Monday, February 11, 2013

Artist Spotlight: April from the Steampunk Movement!

For my second Artist Spotlight I have the delightful April from Steampunk Movement on the blog today! This lovely country lady is absolutely awesome and so are her uniquely crafted steampunk pieces! Today you get to know April the artist, the mom, and the Hi, My name is April Everhart, just a country girl living in the small town of Lexington, NC. A wife, mother and full time artist/muralist that also manages to be a jewelry designer and creator.
While playing around with some vintage watches and disassembleing them, I found the beauty and craftsmenship that went into making them operate. From tiny gears and cogs to the beautiful faces they have so much to offer. A little research and a few books later, I had the Steampunk bug! Alot of the fun is in the hunt for cool and unique goodies the rest is taking them apart to find surprises inside!

I find many aspects of the Steampunk style intriguing. From quirky to industrial elegance the variety you can acheive is endless. It is used in many industries from fashion to home goods so I see the style staying and always being somewhat of a statement.I love to sit for hours creating new and exciting pieces. Usually I assemble several at a time by layering settings and mixing different metals with old findings. They are all one of a kind! Giving new life to unused items is a total rush!

Recently I made 2 custom book lockets for a customer that truely touched my heart. She purchsed 2, 1 for herself and 1 for her BFF that is stationed in Afganistan. She asked that they both be shipped to her with a special note. The note expressed how their friendship was "timeless" and she wanted her to return from duties so she couls hand her her necklace in person. I love that my creations have so much meaning and are creating memories for the people that receive them.

It is really hard to not keep all of the pieces I create because they all have a place in my heart. I do have 2 special pieces I wear very often that are special in their own kinda way. One is a very small copper watch movement that I have never seen another one like it.
So The Steampunk Movement is my way of expressing the love of the style and letting others enjoy my passion!

Oh my gosh! I just adore the story about the BFF soldiers! Anything with soldiers being away from their loved ones is pretty much garunteed to have me in tears and I love anyone who helps them keep in touch and keep their relationships thriving! Thank you so much April for appearing on the blog as our featured Artist! It was great getting to know you through your post! And for you guys, April is providing a delightful steampunk bookmark for all those Steampunky books you will be reading now that Let's Get Steamy is showing them off :)
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  1. Thanks for the post! I usually can't enter contests featuring jewelry...not that kind of dude...but I am an avid Steampunk reader so thanks for the chance to win this bookmark!