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Guest Post: Why Date A Mad Scientist A.K.A Nerds Are Sexy

Hi guys and welcome back to Let's Get Steamy 2.0! I've got a special guest poster here by the name of Wendy L. Callahan. Perhaps some of you have heard of her new novel, The Chronos Clock? Well if not you should have, it's fantastic! :P Wendy is here today talking about some of the sexiest guys in Steampunk. Sure, you get your steamship captains, your airship pirates and of course your dashing gentlemen when reading Steampunk...but Wendy and I? No thanks...we'd much rather have a much more...quiet paramour...the guy who lingers in the archives of the spy office, the tinkerer, the other words...we've gotta give props to the Steampunk Geeks and Nerds everywhere. Take it away Wendy!
 Nerds are Sexy: Why Date a Mad Scientist, Engineer, Alchemist, etc.?
By Wendy L. Callahan
In the semi-darkened laboratory, the man says, “Hand me the soldering iron.”  You give him the tool he requested, and he uses it to melt down the damaged ends of some bits of metal in a strange cartridge.  His motions are precise, like a doctor performing delicate surgery.  Once the damage is repaired, he solders a new pin in place.  Then he replaces the top of the cartridge.  “Now, we just need to test it,” he declares.  You both walk over to the machine and he inserts the cartridge, takes a deep breath, and flips the “On” switch.
The machine hums to life and the screen attached to it flickers once… twice… then shows the picture that tells you both his experiment was a success.  He grins and shouts, “Yes!  It works!”
Then he turns to hug you and says, “Thank you for helping me.  No one could be as sweet to me as you are.”
You just helped him fix an antique video game, and now he wants to celebrate.
Books, movies and TV shows are full of “alpha males”.  They take charge, make the heroine weak at the knees, kick some bad guy butt, and always get what they want.  With all that hunky testosterone, why would any girl choose the “nerd”?  How could the goggle-wearing scientist possibly compare to the impulsive gunslinger?
Do not confuse the nerd with the “nice guy”.  In many instances, nothing could be farther from the truth.  He actually may appear cold and unemotional, lost in world of gadgets and gears, but if the brainy type has set his sights on you, be aware that he will focus on winning you.
Many nerds have a reputation for being shy or socially awkward as a result of spending most of their time in a laboratory or garage, and the way they express interest might not be as overt or traditional as the methods of the alpha male.  A mad scientist may want to show you his latest experiment.  An engineer might want you to join him for a test drive of a new machine.  An alchemist could try to amaze you with his knowledge.  Professors, scientists, doctors, and others have much more to share than you might realize.
This man may surprise you with not just his intellect, but his humor and snark.  He might introduce you to something new and fun, something deliciously sinister, or something completely unexpected.
Part of what is fun about being with someone like this, is taking him out of the laboratory, garage, library, or wherever he spends his days, and showing him something of the world as well.  Your modern-daymad scientist might enjoy exploring physics and sharing some screams at an amusement park.  Take your engineer for a picnic in a field of old, abandoned vehicles to identify them.  The alchemist might enjoy – or mock – some of your favorite reality TV makeover shows.
In a relationship, he may be far more “take charge” than you expect.  Why?  Nerds often crave control, and they endeavor to bend things to their will.  However, they also enjoy the unknown and seek to understand it.  Their excitement about a new project is contagious, and they are all about discovery and experimentation… in more ways than one!  You might be surprised at what you can learn about your nerd during a teatime conversation.
Do not fear if unscrupulous villains pursue you.  This geeky love interest is not the type to stand back and let someone take what belongs to him.  He may appear to lack brawn, but he is a fighter and just as protective as an alpha male when it comes to the woman he loves.  Whether he employs intellect or inventions, he will find a way to save the day.  He is as driven by animal instinct as any man; he just approaches problems in a different manner than with brute force.
Some of the most appealing men are the nerds.  They often seem aloof and mysterious, though not necessarily untouchable.  How many of us wanted our modern geeks in entertainment to triumph in the end?   To see the devoted Duckie to win Andie’s hand in “Pretty in Pink”?  Or were heartbroken watching tomboy and drummer, Watts, yearn for her best friend, the mechanic Keith, in “Some Kind of Wonderful”?  When I first read Gail Carriger’s wonderful Parasol Protectorate series, I had a crush on the quiet, intellectual beta-wolf, Professor Lyall.  These are just a few of the geeky guys who have captured our hearts. 
Looking further back, who was the heartthrob of “Gilligan’s Island”?  The professor, of course.  He never chose Ginger or Maryann, yet they pursued him relentlessly.  Why is Dr. Frankenstein sexy?  What is it about that spark of madness that draws some of us to a man?  Perhaps the fact that he seems not to have a heart.   For some women, their conundrum is being the pursuer, rather than the pursue.  Being in love with this man can present a challenge.  How satisfying would it be to be the woman who finally wins his heart?
Indeed, some nerds have a very tough exterior and their feelings are a mystery.  But if the situation is reversed – if you are drawn to one – do not give up, even if it seems like his work, inventions, experiments or studies are more important to him than anything else.
Mind you, not just any woman can attract the nerd.  While some geeks feel they deserve a specific woman, and will go to great lengths to obtain her, others need to be pursued.  They do not often seek out the tanned, bleach-blonde party girls, nor do they tend to find them appealing.  Just as the studious man is attractive because he is not the typical alpha male, it takes an atypical woman to entice him – to draw him out of his own world.  He looks beyond appearances. 
That is not to say you cannot make an effort or he will ignore a beautiful girl.  However, many of these men think a woman focused on her looks is shallow.  You can change his mind and show him there is more to you than a pretty face.  What are your interests, hobbies, and endeavors?  Just as you need to be open to something new, you also need to share your personality with him.  Perhaps there is something about your personality you do not share with anyone, for fear of being mocked.  With the nerd, it is perfectly acceptable to put it out there.  He will be excited to know of your secret love for manga, anime, video games, classic cars, vintage photography, and more.
Finally, there is the unrivaled devotion of the nerd.  Because he is so unique, he knows finding a woman who will love him just the way he is can be a challenge.  When he finds her, he will hold onto her and never let go.  They are as fiercely possessive as the alpha male, if not more so.  I can tell you from experience, because I am married to a hybrid of mad scientist and engineer.  His first impression of me, as he tells it, was – and to put it in ladylike terms – I was quite attractive, and therefore probably of an unpleasant disposition.  As you can see, stereotypes go both ways.
Oh dear.  Not exactly the impression I want to make on any person.
And then, one day, I found out he was running a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. 

