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Freedom of Love Blog Tour!

Title: Freedom of Love
Author: G.S. Carr
Series: N/A
Pages: N/A
Publisher: N/A
Date Published: September 21st 2013
Format: eBook
Genre: Historical Romance
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours 

The stunning daughter of the French nobleman Dominique, marquis d’Chartes and the African beauty Imani Marsan, Soleil is captivated by everything during her first trip to America including Alex. She loves him almost from their first meeting. However, their love is interrupted when she is abducted and sold into slavery. Alone and scared she only wishes to regain her freedom.

Alexander couldn't help but love the exotic beauty with the caramel skin that made him want to taste it. Losing her was the hardest day of his life. After years of searching she appears as if conjured by his deepest desires. But she returns far from the same. Can they rekindle their love or will they never find the freedom only love can bring.
~~~Guest Post~~~
Hello to all the amazing readers and to my lovely host for having me today! I have recently published my first book “Freedom of Love” and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to the reading community and share a few things I have learned along my publishing journey. As a new author there are many mistakes that can be and usually are made. I want to share five mistakes I think that I and other new authors generally make.

1. Not beginning your marketing far enough in advance: When publishing your book (especially for self-published authors) you cannot publish the book, then start advertising it. Marketing and promotion should be taking place well before the book is released. Readers should be salivating for and anticipating the book before the release day so that when it is finally available they can immediately go out and buy it. No one can buy a book that they have never heard of.

2. Having a good cover: Yes it is true that people judge a book by its cover. It is very important that your cover draws people in the second they see it. These days readers are flooded with different options as to what they can read. When there are so many options out there it is more important than ever to make sure that your cover stands out and can capture the attention of readers in their sea of endless choices. I used my friend James at www.humblenations.com for the cover of “Freedom of Love” and I love his work so much. He is pretty much my cover go to guy.

3. Not interacting with readers: It is very important for you to get to know your readers and for them to get to know you. Social media sights like Facebook and Twitter are great places for you to meet new people and showcase your personality (not just spam people about your books). I love to meet new people and I’m willing to talk about nearly anything. In fact if you are interested in dropping me a line my email is author.gscarr@gmail.com

4. Not having your own website: This is a blunder that I am in the process of fixing as we speak. I thought that only having one book it would be unnecessary for me to have a website. I have since seen the light and realize the error of my ways. You need a place that is all yours, where you can interact with your readers and that will never change unless you want it to. If Facebook were to disappear tomorrow your website and all the traffic and subscribers you have gained will still be there.

5. Write more books: As authors we can never rest on our laurels. It is important to continue to produce and give your readers more great books. Writing more books can be a great source of marketing for your previous titles. For example, if someone readers your most recent work and loves it there is a high probability that they will begin to search for other titles you have written simply because they loved what they had just read. As a matter of fact I am already in the process of finishing up my next project the “Kill, Love, Repeat” series. Book 1 “Without Truth” will be available very soon. As a shameless plug here is an except for your reading pleasure:


He looked down at the unconscious form before him. It was a shame he had to kill her. She was always one of his favorites. Grabbing the bucket of water from beside him, he dumped the water on her face. “Rise and shine sleeping beauty.” She immediately came to life, thrashing around on the floor. In a state of confusion her eyes began frantically searching around her. The duct tape on her mouth and the restraints on her wrists and ankles disabled her ability to call or run or help. “Hi Abigail”. At the call of her name Abigail froze and slowly lifted her eyes to the man standing above her. As soon as her eyes reached his face they were instantly filled with hate and disgust.

“If looks could kill I am sure I would be dancing with the devil right now. Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for you, they can’t. Now I am going to remove the tape from your mouth but I would like to keep the conversation civil. Can we do that?” He knelt down before her, but paused as his fingers touched the tape. With the nod of her head in agreement he ripped the tape from her mouth.

“You fucking pig. You coward. Fucking traitor. Rot in hell you…” He quickly slapped the tape back onto her mouth cutting off her tirade.

“Well I guess I can count that as being civil for you. I really am sorry about this doll, but orders are orders.”

Reaching behind his back he grabbed the gun tucked into the waistband of his jeans. He placed the barrel of the gun on her chest directly over her heart. The look of hate on her face never gave way to fear. He admired her more than ever in that moment. “God you look so sexy like that. I really wish we could fuck one more time, but that look suggests it will continue to be wishful thinking on my part. Well goodbye doll.” He pulled the trigger once.

Watching as the life drained from her body he tried to assess his emotions. There was nothing. No regrets, no sorrow, nothing. Sometimes he wished he could feel those things and feel more human. But he was cursed with a love of violence and killing. Brushing those thoughts aside he pulled out his pocket knife and got to work. As be began cutting into her flesh he thought about what Michael thought about his little gifts. Soon he would find out. With Abigail out of the way there was no one left between them.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt and I look forward to presenting you with the final product. I love hearing from you and would love to get an email or two. Have a great day!
~~~Meet G.S. Carr!~~~
Raised in Charlotte NC, G.S. Carr has always enjoyed indulging in her imagination. At a very young age she had a thirst for reading and the many possibilities it helped come alive in her mind’s eye.  She consumed books like they were the air she needed to survive. It seemed inevitable that her love of reading would transcend into a desire to create her own stories.  She began writing poetry and stories at the age of 10.  By the time she was thirteen she found her passion in the romance genre and has not looked back ever since.   

