Tuesday, February 4, 2014

LGBT Tuesdays Introduction Post!

 There's no denying it, the struggle for gay rights is a HUGE issue in our country. I think that a lot of the prejudice and misunderstandings of LGBT relationships come from a lack of understanding and empathy towards our fellow human beings. This starts as early as grade school with bullying and mistreatment caused by fear and confusion from kids who are still only starting to figure out who they are. Lately, teachers have started adding books to their curriculum that deal with the ideas of homosexuality to try to get their students to understand and empathize with each other a little better. Through my friends (It seems like I'm the only NON-teacher among my gal-pals), I've found that there are some amazing books and works of literature that really capture the struggle of growing up in a world that doesn't accept gayness as "normal". In addition, some of my favorite characters have just happened to have been gay, and they kick total butt. I hope that this feature will help to spread the word about some absolutely fabulous LGBT characters and books, as well as creating a more open mind in the blogosphere and the world in general when it comes to talking about and dealing with issues that affect the gay community.
SO what does that mean for this blog and most Tuesdays? Well, each week I will talk about a current issue in the LGBT community, feature a guest poster, or blog about a topic that has something to do with the gay rights issue. (Russia's anti-propaganda laws...hello!) that has relevance to LGBT community or LGBT literature. My intentions are to review at least one book a week with a gay main or supporting character, and I'll include a Featured Review of that book to include in my Linky Tools below so that people can check out great books that deal with issues of the LGBT community.

~So, how does LGBT Tuesday Work?~
Well, there will basically be two parts to LGBT Tuesday. The discussion/info post and then a review of a YA book that either has a LGBT main character or deals with LGBT issues. To participate in either of the segments, follow the instructions below!
  1. On Tuesdays, come visit me here! I most likely will be posting about a current event in the LGBT community, have a post up about my favorite LGBT characters, spotlight a star or starlet who is gay, etc. Feel free to comment on my post with your thoughts and ideas about the issue. OR if you have a lot of response to it, feel free to make your own post about the issue! I love chatting and arguing discussing hot issues with friends and fellow bloggers so I would love to read what you think on certain issues!
  2. Grab the LGBT Tuesday Button to include in your post or on your blog's sidebar!
  3. If you've made your own post on the topic, come back here and add the DIRECT LINK to your post in the Linky that will be below. 
  4. Check out the LGBT Featured Review. This will be a book that I found particularly awesome at dealing with LGBT issues, or has at least one character that I found really interesting. 
  5. Add any reviews that you've written during the past week to the Linky as well! I need to find more books to read myself and always love some good book reccomendations!
  6. Don’t forget to check out other people’s LGBT Tuesday posts. Everyone that agrees to participate will try to visit others and leave comments. Bloggers practically have spaz attacks when they get comments. So leave them. :)
  7. Anyone is welcome to join at anytime, but no one is obligated to participate every week.
This meme is for FUN, good conversation, and to spread the word about some kick-butt books in YA literature that might not get noticed otherwise. Any cyber-bullying, name-calling, and hateful prejudice will NOT be accepted. The book blogging community may have taken a few hits lately, but I still think we are a group of warm, caring, and great people who love to come together and share what makes us happy: Books! Remember that and I think everyone will be fine :) Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you on future LGBT Tuesdays!
~Past/Future LGBT Tuesday post topics~
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The linky tool for reviews will be for YOUNG ADULT and CLEAN Adult books only. I will not feature any erotic fiction even if it features LGBT characters. Please do not include it in the linkys because I will delete those entries.

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  1. I think this is an excellent idea!!! I have many LGBT friends and the fact that these people are still discriminated against in many places makes me alternately angry and very sad. I'll definitely be checking back here for your posts and reviews! :)

  2. Oh my gosh. This is a wonderful addition to your blog. I will definitely be keeping up with this. Love, love, love!