Friday, March 23, 2012

Kiss Me I'm Irish Read-A-Long Week 4

Chapters 16-20 (hosted by In the Closet with a Bibliophile)
1. Just after Atticus is shot, Oberon has to "ninja" his way out of the shop and into Hal's Beamer (with the icky air freshener). Have you ever been in a situation where you had to "ninja" your way out and try not to be discovered? If so, what happened?
This is kind of embarassing. day, in high school...actually I should probably put a little more back story into this...I kind of secretly dated a guy for about 2 years. We were in band together and we hung out all the time, but his parents didn't like me and I wasn't the kind of girl that they "saw him marrying" so they kind of refused to let him date me. But we just couldn't keep away from each other. We were inseperable. We drove to school together, had 3 classes together, had practice together, then drove home together where we would sit in my car and talk for hours...usually until my dad drove over and told me to get my self home...(it didn't help that he lived 3 doors down from me so my parents could see if I was parked in his driveway...) So one day, we decided to go chill in his house, even though his parents werent home. We watched a movie in his family room and things started getting heated and we...lost track of time shall we say? The next thing we know, we hear the garage door opening, we jumped up, grabbed clothes, then ran to the basement. I was TERRIFIED. His parents HATED me and here I was with their son, know...and ugh...I just couldn't face them. I ended up having my guy run around the house, ring his own doorbell, then when his mom went to answer it I snuck out the open garage door and ran all the way to my house. Needless to say, there were no more secret romps at his place...I learned my lesson :)

2. Atticus's main goal through a large portion of the book is not only protecting Oberon, but also protecting the sword. You are now living in a paranormal world and you need a weapon! What weapon do you choose and what can it do?
Woooo...that's hard...I've always had a thing for Elektra's Sai's. Though Daredevil and Elektra weren't the best movies...they did have a lot of fabulous scenes where Elektra took bad guys OUT with her Sai's and I totally had a girl crush on her and her kung-fo skillz. I think Sai's are so badass when used correctly. There's something simple but elegant and deadly about them and they are definitely a weapon that a girl like me could hand.le. It wouldn't hurt if they were charged with some kind of element like fire or lightning that I could use as an additional kickass power.
3. To recharge and heal after being shot, Atticus sleeps naked, tattoos to the earth, in a patch of grass near the Civic Center in downtown Scottsdale. Where is the weirdest place you have ever slept?
Tehe....Atticus naked....tehehehe....Well...I've slept in some WEIRD places...anyone who has ever gone to college will likely have some crazy story where they woke up somewhere odd. I think the worst for me was a cornfield. It's not that uncommon where I'm from...there are cornfields everywhere...Apparently I tried to walk home from the club and got turned around. So the logic in me said just sleep in the corn and I'll find my way in the morning. The best thing was the jeers of my friends when I show up wearing the same clothes from the night before with corn husk strands in my hair and covered in dirt...oh times...
4. We finally find out some very interesting information about Granuaile and I don't know about you, but I certainly wasn't expecting to find that she's sharing her head with someone else. What about you, did you expect anything along those lines? If not, what were you expecting concerning Granuaile?
To be honest, I thought she was going to be an evil witch or working with the other gods to seduce Atty and then betray him. I'm so glad that's not the case because I really like Granuaile's fire. I really thought that the additional person inside her body was creepy/cool. Definitely unexpected and pretty dang awesome. It's a really original idea and I was so freaked out when the two of them kept switching over and talking to Atticus in different voices, etc... I'm trying to come up with a good nickname for Granuaile but I'm failing epically...Granny doesn't sound like a cute young irish girl ya know?
5. Laksha is a witch, a truly evil one at that for many of the things she's done in the past. However, she's supposedly seen the error of her ways. Do you think she really has? Would you be willing to trust her? Do you think Atticus is smart to have decided to trust her to help him with the "other" witches?
I'm not sure if I would trust her totally, but she seems to be doing good for now. I mean she could have kicked Granuaile out of her body in the first place and just took it over, but she asked so that has to mean something. I would probably give her the benefit of the doubt, but would keep a careful eye on her to make sure it was all legit. Atticus kind of has to trust her in the end though...there really seems to be no other way to stop the other witches and what's his face from their evil plots...


  1. Your ninja story is awesome and it's even better than they never found it. Those are some true ninja skills.

  2. OMG--near miss with the boy's mom! That would completely freak me out.

    Sais are a great choice! Elektra was pretty bad-assed with her handling of those things.

  3. Loved your ninja story. You are just lucky you didn't get caught that would have been the worst! Ha ha..sleeping in thr corn field that could not have been fun, I mean seriously didn't you see Children of the Corn!? Yikes!
    Great choice on your weapon, you could get some holsters and be bad ass! As far as Lashka I am not sure butnshe better bring it and kick those witches butts!

  4. Your ninjaing story sounds like it belongs in a book. ;)

    1. hahah...that would be the only interesting thing in it then! Really...I'm kind of boring lol

  5. Wow! Great ninja skills.

    I agree... I love sais. They are too cool.

    ...and what is it about corn field that make us so darn sleepy? LOL

  6. Lol, some funny answers there. You are a total ninja girlfriend - a professional at sneaking!!! A nina pro!
    Well done and thanks for sharing.
    Lynn :D

  7. Wow, there have been a few people that slept in or near a cornfield. I think I would be terrified that there would be something in there with me! And your ninja story - wow!! That was quite the tale, thank goodness you didn't get caught. LOL.

  8. LOL - omg... love your ninja story. In high school, my friend and I went to her boyfriend's house during the afternoon. His friend and I were just hanging out, but she was in the bedroom with the boyfriend. The neighbors called his mom at work and told her girls were over. So she came home and caught my friend in the process of sneaking out the window. Those neighbors sucked.

    Hell yeah, for corn fields! I think when you're around them so much, they're not so creepy. I love them.

  9. Holy shite, your entire post is hilarious. What stories you have! :)

    I LOLed so hard at Granny.

  10. Sai's are a great idea, totally original too. They do look so cool when used right but somehow I think my coordination would let me down if I ever had a go.

  11. Oh my freakin' God!!! That was brilliant of your guy to get out and run around and ring the doorbell so you could get out the garage!!!!! I was pretty dumb in High School ~ that's like Honors caliber!!!!

    Hmmmm, Atticus naked....

    ....I'm sorry, you were saying??? Oh, yeah, "Granny" does suck!

  12. Oh young love! That made me laugh :D That was a good bit of ninja sneaking! Like the idea of the sai's! Definitely bad ass! Oh yeah, liking thoughts of naked Atticus :)

  13. LMAO! Andra! You are the awesomest! Seriously, girl. You are so young, yet you have so many amazing stories and have had all these great experiences! I love your adventures. Thanks for being so forthcoming. LOL

    And seriously, you slept in a cornfield! That takes an tremendous about of guts, doooooooood. I would have been to scared to even attempt it.

  14. Your ninja story is the best one I've read so far. Good thinking about getting your guy to ring the doorbell for you to get out. I think I would've stayed in the basement until it got dark or something.

  15. Seriously. BEST. NINJA. SKILLS. EVER. That story is hilarious. And really, to think of how to distract the parents was pretty genius. I agree with Amanda, that so belongs in a book .

    After reading everyone's stories, I'm completely baffled why I've never gotten my chance in a cornfield. We don't have a ton, but we have some. I need to find me a cornfield to sleep in. JS. ;)