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REVIEW: Coulda Woulda Shoulda Blog Tour!( +25 Amazon GC Giveaway!)

Title: Coulda Woulda Shoulda
Author: Tara Lee Reed
Series: N/A
Pages: 637
Date Published: May 21st, 2014
Publisher:  Doorflower Co
Format: Paperback
Genre: Romance
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours 
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Elle Masters is over dating. It used to be fun: the drama, the angst, the exhilarating beginnings, the bittersweet middles, the blowout endings. Then the tears, hangovers, rebounds, and another addition to the Heartbreak box in her closet. Now Elle can’t remember the last time a guy made his way into her box.

When her friends Rachel and Valerie insist she snap out of her post-breakup funk with a girls' night out / rebound hunt at a San Francisco bar, Elle isn’t expecting tall, dark, and hummuna-hummuna, Nick Wright. This is no rebound guy. He’s definitely, maybe, The One.

In Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda, you play Elle as she and her pals put the “antics” in “romantics.” You'll question everything you thought you knew about love, over-analyzing and second-guessing your way through hundreds of dating dilemmas and passionate predicaments. With 60 happily sometimes afters, you’ll always get another chance with Mr. Wright.
~My Thoughts~
This is a long one, so be prepared for 600+ pages if you aren't usually a lengthy book reader. Typically romances tend to be in the realm of shorter books, but this one was a lot, and it was completely, entirely, worth it! The reason for the length is soon to be explained, because it was a million stories in one really. It was a choose your own adventure book! I haven't read those since I was a kid reading Goosebumps You Choose the Scare!  books! It was super creative, imaginative, and completely fun. A "total blasty blast" if I want to quote my best friend and college roommate. I am completely impressed by Tara's capabilities at roping all the little threads together into complete stories as you go along. I can't imagine how much work that took! 

It's really hard to get into the details of this book, because so far I've read it three times and have had almost completely different stories come about because of it. I had so much fun reading, it was like a game almost and each unique choice had realistic, funny, and downright truthful parts to it so you really felt like you were performing some kind of live action version of the Sims Hot Date...only more complex! You basically get to decide things as Elle, putting you right in her shoes as she and her friends navigate the troubled world of romance. So freaking cool! 
~Try an Excerpt!~
You and Nick have been dating for six weeks and it’s been wonderful. You can’t remember the last time you had this much fun with someone. You’re never bored when you’re together, never at a loss for conversation, and when it is quiet, it’s a good quiet.

You are happy!

During your Friday night dinner date at your favorite Thai restaurant, you’re hard at work trying to convince Nick of his completely wrong, unjustified and undeserved preconceived notions of The Vampire Diaries, and that he should really give the show a chance – if not for himself, then for you.

“I’ll hate it.” He shakes his head rapidly.

“You don’t think I know what you’ll like?” you ask with a wriggle of your eyebrows. He coughs.

And that’s when you hear it.

“Oh, myyyyyyyyy god! Nick!”

If it’s possible to be allergic to a particular audio frequency, then you are allergic to this one. Wincing, you rub your ears and follow the shriek to its source – a tall, curvy, dark-haired beauty whose face must prevent heterosexual men from hearing her voice. Yes, she’s hot enough to turn men deaf and make you incredibly catty. “What are you doing here?”

Seriously – like acrylic nails on a chalkboard.

Hottie McHotterson, as you’ve named her, invades your table. She flaps her glossy lips and you try really, really hard to listen to what she says so you can report (and mock) her every word to Rachel and Valerie. Unfortunately, you’re powerless against staring at her spectacular breasts. It’s fine, they’re staring at you, too. And, anyway, you’re not sure she’s even noticed you yet.

A few awkward moments later, she squeals goodbye to Nick and leaves a big, shiny mouth-print on his already crimson cheek before she struts off.

Nice to meet your breasts, too.

You look at Nick, who wears a thoroughly pained expression. He starts to babble an explanation of how he and Hottie know each other, which, of course, you’re dying – dying – to hear.

At the same time, it’s not really your business, is it?

Give him some rope to hang himself, turn to section 108.

Give him a stay of execution, turn to section 120.
~Meet Tara!~ 
Tara Lee Reed is the accidental writer from Toronto, Canada, not that chick from Sharknado. When her public relations career was forced into hiatus by a jerky plot twist, she wrote the first in a series of interactive novels. She was voted Most Sarcastic Female at her high school prom, which she went to alone. (Not that she thinks about it.) She can fit her whole fist in her mouth (which makes the prom thing surprising), and she can sing with her mouth closed, but she can't do both at the same time. She once appeared on a romance novel cover with her longtime partner who has done 79 more - with other women.





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  5. Thank you so much for hosting and for this phenomenal review, Andra! I'm not even sure what to say other than I'm so glad you loved it! You really "get it" and that's a thrill!

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  8. sounds like a long read

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