Monday, August 5, 2013

Virtual Book Tour(+15$ Amazon GC Giveaway)! Shepherd's Moon by Stacy Mantle

Shepherd’s Moon
by Stacy Mantle


It's taken twelve years to earn the official title of Shepherd but she's now mostly trained, fairly effective, and the first female in over two centuries to hold the position as protector of animals. All animals...

The Territorial Council isn't thrilled with her new title of Shepherd, but they don't have any more control over the appointment than they have over her. All they can really do is wait for her to screw something up - which Alex is determined not to do.

Everything changes when a chance encounter with a genetically modified Shifter leaves Alex shaken and initiates a quest to locate its maker.Despite years of training, Alex finds herself woefully unprepared to tackle the new threat.

To make matters worse, she must work with a mysterious man who's been trying to kill her since the day they met...
Now, It's time to enjoy your EXCLUSIVE excerpt for this leg of the tour! Enjoy!
It was 5:48 on a Wednesday evening when Trey Haskin had his throat torn out.

The death was only significant because it was the fourth one in as many days. My department only got the call because of the manner in which the guy was killed. I only cared because now I had to stand in the shadows of a rapidly darkening alley waiting on a creature that may or may not ever show up.

This is my life. A twisted version of the Butterfly Effect.

I wrinkled my nose at the stench of rotting garbage and moved away from a dust devil swirling in a tempest towards me. Overhead, the late afternoon sky was overcast and filled with thick, ominous clouds. Other than the wind, there was no movement, nothing to indicate that anything unusual lurked in the alley. But the newly turned vampire, a Newborn, had been hunting here.


Glancing down, the alley now ensconced in shadows, I took a quick visual inventory that included a rusted fire escape cascading down a graffiti-strewn wall, and a scattered collection of long forgotten flyers announcing everything from raves to auto repair. Garbage bags filled with—God only knew what — sat abandoned near the dumpsters. No one had bothered to actually put the bags into the dumpsters. It is, after all, an abandoned alley.
About the Author!
 While Stacy Mantle is most well-known as the Pack Leader of the popular website,, however she is rapidly gaining a fan base in the genre of fantasy with the publication of Shepherd’s Moon, the first book in her Alex Wilde “Shepherd” series. Stacy has a B.A. in English, a post-baccalaureate in Secondary Education, and an MBA with an emphasis on Marketing.  She is active in animal rescue and is a nationally-known pet industry authority.  She currently resides in the deserts of the Southwest with several cats, a few dogs, and a very understanding husband. You can learn more about her at

Stacy will be awarding a $15 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour so get cracking! The more comments you make, the better chance of winning! Good Luck everyone!


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  3. What a fabulous idea for a story.