Monday, September 8, 2014

Blog Tour! (+$25 Visa GC Giveaway) Blondie and the Hitman

Title: Blondie and the Hitman
Author: Kathy Shaw
Series: Darla Bodecker Mystery
Pages: 134
Date Published: May 2nd, 2014
Publisher: N/A
Format: Kindle
Genre: Funny Mystery
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours

If Dead Men Could Talk...

When a busty blonde with amnesia barrels into Private Investigator Darla Bodecker's life, she decides to help a bimbo out. Darla must use all her unique PI skills to discover Blondie's true identity before the Russian Mob captures her.

Come along for the wild and crazy ride when Darla uses a big dose of humor and a little dash of romance to solve Blondie's mystery.
~Try an Excerpt!~
C H A P T E R   O N E
There I was sitting in Pete’s Diner enjoying my second cup of morning coffee—okay, maybe it was my eighth—when out of nowhere a pair of double-D silicone boobs came into my line of vision. A second later, the blond bombshell attached to said boobies slid into the booth opposite me. Now, mind you, I’m not opposed to self-enhancements. Twenty years ago, I even considered a nip or tuck here and there myself. But shrink wrapping them in a two-size too small pink tank top screams “Look at me! Look at me!”
“Darla Bodecker?” she asked, her voice soft, sweet with a hint of panic thrown in for flavor. Which was shocking considering her looks. I was expecting something closer to the deep-throated purr of Jessica Rabbit.
Confusion must have flickered across my expressive eyes. (Everybody tells me how expressive my eyes are, so I’ve learned to embrace it.)
“Darla Bodecker, the detective?” she asked again.
The innocent voice coming from the hoochie-mama body sitting across from me was still a little disconcerting, but I was getting used to it. “Yep, that’s me. Who’s asking?”
She wet her lips nervously. “I don’t know.”
I waited for her to embellish. She didn’t. A clumsy silence hung in the air between us, like when someone rips a loud one and everyone is waiting to see how bad it’s going to stink. I pulled out a menthol light cigarette and lit it. Menthol for my breath and light because I’m trying to cut back on my tar intake. “Is this like ‘Who’s on first?’ ‘cause I’m not in the mood.”

Blondie looked down at the red Formica table top separating us. “No, as in I don’t know who I am.”
~Meet Kathy~ 
Kathy Shaw is a female version of a true Southern-bred good ol' boy. Her first love is her family, but her writing comes in a close second. She is multi-published in romance, but is currently working on a zany new mystery series.

She writes romantic comedies, humorous mysteries and playful erotica. The common thread in her writing is hands-down her humor.

She attributes a goodly amount of her success to her killer critique group. Her husband, however, credits it to her wacky--sometimes warped--sense of humor. But he's an Aggie, so what does he know?

Kathy will be awarding a $25 Visa GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour, and a $25 Visa GC to a randomly drawn host.
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    1. Thanks, Mary. Kim Killion did it for me. It was like she was in my head when she found the pic of "Blondie." Perfect fit!

  2. i enjoyed the excerpt, thank you!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. Darla was a hoot to write. Sometimes I'd try to take her down a certain path but then she'd go off down a darkened ally instead. ;-)

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    1. Thanks, Stacey. This was a fun book to write.

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    1. Thanks, Rita. I wish there'd been room for you to meet Pete (Darla's "close" friend) before the excerpt ended. Luckily he made it into the Amazon excerpt.

  5. The excerpt is a lot of fun!

    Trix, vitajex(at)Aol(Dot)com

    1. Thanks. Darla, Pete and Blondie practically wrote themselves. I love books like that!

  6. I'm sitting here laughing my head off! this really captures your attention and the humor makes it a fun read!!!

    1. Thanks, Rose-Marie. I'm very proud of BLONDIE AND THE HITMAN. Sometimes a book's characters drive the bus and we're just lucky enough to come along for the ride.

  7. The excerpt is really fun. I think I'd get along well with Darla. :-)

    1. Thanks, Glenda. She's fairly easy to get along with as long as you don't get between her and her coffee pot.

  8. The excerpt's interesting

  9. I loved the cover and the excerpt! Thanks for the giveaway. =)

  10. i like that kathy is into multiple genres of writing and all ones of which i like reading.