
Publisher: N/A
Format: Ebook
Genre: Mystery
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours

The police are stumped. Was she a runaway careening toward disaster or the victim of a predator preying on teenage girls?

When rebellious seventeen-year-old Lisa Grant vanishes from her New Hampshire home, her guardian, Teagan Raynes, becomes ensnared in the frantic hunt to find her. Search dogs lose the girl’s scent at Pretty Park, where another teenager disappeared three months ago. Law enforcement fears a stalker is using the park to abduct young girls. Desperate, Teagan, reluctantly puts her faith in the lead detective, the notorious Noah Cassidy.

Hot-headed, Noah Cassidy’s reputation and job are on the line. Rumors that he attempted to kill the man found guilty of destroying his family in a boating accident have tainted him. To prove his worth, Noah devotes every minute to the case and realizes he’s up against a cunning adversary. Worse, he finds himself distracted by feelings for the attractive, gutsy Teagan. To erase her doubts about him, he must earn back his reputation and let go of his past. He knows what he has to do. He must bring Lisa home and take down the monster who is hunting the girls of Pretty Park before it’s too late.
~My Thoughts~
An excellent thrilling romance with plenty of twists, tension, and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat.  When young Lisa Grant dissappears, it causes a stir. Did she run away? Where is she? She isn't the first girl to go missing, leaving the town suspecting that a kidnapper has set his sights on young local girls. 

Lisa's guardian Teagan is devastated by the girl's disappearance, like any mother/guardian would, and she makes it her mission to get her ward back at any cost. Noah, the detective assigned to the case, was her childhood crush. They've got to work together (with some pretty sizzling chemistry going on between the two..) in order to bring Lisa home safely. 

The tricky thing in the romantic suspense genre is to supply enough details so that they hero/heroine can solve the mystery, but not enough so that the reader knows what's coming and that the mystery seems obvious to them. I think that Nora did a wonderful job keeping this blend just right, as several key facts didn't occur to me until the very end and I found myself straining to solve it. Good! If kidnappings and murders were easy to solve, everyone would be doing it and there would be no unsolved crimes. 

~Try an Excerpt!~
“I have officers posted outside the building. You’re safe.” He leaned toward her. Her heart thudded faster against her ribs. He brushed his knuckles across hers cheek, causing her skin to tingle, and she welcomed the realization. He was going to kiss her, here in the church. Sacrilegious. But the thrill of anticipation spiraled through her.

Teagan’s body warmed, aching for his touch. His thumb skimmed her lower lip as he stepped closer, ending the distance between them. Slowly. Slowly, as though he wanted to give her a chance to turn away, say no.

She held her breath until their bodies met, and then he wrapped his arms around her. Heat radiated off him, merging into her when he kissed her.

She shut off the weak voice that whispered, wrong, and became aware of the hollow of his throat, the roughness of his chin against her skin, and the increased pressure on her lips until she opened her mouth. The voice in her head tried once more to warn her to stop, but the light play of his tongue against hers urged her to taste more.

The building, the background drone of voices outside and the entire night faded away. For one memorable moment, no more pain, no suffering. The world was only about them.

She tightened her arms around him, wanting to hold on forever.

Sirens shrieked in the distance. Their wails grew louder and stronger as though they were meant for her, screaming she’d entered dangerous territory.
~Meet Nora!~ 
Nora grew up in rural New Hampshire, picking blueberries in her backyard and wandering the woods with her brothers. Now that she’s older, she still lives in rural New Hampshire and enjoys writing stories. She was first published in 2000 and has written historical romances, contemporary romance, romantic suspense and mystery. She is a co-founder of the New Hampshire Romance Writers chapter, which meets monthly at the Bow Library. Here she enjoys great speakers and the company of fabulous authors.

When not writing, Nora spends time with her family, sews quilts, gardens and takes road trips to anywhere fun.

Visit her website:, Goodreads:, Amazon: and Facebook:
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