Friday, March 9, 2012

Kiss Me I'm Irish Read-A-Long: Chapters 6-10

Welcome to Week 2 of the Kiss Me I'm Irish Hounded Read-a-Long! (Don't hate me...I couldn't help but read was such a GREAT book!) This week we're over at On a Book Bender and talking about Chapters 6-10. There was a lot that happened this week so I can't wait to hear what everyone thought!
Discussion Questions for Chapters 6 — 10
1. In Chapter 6, Atticus goes hunting with Oberon and Flidais. What was supposed to be a fun hunting trip turned rather disastrous. Were you expecting something like this to happen or did it catch you by surprise? Have you ever had something that should have been fun turn disastrous or nearly disastrous?
There's a lot of foreshadowing if you are paying attention to Atticus's tone in the beginning of the chapter so I kind of thought something bad might happen but I definitely wasn't expecting the murder and everything! Especially Flidais using Atticus as a tool after they had gotten it on the night definitely made me a lot more wary of her and question her as an ally for time I went camping with my Sorority. Looking back, 40 girls out in the woods with nothing but a few tents and some mosquito repellent is NOT the brightest idea. It rained, two tents collapsed, and none of us could get the fire to start...worst trip EVER. I think at least half of us threatened to quit and the other half almost passed out because they were so cold and tired. Bleh...NEVER. AGAIN.
2. We are only briefly introduced to the witches (or, a witch) in chapter 7. What are your first impressions? How much would you trust the witches? Why?
Well I really hate Emily for one...she started me off on the wrong foot with these witches, which is a shame because Atticus seems to have a long and pretty great history of collaborating and working with the witches before this. Emily just decides to screw things up though by working with Atty's Arch-Nemesis...well...kind's like she's flipping them both off then pitting them against each other to fight off the aggression ...manipulative slut...I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her. But I will have to check out the other witches as they appear. Can't judge the whole coven on one bad egg now can we?
3. Oberon says, “With dogs you just go up and smell their asses and you know where you stand. It’s so much easier. Why can’t humans do that?” Do you ever wish there was an easier way to find out where you stand with someone (besides Oberon’s suggestion, of course)? In what cases would it be easier or better to hide your true feelings?
lol...butt sniffing aside, it would be great to know where people stand all the time. I've always kind of thought it would be so much easier if we could read each other's thoughts...sure you would tend to offend people on a regular basis, but maybe we would develop thicker skins. I mean, how many times have you seen a friend and thought "Wow...that just does NOT look good on her..." but it's one of her favorite outfits so you don't want to offend her so you don't say anything...Well wouldn't YOU want to know if you looked like crap in something? I would. Of course when it came to dealing with kids, they don't understand a lot of the tough stuff in life so it's kind of good to...not lie...but sugarcoat the bad until they are ready for it. I dunno...tough decision either way you go...
4. Chapter 9 makes Atticus’ life much more difficult: the witches are in some way working with Aeghus Og, Bres comes after Atticus, and more trouble appears at the end of the chapter. Have you made sense of what has happened thus far? Any predictions for what might happen?
I think that Bres's death could have some major repercussions on poor Atty...Killing B seems kind of like one of us killing a major politician or someone. It's bound to be noticed and his friends and allies and they are most likely going to be pissed. Hopefully Atticus and his allies will be able to take out the baddies as easily as he dispatched his current troubles. I was a little shocked at the Widow M.'s reaction though...apparently being a kick-ass old lady means letting your lawn mower-guy bury bodies in your yard...I'd like to meet a tough old bird like her.
5. Atticus has had plenty of time to cultivate attitudes and ethics that would allow him to live a very long time.What do you think it is about Atticus that has allowed him to live for as long as he has?
He is smart. That's pretty much what I think it can't survive attacks and plots like that unless you have all kinds of smarts...from street smarts to book smarts to being smart politically. Atticus really knows how to maneuver himself around all of the things that he encounters...He's spent years thinking in the long term for his medallion and his treaties and alliances with the other gods. He's got quite the thinker on top of that sexayyy body of his...Nerds are Awesome :)
SO...that was week 2's discussion questions! There is still time to join in on the Read-a-long! If Irish Atticus seems like someone you'd swoon over you should definitley join us! Hounded is absolutely wonderful! 