I adore playing Dungeons & Dragons, so I approached him and begged him to include me in the group. His mind switched gears in his assessment of me from “hot girl” to “hot and geeky!”  We became better acquainted, and he fell in love with me.  He uncovered my incurable investigative tendencies, which complemented his penchant for fiddling with, dismantling, and repairing machines and electronics.  Soon, I put my talents to use locating specific items for him.
While I did my best to observe propriety and keep him at a distance as friends, he was certain our marriage was inevitable.  We worked well together and our love was mutual.
He is deliciously and hopelessly devoted to me, includes me in all his pastimes, loves to hear about my work, really loves it when I “geek out” over new discoveries.
As for my feelings?  Nothing makes me happier than hearing a menacing “Mwahahaha!” from him, because it means something interesting is about to happen…  Often to me!

Thanks Wendy! I love your hubby story! I too have a soft spot in my heart for particular brand of nerd? Trekkies ...hahah nothing flips my switch more than being flashed the Live Long and Prosper sign when someone catches my Star Trek ringtone. I'd even go as far as to go to the Star Trek cons. My boyfriend and I didn't actually tell each other about our nerdyness until quite a while into our relationship. Imagine our surprise and freaking awesomeness when we finally came out of the closet and told each other about our Sci-Fi and Star Trek addictions...Not saying that I loved him more right then...but I definitely am super happy with my nerdy loser boyfriend :)


Blogger bio: 
Wendy L. Callahan is an urban and steampunk fantasy author, Pagan writer, homeschooler, and genealogist from Massachusetts, currently living in England with her husband, son, black-headed caique, and three cats (one of whom is certifiably demonic - at least, according to military veterinarians).           
In addition to short stories and novels, her writing has appeared in numerous Pagan periodicals and the independent paranormal comic book, “The Necropolis Chronicles”.  Her latest novel is “The Chronos Clock: Book 1 of the Aetheric Artifacts”, released February 1, 2013.
She muses about her life in general (Paganism, motherhood, gaming, and vintage awesomeness) HERE and you can learn more about her writing HERE.

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