Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading??

This week was kind of an epic fail for me to be honest. It's finals week at school so I spent most of my time writing papers and projects mixed with copious amounts of alcohol consumption due to the stress of all the end of the year mumblety jumble. SO I only had the opportunity to get a few books off my reading list. I'm hoping that once I get my papers finished (tonight hopefully) I will be able to spend the week relaxing and reading because I have no actual exams...yay!

Finished Last Week:
The first two books in the As The World Dies Trilogy: The First Days, and Fighting to Survive!!! Squeee!!! I can't BELIEVE I waited so long to read these! I won TFD from the Bookish Brunette during her first Zombie Crazy last year, then I won Fighting to Survive during the Pretty When She Dies Read-Along in March...but Something held me back...DUMB...These books are GREAT. Kick ass and emotional...I totally loved every minute and can't wait for my copy of Siege to get here!
These two have been on my TBR pile for EVER I got them both from fabulous people during RAK or The Fall Book Exchange! I don't know why I put them off so long...they were both totally amazeballs! I'm glad I finally got to them and can start the next books in the series when they come out!
Hands down, one of THE best books I have read in the last few years. If I Stay had me bawling my eyes out, but in a good way. It's such a heartbreaking story yet it is entirely beautiful and meaningful at the same time. I wasn't just quietly crying by myself, these were gut wrenching, hug yourself so you won't break in two, straight-up SOBS...but it was a good cry. You felt better after you did it, and I am even thinking about creating an even higher rating that 5 Keys to give to miss Foreman's story of hope, loss, life, and family. 

Plan to Read This Week:
I'm not really sure what I will read this week...I'm thinking I'm going to go on a Post-Apocalypse binge and read some Zombies and some Dystopian TBRs...

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher
Rot & Ruin by Johnathan Mayberry
Matched by Allie Condie
The Missing Girl by Norma Fox Mazer

So that's it for me! What about you guys? Finish anything totally amazing last week? Or do you have any big plans for this one? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. What is the book next to Matched I can't read the title clearly.

    Great books this week though :)

    1. It's called The Missing Girl by Norma Fox Mazur! Looks creepy!

  2. I finally read The Immortal Rules!

    You have some pretty amazing books on your list. I want to read that As the World Dies trilogy. It looks wonderful.

    I am done with school soon and I am taking the semester off. I can't wait to get some more reading done.

    I have 97 unread books on my bookshelves and over 200 on my NOOK. Um...this is so sad.

  3. Glad you enjoyed If I Stay. Just wait until you read Where She Went.