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Dead on Her Feet Blog Tour! (+$30 Amazon GC Giveaway!)

Title: Dead on Her Feet
Author: Lisa Fernow
Series:  Antonia Blakeley Tango Mystery #1
Pages:  280
Date Published: February 14th, 2014
Publisher: Booktrope Editions
Format: Paperback 
Genre: Mystery
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours
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For those who dedicate their lives to "chasing the ghost," searching for that elusive moment of perfect connection on the dance floor, tango is a drug. A drug that proves fatal.

When a much-hated member of the Atlanta tango community is stabbed in the middle of a dance, the last thing tango instructor Antonia "Ant" Blakeley wants to do is help the police work out how someone could have struck the fatal blow unseen. Her troubled nephew is first on the list of suspects, and she'll do anything to protect him. Unfortunately for her, she’s up against Detective Sam Morrow, a former marine who will do anything to get to the truth. Only one of them will get what they want.
~Guest Post!~
Today I got the lucky opportunity to welcome Lisa to the blog! I decided that she's a smart lady...she can handle a fun and complicated question! :) SO I asked her to compare her male leads in the story to the dances that they would represent? Cause who wouldn't want to think about buff and sexy men dancing around the room with you in their arms? Take it away Lisa!

What a fascinating question!  This one is hard for me to answer because I am not very experienced at other dances besides tango, but hey – why let that stop me.  Here goes! 

Pretend you’re back in high school for this one.

Merengue – With its “I got it – you want it – I got it” tease of a beat I have to pick the prom king!  He know you want him – and he likes it that way - but he’s not gonna give you the time of day.  Ever.  But he’s happy to let you try.

Salsa – the happy-go-lucky guy who is friends with everybody – he’s also the mascot for all the football games.  He doesn’t mind if you sweat on him when you hug.  Salsa is high energy and happy.  And you get to move the bottom half of your body!

Lambada – the college guy who is much too old for you – your big brother warns you against him, but you get into his car anyway.  I was taught this dance in Brazil and let’s just say I wasn’t quite ready to wrap my leg around a total stranger, however handsome!

Jitterbug – the cute geek in high school chemistry who leaps out of his seat with the right answer – “I know!  I know!”  The bounciest and most energetic dance I have ever tried. 

Rock and Roll – the juvenile delinquent who is always disrupting the class, cracking everybody up.  Even the teacher can’t keep a straight face.  Its free-form style defies convention and in my opinion there is no wrong way to dance to rock and roll.

Tango – for the most passionate, soulful, and addictive of all the dances there is only one choice:  drug dealer.  Tango gives you transcendent highs that you can never repeat, but it doesn’t stop you from coming back night after night hoping to experience the euphoria just one more time.  It’s called “chasing the ghost” and in Argentina the most obsessed tango dancers arrange their entire lives around the dance – they take day jobs as taxi drivers, artists, and psychologists – any profession they can find -  to free up their nights to dance at the milongas (dances) 365 days a year from 10 pm to 4 am.  Is tango a drug?  Can it be dangerous?  Oh yeah.

What is your favorite dance?  And what man would it represent for you?  Can’t wait to hear!
~Try an Excerpt!~
“Tango can be about many things—seduction, longing, nostalgia, intimacy, tenderness— you get the picture. Whatever the music and the moment inspires. This song isn’t one we normally dance to but I happen to think it’s a beautiful piece, especially if you understand the words. It’s called ‘Uno.’ One.” Uno, oh yeah, she thought.

“He gave away his heart to a woman who betrayed him and now he can’t love the way he used to. That’s life and death stuff.” She was pleased to see Christian nodding, solemnly. “For this exercise I want you to move with whatever emotion inspires you. No partners. Walk around the room in the line of dance, counterclockwise, everyone, remember? Don’t worry about steps, the idea is to get used to feeling the music and transmitting it through your bodies.”

Antonia started the track, savoring the instrumental opening. When Sosa finally started to sing the yearning in his voice punctured her heart as it never failed to do. The class shuffled around the room, some self-consciously, others with more abandon. One of the Emory students seemed to be channeling Martha Graham, in a good way.

Something out of the corner of her eye caught her attention: a stranger, not that much taller than she was, standing in the doorway. His military bearing, neatly trimmed mustache, and close-cropped sandy hair would have conveyed unyielding strength if it hadn’t been for the fact that his eyes were pale blue and his nose had been broken at least once. He would have been just her type if she were interested in a relationship.
~Meet Lisa!~ 
Lisa Fernow grew up on the classic mysteries of Ngaio Marsh and Elizabeth Peters. Lisa has danced Argentine tango since 1996, studying with such legendary masters as Cacho Dante, Susana Miller, and Brigitta Winkler, as well as other inspiring instructors in Atlanta, Seattle, and Portland. Lisa’s short story,Death of a Tango Dancer was featured in King County Library’s Take Time to Read program. She lives in Seattle, Washington. Dead on Her Feet is the first book in a planned series set in the tango world. Read more at 



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  1. Enjoyed reading Lisa's answers to that question.

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  3. Sorry for the deleted comment earlier. I meant to say thanks so much for hosting me! And I am really curious to hear other ideas for dances personified! This was really fun for me.

  4. I enjoyed reading the excerpt and guest post :)
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  5. I really enjoyed your comments. Loved the except.

  6. I'm more of a group line dance or square dance kind of gal!

  7. I don't have any dances personified ideas to add, but for me rock and roll dancing without having to follow to many rules sounds best. ;-) Besides, I occasionally have horrifying flashbacks to my college ballroom dance course (yes college - we had to have 6 phys ed classes). I got partnered with a guy who could NOT hear the beat in any of the music - and I thought I was uncoordinated before that. Poor guy set a new bar....

  8. The comment about ballroom dancing is giving me a terrible flashback to junior high where they tried to teach us the polka! Why ask pretend to touch the opposite sex! Cooties! But I also did square dancing in high school which I loved. Now everybody forward and a back!