Thursday, April 12, 2012

Masquerade Read-Along Week 2!

1. Sam is admittedly drawn to Heven before they even meet. Why do think this is? 
To be honest, I'm not sure. In the beginning, Sam's obsession with Heven kind of has that flavor of being that unrealistic and kind of cliched YA "Hot supernatural guy sees average mortal girl and falls helplessly in love for no reason." feel to it. At the same time...I love Sam as a love interest.Holy crap when he was whispering in Heven's ear at the cheerleading competition and was talking about "sensing" each other in that raspy voice of his I literally got chills in the middle of my class ( I know...I was reading during a boring lecture...shame on me). I swear my professor knew what's up because I must have had a stupid goofy grin on my face the entire time.
2. In an earlier chapter The Hope states that Sam must prove himself. During these chapters Sam does some things – bad things – (covering up murder, fighting, hiding a body, etc.) all to protect Heven and his true identity. Do you think he was right to do these things? 
Sam is such a confusing character. You know that he loves Heven and does these things to protect her...but wouldn't it be better if he exposed the bad things as The Hate's doing instead of sweeping everything under the rug? I just have this sneaking suspicion that something is going to come back and bite him in the behind because he hid it instead of came clean. We will have to see though won't we???
3. In chapter twelve Kimber says some thing’s to Heven that make the reader wonder about their friendship. Do you think there is any truth Kimber’s drunken confessions? If so where do you think Heven and Kimber’s friendship goes from here?
Oh for sure. I definitely believe in the phrase "Drunken words are sober thoughts." It's the main reason why so many hook-ups and fights happen when people have tossed a few back. You actually tell your crush that you think he's hot when you're opposed to just making googlie eyes at him from across the room when you're sober. Same thing with Kimber...she probably feels guilty that she has these thoughts about her best friend, but only feels open enough to say them when under the influence. As for what problems that will cause...I don't know. They seem to be best friends, and if Kimber can get over her jealousy issues I see them staying tight...but if not...Kimber's jealousy could lead to a whole pit of unresolved anger and hate curdling inside her to come pouring out when the time is right...
4. Heven is changing, becoming more confident. Do you think that after something like this (her accident and disfigurement) happens to someone that she can ever go back to the person she was before? Do you think she will want to?
I think something like being attacked is different for each person. As for Heven, it could either make her stronger or completely destroy the person she was. Since we don't really know what she was like before(not really...we might get Heven saying that she was so much happier before but since we don't actually get a visual of that I'm going to act like we just don't know...) I'm going to say that she won't go back to being who she was, but she will be better.  She might take life more seriously and realize that there is more than cheer-leading and pretty clothes in life so I bet that she will become a better and stronger person. 
5. Toward the end of these set of chapters, Heven finds out Sam’s secret, who he really is. She has a strong reaction. Do you think you would react the same way? Why or why not?
Not at all. For one thing...when caught between a werewolf/shapeshifter/hellhound who loves me and a jump from a 7th story building....I'm going to go with the beastie every time. Also...I love the paranormal. Nothing would make me happier than finding out my honey was spending his nights cavorting under the full moon or wanted to get a little frisky by biting my neck every once in a while. Above all, if I loved him, it wouldn't matter. You can't help who/what you were born as and if he still loved me, well...I'm willing to donate a pint or two to the cause...or whatever paranormal nesessity he'd need :) As for being a Hellhound...well...I'm not particuarly It wouldn;t bug me at all of my honey was working for the devil or descended from the devil or whatever...I maintain that you are good or evil of your own merit, not through the workings of a Devil or whatnot...So...Long live the Hellhounds! :D


  1. Love. Your. Answers. !!!! They are so great and perceptive. I love the answer to the last question. We speak the same language!!!! Cavorting under a full moon = HOTTNESS. LOL!!!

    Love that you read in a boring class!!!! Love that you enjoyed that scene, its a fav of mine too... and when they are looking in the mirror... oohhhh la la. lol.

    "Drunken thoughts are sober words" SO TRUE! You nailed it. I agree.

    Thanks so much for posting and I have had a great time here at your blog!

  2. Great answers. It is awesome that you are the kind of girl that is up for the challenge of finding out that their boyfriend is a shapeshifter. I now know that I can call you for help because I would be freaked out.
    The scene that you mentioned is awesome. One of my favorites is their first kiss. Wow! That is when I fell in love with Sam as a character. It was just so sweet.

  3. Ooo.. reading during lecture! It would be funny if the professor busted you and told you it to the class. lol.

    Haha - Long live hellhounds!

  4. 'Drunken words are sober thoughts' - Brilliant!