Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

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Who are the Top Ten Authors You'd Love To Have At Your Thanksgiving Feast
Tricky Tricky. There are a ton of authors I would love to have over, but could I coordinate something as extravagant as Thanksgiving dinner? Who would sit next to who? Would some authors feel neglected if I sat them too far away from the head of the table? lol...I know I'm taking this way to seriously...anyways... For pure love and fangirl-dom I will have to say J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer. 
Especially Ms. Rowling. I'm not going to lie, but if she showed up for Thanksgiving I would probably spend the entire time blubbering all over her and it would make for a really awkward turkey day...speaking of awkward, I think I would make Stephanie Meyer and J.K. Rowling sit right next to each other. For one thing, it would be really interesting to see if they duke it out like so many of their fans do online.  For another thing, maybe Cedric Diggory didn't die, because he was a vampire, and they can come up a way to explain how he got from the UK to Forks, and where the rest of the Cullens were while Cedward was getting his ass kicked by Voldemort. 
Horror Authors:
Laurell K. Hamilton. This lady is fantastic...though I do read her blog sometimes and she's gotten quite sketchy lately. Her sex scenes have expanded from the realm of normal to lycanthropic and vampiric octo-orgies, so i'd say she's a little twisted in that area. She also kind of strikes me of some psycho-pagan who wants to turn the whole world to her religion. She's also something of a social recluse, which is why I would seat her next to:

Stephen King.I feel like only Stephen King's sick and twisted mind can keep up with the dark and terrifying Ms. Hamilton. He's written more effed up things than I can possibly even imagine. Who knows...they might make an epic adventure of terror and sex that would kill anyone who reads it because no one can take that level of horror and come away unscathed. 

J.L. Bryan. Though he would probably feel a little out of place with the other horror authors, Jeff is the best! He's a great twitter buddy, writes amazing books, and could (maybe) hold his own against the other two terrors above. If he can't, I'm sure he can always get Jenny to Pox them for him.

Zombie Authors:
Carrie Ryan, Rhiannon Frater, and Jesse Peterson. These chicks range from the desolate to the desperately hilarious, but they all write kick butt zombie novels. Maybe I just love zombies, but I don't think that's it. These ladies take you into worlds that terrify and amaze, but are also really hear-felt. I would want some of that heart hanging around with me at my Thanksgiving. Plus I bet they would be cracking hilarious jokes and making Stephen King and Laurell K. Hamilton really uncomfortable with their girlish giddiness. 

And that's about all my table has room for...So what about you guys? Who do you want to hang out with you? There's a lot of author's to give thanks for and these are just a few! Who are the ones you can't live without??


  1. Another vote for Stephen King! He truly has a unique mind, doesn't he?

  2. Stephanie Meyer would be an interesting dinner companion! Nice choices!

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT, Thought I would say even though I don't know what country your from but Mastiff is out in the US and I'm in Australia and just got a msg that my pre-ordered copy of it came in today!


  3. Great choices! I like how you actually thought out the seating arrangement. I too would love to see LKH, Stephen King, and J.L. Bryan discuss creepy horror things. And of course, I love the JK Rowling inclusion. I too would be a blubbering fangirl mess the entire meal.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Here's mine: http://feministfairytalereviews.blogspot.com/2011/11/top-ten-tuesday-2-authors-id-love-to.html

  4. Rowling, Meyer and King are going ot be busy with all these invitations! ;)
    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday post. :)

  5. What fun to enjoy a terrific list that's so unlike my own! Thanks for reminding me of these wonderful authors and have fun at your feast.

  6. Love JK Rowling - I think it would be truly fun to meet her and discuss the entire Potter universe :)

  7. I almost put Stephen King on my list too...but he creeps me out sometimes so I wasn't sure how well that would translate to a dinner party.
    There would probably never be a dull moment with him though haha!