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  1. I think if Atticus was my lawn boy I might let him bury a body in my backyard ;) love the crazy widow lady.

  2. NI can see Atticus mowing my lawn, shirtless, sweaty, hair clinging to his face... *hoo fans self*

  3. So, you're going to laugh, but I totally got distracted by Flidais's talk of smoothies. I am apparently easily deterred and so therefore I may have slightly missed that foreshadowing. However, when Atticus gets an uneasy feeling, I just knew something was going to go awry!

    Atty! LOL! I love it. And DUDE! She's totally a manipulative slut. I didn't care for her one bit. *mumbles obscenities under breath about witch*

    Ack! No, I'd only want to know if I looked bad from specific people that I trusted with fashion sense. My sister-in-law (who is not from this country and dresses horribly and I'd kind of like to beat her) decides one day when I bump into her at the store to repeatedly tell me I don't look good in my hiking attire because I was wearing sports bra and my boobs were strapped down fairly tight. She kept telling me she couldn't see my boobs and I looked like a boy with my Hubs shirt on and I just didn't look good. Over and over again. In public, where people could hear..."Where's your boobs?" She just kept saying it. It's bothersome. LOL!

    I LOVE the widow! I seriously also need to meet an old bird like her, too. Atty and nerds are awesome. I'd like to do things to that sexy body of his. Just saying.

  4. Firstly your blog is great. Love the design. Your camping trip sounds pretty miserable. I love camping but don't think I'd enjoy it if Hubby wasn't there to make fire and burn things to keep us warm.

    1 - you're right if you pay attention to Atticus's tone there is alot of forshadowing, but as you say never expected a murder, especially but the gorgeous Oberon. Felt so sorry for him when he realised what had happened. Bad, bad Flidais.

    2 - yep, we're no Emily lovers.

    3 - Made me laugh. Saw a women today with 2 friends. Shde was quite curvy and had leggings on that were thread bare and quite a short top on so you could see her rear end quite clearly. She was wearing white pants. Did her friends not warn her the whole world could see her knickers through her leggings and it wasn't a good look! Some friends huh!

    4 - I love widow M. I want a neighbour like her!

    5 - He's definitely a hot clever chappy

  5. The widow is awesome. She's got spunk. I like spunk.

  6. "Looking back, 40 girls out in the woods with nothing but a few tents and some mosquito repellent is NOT the brightest idea."

    LMAO! Umm. yeah, me and camping never mix well. There was one time when my family forced me to go camping and I ended up getting a hotel with my sister while they roughed it out!

    And my new mission in life is to be exactly like the Widow when I'm her age. Sipping drinks on my porch while a young, strapping lad cuts my yard... life is gonna be so sweet!

  7. I'm sorry, Andrea, but that is hilarious about the camping trip. I know what I picturing in my head is probably exaggerated, but I can't help it.

    Yeah, I'm thinking Mr. B's death is going to cause some trouble, but maybe that's what Aeghus was wanting. He knew Bres was an idiot and would get himself killed

  8. I here by grant you an award for bravery for going camping in the wilderness with a bunch of girls. LOL. Wow, that is quite the story. I have always said that camping to me is the Hampton Inn, a good coffee and a bed. LOL.

    1. Ha after my trip AGREED. Camping now entails sitting by the fire in my living room...

  9. 40 girls camping out in the woods - definitely does have the sound of a disaster in the making - or maybe a good film!
    Lynn :D

    1. lol :) Maybe my first book should be kind of a memoir type thing :)

  10. Oh and even then the fashion sense is subjective. So, I don't know if I would want to know if I looked horrible. If I'm showing inappropriate body parts, yet... but otherwise... Hm..

    I so want to be the widow's neighbor. She would be such a hoot to know!

  11. I'm starting to think camping is just a disaster waiting to happen for anyone! Liked your answers though, I wasn't expecting murder to be on the cards either, poor Oberon.

  12. If I were to ever go camping, it would be a disaster! I mean a total freaking disaster LOL Though it might make a good you tube video :)

    I wouldn't want to know if someone thinks I look bad in an outfit I love. I mean the whole 80s would have sucked immensely !