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A Moment Blog Tour! (+50$ Giveaway!)

Title: A Moment
Author: Marie Hall
Series: Moments #1
Pages: 320
Publisher: Marie Hall Publishing
Date Published: March 12, 2013
Format: Ebook
Source: GoddessFish Blog Tours

Ryan Cosgrove and Liliana Delgado are on a collision course with destiny. They don’t know it yet, but before the night is over their lives will be forever changed. Spending Valentine’s Day at a burlesque bar, hadn’t been Liliana’s ideal way of spending a Friday night. She’d much rather be back on campus doing homework… until she meets Ryan. Tall, athletic, and gorgeous, Lili can’t keep her eyes off him, and despite his gruff manners and drunken disposition she’s intrigued. Ryan’s got demons, and they’re deep, dark, and eating him alive. Regardless of his attraction to the petite brunette he’s tired of fighting, of pretending the last fifteen years haven’t been a daily struggle just to get out of bed every morning. That night he decides to end his pain, to leave it all behind and float away into the blessed darkness of oblivion. But fate has other plans for him, Lily finds and rescues Ryan, determined she’ll not only save his body, but his soul too.

My Review:

A Moment was a very intense and powerful story. I'm not a big fan of romance novels that are strictly about the romance. I prefer mystery, paranormal, historical...something to give the romance a little bit of edge from my daily life. However, this was truly a Romance story the way they were meant to be written.  Ryan and Lily have great chemistry. It's the kind of emotion and sensuality that is almost a tangible touch that shivers along your spine. I absolutely adored reading their story and even the angsty parts and the drama didn't bother me. 

 I was kind of mad that it took Ryan so long to clear the air with Lily. I totally understand the need to keep your past under wraps until you are sure that your new found friend/lover won't run screaming into the dark, but this was a bit much. It was totally obvious to me as a reader by like, a third of the way into the book, so it kind of made it irritating when Ryan continued to keep quiet even though he was driving me crazy by his secrecy! Still, it added a nice layer of tension to the story so I appreciated that. Give A Moment way more than just a moment of your time. It's worth wayyyy more than it's title :D

I don’t like seeing Ryan drink, not that it’s any of my business, but I just don’t.
“I know what you’re thinking. It’s all over your face?” he says.
I scrap my nail along the rim of my empty cup. “No you don’t.”
He purses his lips and I know my face is blushing, I can feel the heat spreading through my cheeks. He’s torturing me on purpose, I know he is.
“This isn’t beer. See.” He tips his cup, showing me a red liquid inside. “It’s juice, Alex is good about making sure I don’t drink except on very special occasions.”
What does that mean? Does he consider what he’d done a special occasion?
Tongue feeling two sizes too big in my mouth, I shrug like he hadn’t just pegged me. “I wasn’t thinking that.”
“Sure you weren’t.” His smile is short and mysterious as hell, it makes my body burn.
Clearing my throat, I arch a brow. “Anyway. You do this all the time?”
“What’s that?” He takes another sip of his juice.
“Come to frat houses on the weekends? Awfully cliché, wouldn’t you say?”
“I think that’s the pot calling the kettle black, wouldn’t you?”
He had a point, I laugh. “Whatever.”
“Nah.” He shifts again, but this time he’s moving away from me and I don’t like that. Yeah, I know, it makes me one of those females that just can’t make up their minds, but I can no longer deny my attraction to him, especially when he’s trying to do exactly what I’ve asked and just be friends. It only makes him more sexy.
“This is Alex’s thing. I just come with him to keep him honest.”
“Then what do you usually like to do on the weekends?”
His brows gather as he seems to consider it. “I don’t know, you mean besides watching porn?”
I stick my tongue out and he clamps down on the edge of his lip, rolling it between his teeth in a way that makes me hot and twitchy. This man is dangerous and I want him. I mean, I really do. I want to drag him up the stairs, find a room and not come out until morning. Licking my lips, I cross my legs.
He grins. “I watch movies, read--”
“You read?”
Narrowing his eyes, as if not sure whether I’ve just insulted him or not he pauses and I shake my head. “That’s not what I mean, I just meant, it’s nice to find a guy who admits to that. Most guys don’t. And if they do, it’s like some shameful secret.”
Chuckling, he nods. “I guess. I’m kind of into the classics. War and Peace, A tale of two cities, started reading Moby Dick last night. Call me Ishmael.”
Not at all what I’d expected. I hate judging books by their covers, but Ryan seems more like this guy. The one sitting in a frat house on a Saturday night, the one drinking beers and sleeping  with as many women as possible. And maybe he’s just blowing smoke up my butt, but I don’t really believe that because he knows he’s got nothing to gain with me.I’m off limits, so maybe this is the real him and I’ve had him all wrong.
He must have noticed my look, because he smirks. “Yeah, not what you expected, huh?”
“You know it’s really annoying when you read my mind.”
He laughs and I can’t help but respond. He has a nice one, sexy… it shivers across my body and makes my breasts feel full and achy.
“At least you’re honest.” Tipping his cup, he takes another sip.

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