Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dirty Little Secret

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"If you could shape shift into anything, what would it be?"

Definitely a Phoenix. I've loved them since Fawkes in Harry Potter, and I recently read a series that had them in I'm kind of a pyro and I love fire...Overall I would just like to be a regular shifter. You know, one that can take on any form? That way I wouldn't have to choose and I could be whatever I wanted at the time :)
 How about you guys? Will Alcide from True Blood have you turning into a slavering wolf once a month? Or do your tastes run to a more...feline nature?? Let me know for this weeks Dirty Little Secret!


  1. Oh wow!! Awesome choice and AWESOME picture!!! You guys are all so creative!!! I went with the old panther!


  2. Awesome is right!! This has to be the best so far ;)

  3. The mythical creatures are out in force. Great choice, and one that never crossed my mind. Bekah - your panther was GORGEOUS.

  4. Being a phoenix would b cool....Im with you though, being a regular shifter would open up more possiblilites!

  5. Wow nice choice! I love everything around fire and the phoenix is one of the most noble fire creatures! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  6. Awesome Pick! I LOVE the picture

  7. OoooO! I love your choice of a Phoenix! Great pic.
    To be a regular shifter is a good idea, especially when it is so hard to pick just one creature to shift in to.

  8. OK, your answer is the best!!! Damn, is it possible to change mine? lol


  9. A Phoenix! That's a wonderful choice. I love Fawkes too.

    Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

  10. Love the picture, and the ability to keep being reborn would be interesting. Not sure I'd want to live for all eternity, though.

    My DLS