Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Book Boyfriend; Quince Fletcher

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie of The Unread Reader. Its a chance to pay homage to the hotties that haunt the pages of the novels we love. The men who stay in our thoughts late at night, who plague us during our long hours at work, who cause us to stare off into the starry night and sigh, because we want them here with us. Yes ladies, its the Book Boyfriend.
Today's Book Boyfriend is a total bad boy! Gotta love those right? He's a motorcycle riding, sunglasses-wearing, sarcastic, bad-attitude hunk who may in fact be a merman. Who is this week's boy-toy do you ask? From the Fin's series by Tera Lynn Childs: 
Quince Fletcher!
My Quince is played by Blair Redford, who you may recognize from ABC Family's "The Lying Game"...I wouldn't because I don't really watch ABC family...But I would definitely start if all of their actors are as preeetttyyyy as Blair :) Aside from his dashing good looks, he's apparently the funniest guy on the set, bringing the rest of the cast to tears and causing lots and lots of bloopers. Yay for the funny guy! As for the bookish part of MBB, Quince is absolutely amazing! He seriously makes my heart melt...despite being a tad to young for me...he's got it all! He picks on main character Lily in a "kindergarden crush" kind of way. You know..pulling her hair to get attention kind of thing, but at the same time he's so protective of her and really knows who she is and loves her for it. Plus...he DEFINITELY has a way with words. If real life 17 year olds talk like him there is no wonder that they're all!
“Oh, Lily," He says shaking his head. "I know about love. About wanting and dreaming and wishing with every part of your soul. I know enough to reconize the parts that are real and the parts that are only in my fantasy."He turns his head slightly to face me,
and I find myself saying,"L-like what?"
"Like when she cries and my heart tears in to little shreds, and all I can think of is making her forget the source of her sadness." His face is blank, emotionless. his words -and the underlying emotion bombarding me through the bond- more than make up for it. "That's real." My voice is barely a whisper when I ask, "And fantasy?"
"Believing she'll ever feel the same way.”
Aww! Poor Quince! Believe me, if Lily doesn't feel that way about you I will let you cry on my shoulder! But no...he's too much in love with her for that *simultaneously sighs and swoons* You gotta had it to the boy...he sure is persistent in his love, what with Lily practically hating his guts and fighting him the entire way...but things work out in the end...mostly because who could resist a guy who says things like this...
“I don't believe it,' Quince says with absolute certainty. ' I don't believe anything magical can make someone more in love.' [...] He looks me right in the eye as he says, 'Love is already the strongest magic in the world.”

Yeah...take a minute :) That's the fabulous Quince Fletcher everyone! Have you read the Fins series by TLC? (hah...TLC...interesting...) Does he make your heart happy or is he just way too persistent to be real?? Tell me who your book boyfriend is!


  1. Nice!

  2. "Love is already the strongest magic in the world.”

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Where are guys like Quince made and where can I get one? And why am I not watching The Lying Game? And why doesn't that towel fall already?

    These are too many questions to ponder this early in the AM.

  3. I've been meaning to check out this I have a very pretty reason. Beautiful quotes!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairytale Reviews

  4. MERMAN???? Curiosity peaked! And loves her for who she is.

    Can I has a Quince? He sounds so sweet!!! Love that quote!

    BTW, I agree with Missie about the towel!

  5. Awww that was so so cute! <3 <3 Love it!! Need to pick this book up! This guy is amazing <3 :)