Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Book Boyfriend (9) Dave

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie of The Unread Reader. Its a chance to pay homage to the hotties that haunt the pages of the novels we love. The men who stay in our thoughts late at night, who plague us during our long hours at work, who cause us to stare off into the starry night and sigh, because we want them here with us. Yes ladies, its the Book Boyfriend.

This week's Book Boyfriend is:
Dave from Jesse Petersen's Living with the dead series!

About the Character: Dave might start off the series as average and boring as any of our actual boyfriends out there. (Sorry to my new man-friend Brad if you're reading this...) He was prone to leaving the toilet seat up, played countless hours of videogames, and never seemed to understand the concept of talking out his feelings. He was average weight and build, starting to go to seed slightly from all the beer and lazing around on the couch that he had done (he had been unemployed before the apocalypse). All in all, Dear Dave didn't start off his fictional life at the top of the book boyfriend list...however... the zombie apocalypse brings out the worst in some people and the best in others...And Dave...phew...he is one of the best I've ever seen! He gains 30 lbs of muscles, can life like...300lbs of weight...and Kicks zombie butt side by side with his wife. You really can't compete with that. Even though he was pretty fine to begin with...he changed from THAT (points up) to THAT (Points Down) You should take a moment to gawk and drool.

About the Actor:
My readers (mostly fans of the paranormal) will probably recognize Jensen as Dean from Supernatural. He's a modern day cowboy, riding into town with his hot little self and saving the day from demons, angels, witches...whatever comes his way. Jensen is swoonworthy. He's the All-American boy next door. He's the guy you could kick back with and watch some baseball or football while drinking a beer....then you two forget about the game and start playing with a different kind of ball....(AHH...I'm sorry...did I just say that)??? Bad Andra! Bad!)...bahahah...ANYWAYS. I've seen interviews of Jensen outside his role as Dean and he is pretty hilarious. He just keep cracking jokes and messing with people. I for one LOVE a sense of humor in my guy. And unlike his partner in crime Jared Padalecki (Last week's Book Boyfriend...) He is currently SINGLE!!! *update* Apparently I am a failboat and Jensen is indeed married...Well...I maintain that all hot actors would immediately be single upon seeing there...:P ok...I'm going to stop talking now and just give you some awesome pics...Go get him ladies!!!

So..that was this week's book boyfriend :) Is there anyone else you think Jensen would do a good job portraying?? Or have you read the Living with the Dead series and pictured someone else as Dave???
Let me know! Happy Thursday!


  1. Oooh...I've heard of this series, but I definitely interested now. I love Jensen so thanks for all the yummy pictures this morning! Great choice!

    Check out my book boyfriend this week:

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Like seriously. OMG. I think I'm hyperventilating from that second pic. Really Andra, I'm seriously drooling. Don't mind me as I spend the rest of my day hanging out at this post. *hugs screen*

    This series sounds absolutely divine! I need a man for the ZA anyway. I mean, who else is going to help me fight off the herds of zombies!!??

  3. Oh, Andra! Thank you so much for this Feast for my eyes! I didn't realize I was so hungry! LOL

    And what was that about a different kind of ball?

    Seriously, Jensen is the best invention ever. I love a guy with a sense of humor too, so I'd be up to hunting him down. LOL

    Okay, back to Dave. I must read about him, just to picture him as Jensen.

  4. OMG! Can you believe that I had to back track to read what you wrote? Which book he was supposed to be in? So many good pics! So much distraction (in a very good way!!) Oh I think I'm going to have to read this series. Yes, I do!!

  5. Why, hello, Dave. never read this, but if you think Jensen *drools* is a worthy portrayal of him, I must check this out.

    And some of those pics. O.O why,my eyes seem to be glued to the screen...not sure if that's healthy, but sooo not caring right now...

    And he fights zombies, too? :D I'm in love, and I haven't even picked up the book yet!

  6. Oh! with all this distraction, I forgot to link PiF!

    sorry for the double comment, but I blame you (and your evilly awesome pictures *wipes drool off face*)

    Here's PiF's

  7. Did I miss something about Dave?? I don't remember him looking like THAT lol I really need to catch up on this series stat!

  8. Holy hotness how have I not seen those pics before?! O... M... G... Um, what were you saying?

  9. *_* That's how I look I am sure, except the eyes are a bit bigger. Jensen is darn dreamy! And very distracting *le sighs*

  10. He's one of my favorite! Love him in suernatural!

  11. Holy hotness of those pictures!! May I say you can post naked or half naked photos of "Dean Winchester" any time!! hehe I am a huge Supernatural fan so this post just did it for me, LMAO! Although the character can we say *swoon x a million!* lol. FANTASTIC choice!!

    My Book Boyfriend was a little late being posted, so if you have time check mine out :)

  12. Oh I remember Jensen from (don't laugh) Days of Our Lives :) I can't say that I'm familiar with the series, but Jensen is hot enough to make me want to give it a try lol