Saturday, February 25, 2012

Interview and Giveaway with Professor Raven!

As today's Artist Spotlight I thought we would feature an amazing voice for the Steampunk genre. Meet Emily, a.k.a Professor Raven! I always get the most interesting Steampunk tweets, posts and features from this chick! Not only does she REALLY know her Steampunk, but she is also a very creative artist and jewelry creator on Etsy!
Welcome the blog! Tell me a little bit about yourself.  I'm Emily, or Professor Raven. I am an Air Force Vet, IT professional by day and steampunk/mom by night. I've lived all over the Western US, until the AF thought I needed to be in the SE, but that's where I met my wonderful husband and had our two rotten Apprentices. Guess we're here for a bit...

Dang girlfriend...that's pretty sweet. So what with traveling all over the place, where and what was your first experience with Steampunk? I honestly don't remember! It's been a few years since I really became enamored with the genre, but it's creativitiy and versatility are what keep me coming back. Well, that and the brass!

True dat...I don't think you can find any fans more creative and slightly eccentric than Steampunk do you live the Steampunk lifestyle or participate in other aspects of the genre?  So far, I've delved as deeply as I can given my limited time. Besides helping to craft the genre by way of my wares, I read steampunk books, blog, talk to authors and the movers/shakers of this community. I will be vending at S.T.E.A.M.Fest Atlanta this April (squeeeeee) and am currently working with Matt Delman and the staff of Doctor Fantastique's World of Wonders. Very excited!

Wow that's awesome! I'm going to the World Steam Expo in May and am practically passing out just thinking about it! And Doctor Fantastique's is amazing! Definitely a go-to website for all things Steampunk! So what do you think of the in, do you think Steampunk is here to stay or will fade away with time? Steampunk is definitely here to stay. Sooner or later, popular opinion will move onto the next big thing, and what's left will be the true enthusiasts, folks like Abernathy Park, Airship Embassy, Michael Vaillancourt, Daylina Miller, Doctor Fantastique, Cherie Priest, Clockwork Couture, among many others, will ensure that the steampunk world never fades into the dust of obscurity!

Agreed! I feel like it's slowly gaining steam...(sorry...I couldn't help the puns...) and getting fans. Even Justin Bieber...though I was not a fan of his Steampunk "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" video...bleh...anyway's, let's talk a little bit about your Etsy shop. What kind of things do you make and what materials do you use most often? Most often I use "repurposed" vintage costume jewelry, used clothing, and vintage machinery as much as I can. What I can't find, I make molds so that I can reproduce it later!

Fantastic! I just love trolling garage sales and thrift shops looking for cool vintage pieces to "upcycle". What (other than the obvious) makes your work "Steampunk"? Other than the obvious, of course, is a feel of creating new from old, making do with what you have, taking an older or nonfunctioning item and giving it new life as something else.

That's definitely a huge theme in Steampunk. I love how your work encompasses more than just the aesthetic factors of the genre...:) love it! So how long does it usually take to make a piece? Depends entirely on how intricate it is. If it's made of handcast resin pieces, anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days. But I have a really comfy workspace, with my heating pad, coffee, my dogs, and either Adult Swim or Netflix!

Ha...Time flies when watching Family Guy lol . What's the best story you have about your work (an interesting client, some crazy-impossible piece that you finally finished, etc)? I can't think of any! The town I live in is so tight, they refuse to accept anything that hasn't happened there... I've lost count of the times I've had to try to explain "steampunk" when someone asks what I do!

Feel free to send em' my way! The whole reason I thought up Let's Get Steamy was to introduce the genre to people who just stare at you and scratch their heads when you say things like "dirigibles and aether". Is there anything else you want to talk about before you have to run? All of my pieces are original, and most of them are my ideas. But some of the best ideas have come from my six-year-old son! He's just as enthusiastic as I am, more creative, and not bound by what things are supposed to be like! Look for steampunk artwork of his coming to the shop soon!
Awweeee! Isn't he a cutie pants! I look forward to seeing what the two of them come up with!  I will definitely continue stalking them both so I can get a heads up about the new events and happenings in the world of Steampunk and all of you followers should as well!So that was Professor Raven everyone! She is offering up a super cute Octopus/Nautilus Brooch :) It's totally adorable and a definite conversation piece for any avid Steampunker! To enter just fill out the Rafflecopter below! Check it out!

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This giveaway is part of Let's Get Steamy. Commenting on it will give you an entry into the Let's Get Steamy Grand Prize Giveaway which will include more of Emily's amazing work...One of my favorite pieces actually so you should check back in tomorrow for a GPG update!


  1. That is a gorgeous brooch! If I win I will gift it to my friend who loves steampunk!

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    And, I do love the stories!


  3. Steampunk is like seeing the world through the eyes of creativity. It's truly brilliant & original & I can't get enough.

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