The author will be awarding a $20 Amazon gift card, a swag pack with bookmarks, bracelets, key chains etc. related to Freedom of Love, and two paperback copies of her favorite romance novels, to a randomly drawn commenter between this tour AND the NBtM Reviews Tour.  One randomly drawn host will receive a $10 Amazon GC, swag pack with bookmarks, bracelets, key chains etc. related to Freedom of Love, and two print books of her favorite romance novels to a randomly drawn host between both tours. (US ONLY)
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  1. I'm a librarian and I confess to judging books by their covers!
    capefearlibn at gmail dot com

    1. Yes I agree. It's the first thing that catches your eye. Also, a poorly created cover automatically makes you think the rest of the book was not given proper editing and consideration.

  2. Thank you for sharing the five mistakes. That was interesting.


    1. No problem. I had a few more, but I didn't know if I was saying things that people already knew so I kept it kind of short.

  3. It's a tragedy that his love is sold into slavery. I have to find out if they get their HEA :)
    And I have purchased a book for its cover only.

    lorih824 at yahoo dot com

    1. I hope you enjoy the read. I will say you might need some tissues and something to punch. It has evoked all kinds of emotional reaction from readers. But I will say they have all loved it in the end. :)

  4. Having you own website is VERY important. I may be in the minority of 'web-savy' readers, but I like to keep Facebook separate from lots of other parts of my life like my reading. I have 3 author friends with whom I am really and truly friends on Facebook. No matter how much I love an author's work, I don't friend them on FB if I'm not really a friend.... does that make sense?

    Aside from my personal preference, while many of my 20s -- 50s (and some older) friends still use FB a lot, most of my kids' peers are moving away from it. If authors stick solely to FB, they run the risk of not connecting with the younger generation. :-)

    1. I agree with you Glenda. Honestly before I started my writing journey I never really looked up my favorite authors on FB or Twitter. I just continued to look for more of their books. I think that it can be a good tool but it really isn't the end all be all. I think a lot of authors use it manly to spam readers and push their books which isn't the effective way to use it. It should be a way to connect personally with your readers if you use it at al.

  5. Sounds like a great read!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  6. Thank you to everyone who took the time to learn a little more about me. I love to give away free copies of everything that I am working on. If you wouldn't mind reading and telling me what you think I'm more than happy to send you free copies. Let me know: author.gscarr@gmail.com