Thursday, February 21, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Jeremy Sevier from Victorian Clockworks

Welcome back to Unabridged Andra's! I've got one of the final Artist Spotlights for you today, Featuring Jeremy from Victorian Clockworks! Jeremy's work involves mostly wire and metal jewelry creations that revolve around books in the Steampunk and Science Fiction genre! Think Cthulhu and the twisted imaginings of H.P. Lovecraft! So without further ado! Jeremy Everyone!
Hi! I'm Jeremy. I currently live on Maui, Hawaii. I have been recovering from being disabled for a decade and discovered wire wrapped jewelry as a creative outlet. Most of the wire wrapping I saw out there was nice, but when I stumbled across poeple making Steampunk jewelry I knew that was what I was going to be doing. I am currently dreaming about going back to school to learn metalsmithing and I hope to be doing that very soon. I would really enjoy the extra options crafting in solid forms would give me.

Most of my Steampunk experience has been with books or comics, although most of that was more recently since there just wasn't enough of it while I was growing up.

I'm currently unable to live the lifestyle since there really isn't a Steampunk community on Maui, but I am really looking forwards to getting more involved once I return to the mainland. I can't quickly recall any great Steampunk movies and would love to hear some recommendations, but for books I think the top ones I've read recently are 'The Alchemy of Stone' and the 'Lamplighter' series.

I think Steampunk is here to stay. There is plenty of room these days for a plethora of genres in both the media and the fan communities.

The materials I'm using are enamel coated wire (Blue Steel, Gunmetal, Bronze, Copper, Brass, Silver), Vintage watch and clock parts, glass and metal beads, and dichroic glass cabochons. While I do try to make my jewelry different from what else I see out there, I do try to keep a running theme of a bit of gears or watch pieces worked into each piece.

Some of my designs are fairly quick to make and some take a really long time. I think the longest took around 30 hours to make.

I have been working with multiple layer designs for a little while now and I really like how they have been turning out. While I have looked at various other artist on the internet to figure out some new weaving patterns, I hadn't seen anyone doing what I wanted to and had to create some new techniques. I think at the moment my favorite pieces is a tie between a locket I made last year, and a brooch I made early this spring.

You can find me at:

Thanks so much for being here Jeremy! I wish you luck with your Etsy shop and I think your pieces are awesomely adorable!  Once again guys, you should check Jeremy out! He's got a fabulous shop called Victorian Clockworks and he really has some great pieces!

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