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Title: Ash's Fire
Author: Callie Gold
Series: The Ash Trilogy #1
Pages: 356
Date Published: October 5th, 2014
Publisher: Callie Gold
Format: Paperback
Genre: Erotic Romance Mystery
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours

Attorney Jordan Cohen has built a solid life with Sam, her husband, best friend and brilliant criminal defense attorney. At forty-something, she is accomplished and beautiful, but despondent. What’s next? Old age, then death? When Sam invokes their old pact and demands Jordan’s consent to his affair, Jordan fights her fear and anger.

A chance encounter with the New York-based concert pianist Ari Ash offers Jordan a venue for retaliation. But enthralled with Ari’s dazzling smile, stirring music and raven locks, her fling turns into a full-blown affair. And Ari’s heart-stopping, mind-bending sex games turn her into an addict. When Sam finds out, the Cohens’ friendship – and partnership – is tested.

When Ari becomes a suspect in a grisly, execution-style murder, Jordan stands by him and enlists Sam to defend him. But her loyalty to her lover is eroded as she uncovers one troubling fact after another. Ari has many secrets…

And then her marriage and the Cohen & Cohen law firm are threatened by a manipulative police detective who threatens Jordan with exposure of her affair...In the old-meets-new vibrant city of Tel-Aviv, a tormented Jordan races to uncover the truth, save the two men that she loves, and ultimately, reclaim her own path.
~Try an Excerpt!~
“What I should have told you earlier,” Sam looked at her intently, “was that I need to explore some stuff on my own, and that I’m interested in going out with one of the exercise instructors from the health club. I’m not asking you for permission. I’m just letting you know because I don’t want to sneak around, behind your back. But I do need to do this, to see what it feels like.” All these incomprehensible words he blurted out in one breath, and then he took a sip from his glass and closed his mouth. Done.

Jordan stared, trying to make sense.                             

 “You want to fuck your gym coach?” she finally asked.

“Don’t be crude,” said Sam the Fastidious.

“From the health club I signed you up for? So you won’t lose what’s left of your muscle tone?”

“Jordan, stop it.”

“Answer my question,” she snapped.

 “I want to have sex with another woman, yes,” Sam sighed.

Jordan saw the hunger in him.

“Spare me your clean-speak,” she said. She stared some more, her hurt rising like vapor from a radioactive swamp. “Why? What’s wrong with the sex we have?”

“Nothing,” Sam said, a little too quickly. “I just can’t live with the idea that you will be the last woman I ever sleep with. And the opportunity presented itself.”

“Opportunity presented itself?” Jordan said, anger solidifying into sharp crystals in her chest.

“Jordan, please. We’ve talked about this many times before. You were okay with it. It was your idea, actually, if memory serves.”

“Theoretical idea,” Jordan said. She knew he was right, but still.

“I don’t want to lie to you,” Sam said. “That’s just something we don’t do. And yes, I want to try something different, I need some variety. We have great sex together, but—”

“But what?” Jordan snapped at her husband of twenty-five years.

“But it’s the same. Has been for years. And I met this woman and she courted me and she’s attractive and we talked, and she invited me and I want to go.”

“So you said yes,” Jordan said, waiting to wake up wrapped in Sam’s arms.

Sam rolled the lazy liquid in his glass. Then he gulped what was left of it, put it on the coffee table. “I love you,” he said.

“Don’t,” she said, and curled tighter into her blanket.

“And I want to know you’re okay with this.”

“You want me to sanction it.”

“Yes,” Sam said gently.

 “You petted me like a dog,” Jordan said, her eyes threatening to leak again.

“I didn’t mean it that way, I’m sorry,” Sam looked at her, shaken. “That’s what you felt?”


“I’m really sorry, Jordan,” Sam said. “I should have just told you.”

“In our bed? Really?” Jordan asked sharply.

“I can’t win.”
~Meet Callie!~ 
Callie Gold is an Israeli and a Jew. She has lived in the USA for about a decade before returning home. She is a lawyer, a divorce mediator and a marriage counselor, and she helps couples work through their personal and marital crises. She is the author of a practical guide for couples in a committed relationship, published in Israel in 2014. Ash's Fire is her first novel. Callie is married and a mother of three kids.




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  1. Hi Andra,
    Thanks for hosting me!

  2. Hi dear readers,
    I have a question for you that would be used in my next book of the Ash Trilogy:

    How ready do you think society is, to talk about the difficulties of staying monogamous for so many years, and how open would they be to read about affairs?


    1. Hi Callie! Thanks for being here :) Glad to have you!

      In my opinion...I think society is totally ready for that! Sometimes it is difficult to stay monogamous...and sometimes both parties can agree to other arrangements ;)

    2. Andra - thank you for thinking that!
      As a marriage counselor and divorce mediator and attorney, I see soooooo much pain and suffering because of the lying and the cheating - and not because of the 'sex with someone else'.

      That's exactly what Ash's Fire touches upon (along with hot sex - not saying with whom...) - and I would love to help the debate grow more open and candid!
      What do you think would prompt people to start talking about it?


  3. Thank you for the excerpt and the chance to win :)

  4. I enjoyed the excerpt, thank you.

  5. Intriguing excerpt!


  6. I think Callie Gold is bringing up some really good points. I think it depends on what society she is talking about. What society should be ready to talk about affairs in marriages? Monogamous marriage may not be our biological calling, as we are meant to procreate with multiple people, but it is entrenched in our meaning of marriage, that to redefine that meaning will take some time. Even expanding that meaning to incorporate same-sex unions is taking time.
    I guess people don't want to think that the person they love is free to love someone else. It's doesn't have a sense of equality to it. The equation of marriage "feels" unbalanced.

    1. Very true!
      We will need to come to terms with the differences between our selves and our society - because there are great advantages to marriage.
      Thnak you!

  7. Thanks for the excerpt it sounds like the story has lots of twists and turns

  8. Must add this to my goodreads list!

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  10. I liked the Excerpt!

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