Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dirty Little Secret

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This Week's Question Is:
"Who is the villain you love to hate?
Woo that's a tough one. There are two villain's that I can't stand...but at the same time, I love that they are so maliciously evil.These dastardly villains are: Olaf from Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Series, and Ashleigh Goodling from J.L. Bryan's Paranormals series. 
 Ashleigh Goodling is not your typical villain...She's a teenage girl after all...but in some ways she is almost worse than your stereotypical bad guy. Ashleigh has the power to infuse her words, touch, and actions with love. This sounds like a great power to have...but you know what they say about power and corrupting...Ashleigh uses her powers to manipulate everyone around her into doing her bidding. Her cold and calculating nature and the way she manipulates everyone without a second thought is so disturbing and awful. These people are helpless to her powers and they are forced to do things against their will, their morals, their sexuality...absolutely anything that Ashleigh wants, she gets...and there's almost no way to stop her because while she's making you do these horrible things, you love her for it.

 Olaf is a serial killer. Our government chooses to look the other way as he plies his trade in third world countries. He's forbidden to "hunt" on American soil...but that doesn't necessarily stop Olaf. One of the creepiest, blood curdling things I've ever read was in Obsidian Butterfly (Book 8 in Anita Blake). Olaf and Anita are trying to kill an immortal, insane vampire...and they have to cut out his heart...Olaf grabs Anita's hand with knife, and uses it to sever all of the arteries...this wasn't the gross part...the part that really sticks with you, is that while he's dismantling a man in a hideously gruesome way...he's looking at Anita with heat in his eyes like he's doing other...more intimate things with her than cutting out a man's heart...then he kisses her...kisses her with the heart's blood pumping on her hands and face....*shudders* It is SO disturbing!

So That's my Dirty Little Secret for this week! Make Sure to check out Under the Covers for other creeptastic villains and have a Happy Thursday!!


  1. Great pick with Olaf! I haden't though of him since Obsidian Butterfly! Great choice!

    Here is my Secret!

  2. hahah I totally know what you mean about Lash! He's so bad that you can't help but have that crush on him lol

    I haven't read either of the series you've mentioned here, but they're paranormal so I'm checking them out!


  3. I've never heard about the first villian (or the series)...I will definitely have to check it out.
    I know what you mean about Olaf. He's freaking scary. I don't think I could handle him as well as Anita and I'm glad she has Edward there to protect her. The latest book I read with Olaf is even more freaky.

  4. Someone else mentioned him today, I've not heard of him before.

  5. Nice pick with Olaf ;P hehe I haven't read the Paranormals books, I'll have to give them a go.

  6. Great picks!! I'm totally intrigued now!!!

  7. I havent heard of niether of those villains but I Anita Blake is on my TBR pile!

    New Follower...thanks for stopping by!